Dual Cultivation

Chapter 126 Filled with Guil

Chapter 126 Filled with Guil

Qiuyue slowly opened her eyes, her head feeling a bit lightheaded. It had taken her an entire week to completely overwrite Han Xin's authority over the command symbol, making it her own.


"Un." Qiuyue nodded.

"Good, now force everyone out of here," said Su Yang. "This is no longer a Legacy Tomb but your private property."

Qiuyue nodded again, and she used her Profound Qi to activate the crystal ball once again. A few moments later, every single soul within the Legacy Tomb was teleported outside.

This sudden event had stupefied the thousands of people there, causing them to look around with puzzled expressions. Why were they suddenly outside the Legacy Tomb?

A few of the people tried going back into the Legacy Tomb after being teleported out, but alas, the two large doors were tightly shut and wouldn't budge no matter how much they tried pushing it.

"What is going on here?!"

"You better have a good explanation for this, Su Family! Especially with the entrance fee that is damn near extortion!"

"Yeah! Or I want my money back! I was literally in there for only half an hour!"

Unsurprisingly, the people there went from being puzzled to being angry, and a ruckus quickly arose at the area outside of the Legacy Tomb.

However, seeing the countless angry people yelling at them for an explanation, the workers from the Su Family that was there didn't know how to react, as they were just as puzzled as everyone there.

"H-Hurry! Send a message to Lord Su immediately! Tell him that we have an emergency here!"

"E-Everyone! Please calm down while we contact the Su Family for an explanation!"




"Lord Su! There has been an accident at the Divine Doors!"

A servant rushed to report to the head of the Su Family the situation at the Divine Doors the second he received the message from a jade slip meant for long distance communication.

"What did you just say? Everyone was suddenly teleported out of the Divine Doors without any warning, and even the entrance had closed? What is going on?"

Lord Su deeply frowned on his seat, his pondering expression filled with bewilderment.

"W-What should we do about this situation, Lord Su? The people there are making quite a commotion even as we speak! They are also asking for a refund! If we don't give them an explanation soon enough..."

The servant was clearly more nervous and stressed out than Lord Su himself.

"Explanation? What is there to explain? We do not even own the Divine Doors, only overseeing the place for the Xie Dynasty. Not to mention that the place is an unknown phenomenon itself, so whatever happens there is not our problem." Lord Su calmly shook his head.

While he didn't like the situation, there was truly nothing that he or the Su Family could do about it, as they are just as clueless about the Divine Doors as everyone else. Additionally, he'd already managed to earn an unimaginable amount of wealth over the year just from the entrance fees alone, so he really didn't care much about the Divine Doors closing its entrance.


"Just refund everybody there their Spirit Stones and let them shut up. Compared to what we've accumulated throughout the months, refunding a few days worth of few Spirit Stones won't hurt us even a bit," said Lord Su, who would rather lose some Spirit Stones than to offend thousands of Cultivating experts at once.

"U-Understand! This servant will immediately relay Lord Su's wishes to the people at the Divine Doors!" The servant bowed to him before rushing back to transfer the news.

After the servant left, Lord Su released a long and deep sigh. Although he'd acted calm despite the situation, he was actually already filled with worries for another problem before the servant had even arrived.

"Haaa… The Divine Doors? I have a much bigger problem at hand right now and don't have the time to deal with such trivial matters! How should I deal with Su Yin now that she's finally found Su Yang?"

That problem was precisely about Su Yin's meeting with Su Yang. After learning of such facts from Senior Tao through a voice transmission jade slip, he'd been sulking in this room ever since.

Suddenly, a loud voice resounded within the building; it was a voice filled with urgency.

"Father! Father! I have finally found Elder Brother Su!"


Lord Su's complexion paled upon hearing the sweet voice of his own daughter, Su Yin.

"Speaking of the devil…"

A few seconds later, the door to his room violently opened, almost like it was opened with explosives, and a beautiful young lady ran inside with her face flushed and gasping for air.

"Father! It's Elder Brother Su! He was also at the DIvine Doors!" Su Yin immediately began speaking despite her lack of air, causing her voice to sound a bit weird. "I met him on the third floor, and he was fighting this monster!"

"S-S-Slow down, Yin'er. What do you mean you saw Su Yang inside the Divine Doors? How could it be possible for him to appear there when he's been missing for nearly an entire year without any news? Are you sure it was him and not someone else? Perhaps your eyes were only making you see what you wanted to see..." Lord Su tried to act ignorant, but his back was pouring with sweat from anxiety.

"How could I possibly mistake my own brother's face?! Even though it's been a whole year since I last saw his face, there is no way that I would make such a stupid mistake no matter how much I want to see him! He was definitely Elder Brother Su! My Elder Brother Su!" Su Yin refuted with a firm and confident voice. She did not believe for a second that the person she met inside the Divine Doors was not her elder brother, Su Yang.


Lord Su was filled with countless emotions right now. He knew that no matter what he said to her, she will not doubt herself.

"I understand… I will not doubt your words. If you really think that it was Su Yang that you saw in the Divine Doors, then I will believe you. However, why is he not here with you at this moment? Surely, you did not leave him just to come back here to tell me such news, right? Where is he right now?"

Hearing his questions, Su Yin immediately turned silent.


A few speechless moments later, tears began falling from her cheeks, and she spoke in a choking voice: "I don't know! He entered some weird portal and disappeared to somewhere before I could do anything! And he couldn't remember me when I spoke with him, almost like he has no recollection of me in his memories at all!"

"So his memories have yet to return?" Lord Su felt a bit more relieved upon learning that Su Yang did not recover his memories despite being in direct contact with Su Yin. However, that did not make the situation any less stressful, as he was more worried about what Su Yin would do now that she's finally found him.

"There was also this young lady with an uncanny atmosphere surrounding her that was beside him!" Su Yin then said in a serious voice, her eyes narrowed. "I bet she has something to do with why Elder Brother Su has lost his memories!"

"..." Hearing her words, Lord Su looked at her with an apologetic gaze, his heart filled with guilt.

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