Dual Cultivation

Chapter 132 I Am Just a Nobody with Amnesia!

Chapter 132 I Am Just a Nobody with Amnesia!

After spending some time to help Xiao Rong with her clothes, Su Yang nodded with a proud smile and said, "Even in such plain clothes your beauty does not dim."

"Now, before we leave this place, eat this Appearance Reforming Pill."

Xiao Rong looked at the pill in Su Yang's hand with a confused expression, even sniffing it for a bit.

"Don't worry, it's a pill that will only change your outward appearance," said Su Yang.

Xiao Rong still looked a bit puzzled. Why did she need to change her appearance?

"Unfortunately, we are not in the four Divine Heavens, where people and beasts with unique appearances are common, and your otherworldly features will easily cause a commotion here no matter where we go. What's more, you have such an attractive face. If we leave this place with you looking like that, we won't be able to go anywhere without catching unwanted attention."

Xiao Rong was delighted from hearing Su Yang's compliments and swallowed the Appearance Reforming Pill with a smile on her beautiful face.

Very soon, her wavy silver hair turned black, and her peerlessly beautiful face was no longer otherworldy, becoming a simple and casual young girl without any eye-catching features.

And obviously, Xiao Rong wasn't someone who'd pay attention to her own appearance, so it didn't bother her one bit that she was no longer attractive, unlike Qiuyue, who at least wanted to be somewhat pleasant to the eyes mainly because of a certain individual.

"Good, now you look like any other human." Su Yang nodded, and he turned to Qiuyue and said, "Let's go, there is no longer any reason for us to be here."

Qiuyue nodded, teleporting them directly outside the Divine Doors.

When they appeared out of thin air, the surrounding people there looked at them with surprised expressions, wondering how they managed to stay inside for so long while the rest of them were all forcefully kicked outside at a much earlier time.


Seeing so many humans and the outside world for the first time, Xiao Rong's eyes glittered like the stars in the night sky, her expression filled with delight and excitement.

The fresh air, the blue sky, and the greenery that was in every direction had caused her heart to throb with a profound sense of awe, almost like she was discovering a whole new universe for the first time, causing her to feel nothing but anticipation for the future. Hell, if Su Yang hadn't warned her prior to leaving the Legacy Tomb that she's to stay close to him at all times, Xiao Rong would have definitely already left this place to explore this new world without alerting anyone with her godlike speed.

Su Yang, noticing Xiao Rong's legs that seem to be filled with the desire to just run off and explore, said to her, "Relax, you will have many chances to explore and have fun later. For now, just focus on adapting to a new environment."

"There he is! Just like Lord Su had said! He's really here!"

Suddenly, a group of individuals approached Su Yang with hurried steps, their faces full of sweat and relief.

"Y-Young man! The young man in the green robes!"

"What do you want from me? I don't know anyone of you." Su Yang said despite recognizing the people in this group, as they are the same people that were receiving the entrance fees for the Legacy Tomb. in other words, they were people from the Su Family.


The people of the Su Family became speechless for a moment. They hadn't prepared beforehand and didn't know how to get Su Yang to follow them without accidentally revealing to him his real identity as the son of the great Su Family, returning to him the memories that were taken from him.

"W-We are from the Su Family, the governor of this Nothern Region, and we would like you to follow us back to the main family, where Lord Su is currently waiting for your presence," one of them said after a moment of silence.

"The Su Family? Why would such an influential background seek for someone as insignificant as myself? I don't recall ever having any contact with them, much less offend them!" Su Yang acted ignorantly and seemingly baffled by their approach, even nervous.

"You don't have to be so nervous," said a middle-aged man from the group. "You have done nothing wrong. The only reason Lord Su is asking for your presence is only because he's heard of a few interesting stories about you and would like to speak to you personally."

The middle-aged man made up a lie on the spot and hoped that such an excuse would deceive Su Yang.

"Really? I am not in trouble?" Su Yang continued to forge his ignorance, even having fun playing the role of an ignorant fool. "But what kind of stories could he have heard about me? I have done nothing worthy enough that could have reached even the ears of such an individual! I am just a nobody with amnesia! Hell, I can't even tell you who my birth parents are!"

Hearing such words coming straight from the mouth of one of the Su Family's direct descendant made the group of people feel somewhat uncomfortable, even disgusted. While they don't know much about Su Yang before his disappearance, they have heard stories of him from other servants that have served the Su Family for far longer than them.

"Don't bother about the small stuff! Just think of this as some kind of honor, as not many people in this world get the chance to meet Lord Su, much less speak with him privately!"


After standing there with a pondering expression for a few moments, Su Yang shook his head and said, "I don't know… I am quite busy right now…"

"Also, I will only be a waste of his time. It'll be much better if I didn't bother him," Su Yang said with a sighing voice.


Qiuyue looked at Su Yang with a weird expression, wondering what kind of bizarre play she was watching. Why is he suddenly acting like some kind of humble and insignificant being that's not worth anyone's time? What's the context? Surely, there's something big happening right now that she's unable to comprehend.

"Nonsense! The Lord is asking for your presence, so there must be something about you that's piqued his interest! If not, he wouldn't have bothered sending so many of us here to guide you to him!"

After putting up a pondering expression for a few more moments, pretending to be in deep thoughts, Su Yang finally said, "Very well, I shall go with you to see what he wants from me."

Hearing his words, the group of people from the Su Family immediately became happy.

"Good, good, good! Please follow us! We have already prepared for our transportation. If nothing goes wrong, we should be there within a week!" The middle-aged man excitedly urged Su Yang to follow him.

"Father… What exactly is going on here?" Qiuyue asked Su Yang using spiritual sense.

"It's just something that's related to me and at the same time not related to me."

"Huh?" Qiuyue looked at him with a puzzled expression. What did he mean by that? How could something be related and not related to him at the same time?

"I will explain to you on the way there."


Su Yang smiled and silently followed the people from the Su Family, silently thinking to himself, "Since I am already here, why don't I see for myself just what kind of family I have in this life and why they are looking for me now after essentially throwing me away?"

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