Dual Cultivation

Chapter 125 Treasure Room

Chapter 125 Treasure Room

After entering the portal, both Su Yang and Qiuyue were teleported into a large hallway that was filled with mountains of silver and gold and Spirit Stones and other valuable things.

The place was clearly a treasure room, one filled with riches and treasures that Han Xin had obtained throughout his life.

"Wow, this place is a mess…" Qiuyue was slightly taken aback by the amount of random things that are stashed in this treasure room and how unorganized it was, almost like everything was just thrown in here without a care in the world.

"Are we going to take any of these?" Knowing how Su Yang doesn't like to pick up trash, Qiuyue asked him.

From what she could see with her Spiritual Sense, there was mostly money here with nothing truly noteworthy or valuable in the eyes of Su Yang.

But if it was anyone else in his shoes now, they would've already fainted from pleasure the moment they stepped into this treasure room.

"How much space does your Storage Ring have? Can it fit all of the Spirit Stones and Spiritual Treasures here?" Su Yang asked her.

He intended on taking everything but the silvers and gold. This included the cultivation techniques that are scattered everywhere like a bunch of old and useless scrolls.

"It should fit them all without a problem," she quickly replied.

"Good. Throw everything that isn't money into it."

"Everything? What are you going to do with so many things?" Qiuyue was curious about his intentions. He, who couldn't even bother looking at Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures, was willing to pick up everything here? Why the sudden change of heart?

"I have no use for any of these things here, but since I am already here and these things are in front of me, it'd be a waste to just leave them alone. And although it is only temporary, I am still the current Patriarch for the Profound Blossom Sect."

Indeed, the only reason Su Yang wanted to plunder the things here was because of the Profound Blossom Sect. While it is only temporary, Su Yang did promise Liu Lanzhi that he'd take care of the Sect if she accepted him as the Patriarch.

Qiuyue nodded, and with a mere wave of her sleeves, a sudden gust of wind appeared within the treasure room, picking up everything that wasn't silver and gold in the room and throwing them directly into her Storage Ring.

And within seconds, the entire treasure room was looted, leaving only the gold and silvers behind.

A few moments later, the two of them began walking towards the end of the hallway, where a large door existed.

"Although this is only a guess, behind this door should be the control room for this world," said Su Yang. "If we overwrite that dog's authority and make this world recognize us as the new masters, we will be able to control this world as though it's our own."

After opening the door, they were able to see very clearly that the room was empty with the exception of the stone stand that stood in the center of the room, and on this stone stand was a crystal ball that continuously flickered with dazzling blue lights.

The instant Su Yang saw the room, he knew that his guess was correct. This place was indeed the control room. If they take control of the crystal ball, they will become the new masters of this fake world.

"My current Cultivation base is not even a little bit enough to activate the crystal ball, much less control it, so you will have to be the one do it." Su Yang said to Qiuyue.

"Eh? But I have never touched a Spatial Space Device before," she quickly said.

If she has never operated a Spatial Space Device before, how could she possibly do something as complicated as overwriting another individual's Spatial Space Device?

"Don't worry, you will not be doing this alone. I will guide you from the beginning to the end."


"First place your hand on the crystal ball, then send your Profound Qi into it until you could see the command symbol for this Spatial Space Device in your head."

Su Yang began explaining to Qiuyue every step of the procedure.

"The command symbol? What does it look—"

Just as she was about to ask him what the command symbol looked like, a complex yet beautiful symbol appeared in her conscious. The symbol was so clear and looked so realistic in her head that its sudden appearance had startled her.

"That's the command symbol, the key to controlling this world," said Su Yang.

"However, despite being dead, that dog's Profound Qi is still in the command symbol, so you will have to overwrite it by forcing all of his Profound Qi out with your own Profound Qi. You should feel his Profound Qi within the symbol."

"You are right, there is the Profound Qi of a Divine Realm master covering the symbol."

"It will take some time, but you will be the new master once you push out all of that dog's Profound Qi."

Qiuyue nodded. She then concentrated all of her focus on the large command symbol in her conscious, filling it with her Profound Qi.

Although it was filling up slowly, her Profound Qi was pushing out Han Xin's Profound Qi without much resistance. Such results are simply because of Qiuyue's superiority in Profound Qi, showing clearly the vast difference between their raw abilities.

Time slowly passed, and Qiuyue eventually became engrossed in trying to overwrite the command symbol in her head.

Minutes turned into hours, and hours turned into days.

Without realizing it, an entire week had gone by since Qiuyue started taking control of the Spatial Space Device.




Soon after the blue vortex disappeared, the people there returned to whatever they were doing before rushing to watch the fight between Su Yang and the Ghoul. However, even after many days had passed, not a single soul that had personally witnessed the fight could get the scene of Su Yang dominating the Ghoul out of their head, especially the spine-chilling moment when Su Yang brought out his Sword Intent.

It was such an awe-inspiring moment that they can't close their eyes without their body trembling, almost like a curse had been placed onto their souls, forcing them to remember that scene.

As for Su Yin, who took some time to calm down after separating with Su Yang, she immediately left the Divine Doors.

However, right as she exited the Divine Doors, she was approached by an old man who heavily gasping for air.

"Y-Young lady!" The old man was precisely the old man that had returned to the Su Family to report Su Yang's appearance after their encounter at the Divine Doors.

After reporting to the head of the Su Family, Su Yin's father, he ran back to the Divine Doors without any rest in hopes to prevent Su Yin meeting with Su Yang, hence why he's currently out of breath.

"Senior Tao!" Su Yin's eyes became teary again upon seeing the old man, and she approached him with wide steps. "E-Elder Brother Su! I have finally found Elder Brother Su! He's still alive! I saw him on the third floor of the Divine Doors!"


When Senior Tao heard her words, his eyes widened, and his mind blanked. He was having trouble understanding her simple words, or he just didn't want to believe what he'd just heard was true.

"We have to hurry back home and tell father!" Su Yin continued.

And without allowing Senior Tao to speak another word, she ran past him and towards the direction he'd just come from.


Senior Tao could only stand there and watch Su Yin disappear in the distance. What he feared the most had become reality. Not only did Su Yang return to the Northern Region but he also managed to meet with Su Yin again.

"This is bad. At this rate, all of Lord Su's effort would've been in vain — No! It is already too late! The young lady has finally reunited with Su Yang! It will only be a matter of time before she finds out the truth and why he went missing a year ago! Once that happens… who knows what she'll do to the family!"

Filled with fear and uncertainty, Senior Tao immediately chased after Su Yin.

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