Dual Cultivation

Chapter 141 Four Seasons Academy

Chapter 141 Four Seasons Academy

"So this is the Holy Central Continent, huh?"

After traveling across the Jade Sea for a little over an hour, Su Yang and the team has finally reached the shores of the Holy Central Continent.

Su Yang took a deep breath of fresh air and could already feel his Cultivation base increase slightly.

"No wonder why you say this place is a far cry when compared to the other continents. The Profound Qi here is bursting with richness; it's like comparing a garden full of fairies to a dump site for the homeless!"

"Okay, take me to this place," said Su Yang.

Qiuyue nodded and the flying boat began moving once again.

After another half an hour, they notice a tall wall with a large sign that read Four Seasons' above a steel gate.

The scent of medical herbs penetrated Su Yang's nose as soon as they got close to the place.

"Who are you? And what business do you have with our Four Seasons Academy?"

A middle-aged man wearing green and white robes appeared in front of the gate and asked them, his gaze filled with wary.

Because of Qiuyue's eye-catching flying treasure, the Four Seasons Academy noticed their arrival before they even got close.

Although the Holy Central Continent is superior in every aspect when compared to the other continents, the existence of flying treasures like Qiuyue's boat is still extremely rare, so only the rich and powerful backgrounds would have such a treasure, hence why the middle-aged man, who is an Elder of the Four Seasons Academy, came to greet them instead of the usual disciples on guard duty.

"Do not be so tense," Su Yang said with a calm expression. "We are not here to cause trouble, only for business."

"Business?" The Sect Elder expressed a puzzled expression. He was not aware of any ongoing business for the Sect at the moment, so where did this lot come from?

"What business are you talking about? I don't recall my Four Seasons Sect doing business with anyone at this moment," asked the middle-aged man.

Su Yang smiled and retrieved a paper scroll that he'd written during his travel from the pockets of his robe and tossed it to the middle-aged man.

"Show this to your Patriarch and let him know that Su Yang is here to see him!" he said as he threw the paper scroll.

The middle-aged man caught the scroll, but he didn't open it to read its contents. Instead, he looked at Su Yang with a weird expression.

"Patriarch? We don't have a Patriarch here..."

The Sect Elder's words dumbfounded Su Yang, and his head snapped to look at Qiuyue with a gaze that demanded an explanation.

"The one in control of the Four Season Academy is a woman…" she said in a nonchalant voice.

"Aiya! You couldn't have said that before we arrived? I just made a fool out of myself!" Su Yang sighed loudly.

"Well… you did not ask…"


Su Yang turned speechless.

He then turned to face the Sect Elder with a bright smile and said, "My apologies, let me correct myself. I came here to see your Matriarch, so show her that paper in your hand."

"Why should I do that? Who are you people, anyway? What business do you have with our Matriarch? She does not have the time to play with children!"

The Sect Elder quickly refused to listen to Su Yang. After all, in his eyes, they were just a bunch of children that came out of nowhere demanding for their Matriarch's attention. Where do they think they are? The playground?

"If you are only here to play around, then I suggest you leave before any problem arises!"

The Sect Elder continued to press them.

Su Yang shook his head at how quickly this Elder refused to listen to them without even looking at the paper.

"Are you sure you want us to leave without looking at the contents of that paper? Who knows, maybe whatever is written inside that scroll has the potential to greatly affect your Sect's future, even changing the way you all see Alchemy entirely…"

"What nonsense!" The Sect Elder suddenly shouted, clearly a bit angry. "Who do you think you are to talk about Alchemy in front of the Four Seasons Academy?! Our expertise in Alchemy is already recognized and approved by every soul in this continent — second to none! Yet a nobody child like you without any background actually dared to come here talking as if you can change the way we look at Alchemy with just a mere piece of paper?! How conceited of you!"

The Four Seasons Academy sat at the top of Alchemy since its founding days with no other Sect getting anywhere close to their proficiency and skills in the field of Alchemy, so it was only natural for this Sect Elder to be mad at Su Yang's seemingly arrogant words.

Not even one of the other three Holy Sects would dare to say something as arrogant as 'change the way you see Alchemy' to the Four Seasons Academy, much less a child without any background!

"Get lost before I lose control of myself, you brat!"

The Sect Elder already showed great restraint by not slapping Su Yang in the face at this point, mostly because of his mysterious background.

"Very well, but I hope you won't regret this decision after we leave…" Su Yang calmly turned to Qiuyue and continued, "Let's go."

"Are you sure? What about the Soul Divination Pill?"

"It'll be fine," Su Yang smiled. "They will come to find me once they see the contents of that scroll."

Hearing his confident voice, Qiuyue couldn't help but believe them. "However, what if he throws it away before reading it?"

"There are plenty of other ways to get their attention."

"If you say so…"

The flying boat turned around and carried Su Yang and the others away, quickly disappearing from the Four Seasons Academy.

"W-What ludicrous speed that treasure has!" The middle-aged man's eyes widened with bafflement, thinking to himself that he made the right choice by not attacking them outright from anger.

A few moments later, the Sect Elder looked at the scroll in his hands and coldly snorted.

Although he didn't want to read the contents, his curiosity got the best of him.

When he opened the scroll and read the first few words, his eyes widened with shock and disbelief.

"T-T-This is—! I must show this to the Matriarch!" He thought to himself as he returned to the Sect, nearly tripping on his own robes.

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