Dual Cultivation

Chapter 127 The Su Family

Chapter 127 The Su Family

"Father, are you even listening?" Su Yin suddenly said, her brows frowning. "You don't seem concerned at all… almost as if you don't care about the situation…"

Since the beginning, she's had a feeling that he hasn't been paying attention to her; it was almost like he didn't care at all.

Lord Su's heart skipped a beat upon hearing her words. "You—What nonsense! Of course, I am listening! This is my son that we are talking about!"

He acted as though he was outraged, his face red, but inside his heart, he was crying at Su Yin's sharp and bold nature. He knew that his daughter was a special one, but to think that she would even dare to question her own father like this, it makes him fearful of what she would do once she finds out the truth behind Su Yang's disappearance even more…

"However, even though you've found him, there is nothing we can do at this moment except wait for him to reappear, as we don't know his current whereabouts. The Divine Doors is an incomprehensible location, so it's impossible for us to guess where that portal could've taken him."

After a moment of silence, Lord Su continued, "In the end, he is still the same as before… missing."

Su Yin went silent after hearing those words. If Su Yang's whereabouts are unknown, then there was nothing she could do right now no matter how much she wanted to find him. But that didn't discourage her one bit, and as a matter of fact, she was actually feeling hopeful and blissful about the situation.

"Although Elder Brother Su is still missing, we now know for a fact that he is still alive! And that is what matters the most to me!" she said a moment later.

"Of course, he is still alive… If I wanted him dead, then I wouldn't have gone through the efforts of sneaking him to another continent, much less erase his memories and even ask the Profound Blossom Sect to take care of him!" Lord Su thought to himself.

However, looking at it now, perhaps all of his efforts might have been done in vain, as Su Yang is now back in the Northern Continent.

"Where are you going now?" Lord Su asked Su Yin, who was already leaving.

"To look for Elder Brother, of course," she said in a calm voice.

"Are you sure you have that much time to waste when the Regional Tournament is so close?" Lord Su said without thinking, instantly regretting it when he saw Su Yin's reaction to his words.

"Waste of time?" Su Yin turned around with a dark expression, her narrowed gaze at Lord Su sharp like a dagger, sending chills down his back.

"I-I didn't mean it like that," Lord Su immediately corrected himself. "What I meant was that I will send a team to search for Su Yang so you can focus on your Cultivation without worrying about it. Yin'er, you are the most talented the family have ever seen for hundreds of years, reaching the peak True Spirit Realm at only 15 years old! If you don't make use your prime years and achieve your full potentials, then you will only regret it in the future."

"Hmph! If I don't look for Elder Brother Su and end up losing him forever because of that, then I will definitely regret it more than anything else in the world! There are countless ways to improve my Cultivation base even after my prime but I only have one brother! And if I have to choose between Elder Brother Su or my Cultivation, then I will choose Elder Brother Su without any hesitations!" Su Yin said before storming out the door with an agitated expression.


Su Yin's last few words had left Lord Su dumbfounded, even shocked.

"You only have one brother? Then what about Su Yuhan, the eldest of you three siblings?" he mumbled in a dazed voice.

The main branch of the Su Family has 3 legitimate children that could one day take over their father's position, Su Xun, the current head, as the next family head.

The first was Su Yuhan, currently 23 years old, being the eldest amongst the three siblings. He was born with above average talent, reaching the True Spirit Realm at the age of 17. He was also blessed with amazing looks, albeit still inferior to Su Yang, who was the second oldest amongst the three.

And finally, the youngest of the three siblings, Su Yin, was blessed by the Heavens with almost divine talents, reaching the peak True Spirit Realm by the age of 15. In addition to her cultivation talents that could make even the most reserved experts jealous to death, she was also born with good looks and an incredibly powerful family, making her extremely popular within the entire Northern Region.

As for Su Yang, when compared to his two siblings, was inferior in every aspect besides his graceful appearance that is easily unrivaled even within the entire Northen Region. And because of this, he would often stay at home and purposefully avoid the public eyes, hence why nobody recognized Su Yang despite wearing no disguise when he went into the Divine Doors.

"Haaa…" Su Xun sat in his luxurious seat in a sluggish manner and deeply sighed, looking like a depressed individual that was on the brink of suicide.

"What should I do now, Huiyin? Everything's been a mess ever since you left us…" Su Xun mumbled before closing his eyes to rest.




"Now that you have the Spatial Space Device under total control, you should be able to see everything in this world as though it's all on your palms. Take a look to see if there are any places we have yet to see because it's hidden or whatever," Su Yang said after telling Qiuyue to teleport everyone out of the place.

A few moments later, after looking through the entire place, Qiuyue shook her head and said, "No, we have already been to all the places here."


Su Yang turned silent, and a pondering expression appeared on his face.

"Is there something wrong?" Qiuyue decided to ask him.

Hearing her question, he looked at her with an odd expression and spoke in a low voice, "Did you forget the purpose of our visit here? We came here to see if the dog had left any clues that could help us return to the Divine Heavens, yet there's nothing — not even a single word. Could it be that just like you, he also couldn't find any way to return to the Divine Heavens?"

"N-No way…" Qiuyue seemed disspirited after listening to his words. "M-Maybe he hid it somewhere?'

Su Yang nodded and continued, "While I don't know how or why he came here in the first place, I find it hard to believe that a loyal dog like him would not try to find a way home to his owner, the Heavenly Emperor, as they care about him more than their own life. Ever since ancient times, there has not been a single soul who dared to abandon their job to protect the Heavenly Emperor after obtaining the title 'Heavenly Order', and staying in this world and not trying to return to the Divine Realms where the Heavenly Emperor is located is no different than abandoning his job to protect the Heavenly Emperor."

"But where could he have kept his findings?"

After pondering for a few more moments, Su Yang's eyes suddenly brightened.

Qiuyue quickly noticed this and asked, "Did you find something?"

"Un." Su Yang nodded, but his expression was not even the least excited, even looking a bit perplexed. "Do you remember that Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure we left behind on the third floor because it is simply brainless to try to catch a Ghost Cat with our pitiful Cultivation bases? Not that I think about it… that might have been a storage-type Spiritual Treasure…"

"What?!" Qiuyue loudly exclaimed. "Are you telling me that our only clue to returning home is in the hands of that Ghost Cat?!"

Although he didn't want to, Su Yang nodded. "I hope I am wrong for once, but unless we double check, we won't know for sure. Let's return to the third floor and look for the Ghost Cat."

And he continued, "Of course, I am not saying we need to catch it. I just want to take a look at the Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure from a distance just to make sure."


"Now that you are this place's master, you can just teleport us to the third floor," Su Yang said to her.

Qiuyue nodded, and with a mere thought, they were teleported back to the third floor.

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