Dual Cultivation

Chapter 124 I Have Been Looking Everywhere for You!

Chapter 124 I Have Been Looking Everywhere for You!

The instant Su Yang disappeared, the Ghoul instinctively jumped backward, its body filled with sweat from the dreadful pressure that surrounded him.

But alas, the moment the Ghoul jumped back, it felt something enter its body, almost like it had been possessed by a ghost.

"Where do you think you're going?" Su Yang suddenly appeared directly in front of the Ghoul.


The Ghoul's red eyes widened with terror the instant Su Yang's face appeared before it, but before it could even open its mouth to scream, its vision blackened. Immediately after the Ghoul lost conscious, a line appeared on its body from the top of its head until it reached its pelvis area, cleanly separating its body in half like it had been sliced by a sharp sword, and black colored blood sprayed everywhere.

After confirming the Ghoul's death, Su Yang retrieved the overflowing Sword Intent that was still filling the area, calming the atmosphere once again.

"Celestial Body Refining Scripture… Truly a marvelous technique and worthy to be one of the seven Heavenly Sublime Scriptures."

To skip almost two Cultivation realm and kill a Heavenly Spirit Realm monster while being only in the True Spirit Realm, even coming out nearly unscathed, Su Yang was pleasantly surprised and elevated by the results of cultivating the Celestial Body Refining Scripture. Though, because it was a monster with limited intelligence, the results might be much different if he were to fight a human.




Seeing that the fight was finally over, Qiuyue went back to Su Yang's side.

"This went better than expected… I did not expect you to dominate that thing so much that it couldn't even retaliate…" Qiuyue openly expressed her surprise the moment she arrived by his side.

While she did not doubt that he would come out victorious, she didn't think he'd be able to dominate the Ghoul in such a fashion, not to mention the abrupt Sword Intent that had sent chills even down her spine.

"But that's expected from one of the best cultivation techniques in the universe. Truly heaven-defying."

"The level differences may seem vast at the Mortal Realms but they are nothing when compared to the Divine Realms. I may be able to skip levels and fight those with a much higher Cultivation base right now, but who knows what will happen once I enter the Divine Realm or the Ancient Realm," said Su Yang, who wasn't as optimistic as Qiuyue.

"Now what do we do?" she then asked him. "There is nothing else to do here."

"Then—" Before Su Yang could even open his mouth to speak, a loud voice resounded from behind him, one that was filled with excitement.

"Elder Brother Yang!"

When Su Yang turned around, there was a young lady running towards his direction with slight tears in her eyes.

"Who?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow at the approaching young lady who seemed to recognize him.

"Elder Brother Yang! Are you really Elder Brother Yang?! What happened to you? Where have you been for an entire year?! I have been looking everywhere for you!"

The young lady bombarded Su Yang with dozens of questions before she'd even reached him.

"Uhh… Who are you?" Su Yang asked the young lady that was clearly very familiar with him.


When the young lady heard his question and saw the confusion within his eyes, her running legs quickly slowed down before coming to a halt.

"D-Don't make such untasteful jokes, Elder Brother Yang… It's me, Su Yin!"

The young lady introduced herself as Su Yin, and Su Yang immediately realized her identity and understood the situation. She was clearly someone from the Su Family, and more importantly, she was probably his sibling in this world.

However, even though he was aware of such facts, Su Yang couldn't feel anything from seeing her. After all, he doesn't have any memories of her. Even if he retained the memories of the previous Su Yang, he most likely wouldn't feel any different at this moment.

And not wanting to get involved with her or this Su Family, Su Yang said: "You must have mistaken me as someone else. I do not know any Su Yin."

"No way…" Su Yin's eyes widened with shock after hearing his words, even showing signs of distress.

"B-But your face… your tall and slim figure… even your smell… you are clearly the Elder Brother Yang that I know!" she refused to believe that she could have possibly mistaken someone else as her beloved brother.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the area changed once again.

However, there was no threatening feeling in the air, so Su Yang and Qiuyue only calmly looked around.

A few moments later, the space above the Ghoul's corpse began twisting.


Seconds later, a blue vortex suddenly appears out of thin air, looking like a portal of some sorts.

Once the vortex stabilized itself, Su Yang said to Qiuyue: "Let's go."

Qiuyue nodded and followed without a word.

"Wait! Elder Brother Yang!" Su Yin called for him loudly, but Su Yang ignored her and continued to approach the portal.

Qiuyue glanced at Su Yin with the corner of her eyes. Although she was curious about her relationship with Su Yang, she couldn't bring herself to ask, as it was none of her business.

Very quickly, Su Yang and Qiuyue entered the portal, disappearing from everyone's view.

"Where do you think that portal will take us?" Someone from the crowd asked.

"Probably to the 4th floor…"

People began speculating that the portal would lead them to the fourth floor, but nobody there followed after Su Yang entered even after many minutes. After all, nobody there dared to enter the fourth floor without making any preparations, especially after witnessing such a fearsome monster like the Ghoul.

If there are already Heavenly Spirit Realm beings on the third floor, what dreadful monsters would exist on the fourth floor? Many people were too afraid to even imagine.

However, Su Yin, who was still filled with confusion and mixed emotions from her encounter with Su Yang, did not care about such dangers and approached the blue vortex.

"Wait! Lady Su! You can't go in there now!"

"Lady Su! What happened?! Why did you run out there by yourself?"

"Did you know that young man who defeated the monster over there?"

A few figures quickly appeared beside Su Yin to stop her from entering the portal. Some of them looked around the same age as her, and others were a bit older, looking like their guardians or some sorts.

"But I have to go after Elder Brother Yang! There is clearly something wrong with him!" Su Yin said, struggling to free herself from the people that was preventing her from getting any closer to the portal.

"Elder Brother Yang? Your elder brother that went missing since a year ago?" One of them that understood the situation asked her.

Su Yin nodded. "But he didn't recognize me, his own sister! He had most likely lost his memories due to some unfortunate accident!"

"Miss Su, although I understand your situation and your feelings to an extent, it is too dangerous to enter that portal without any information. Let's not act rashly and wait until we have more information before entering," said one of the middle-aged man. "Our Sect will not be able to withstand your father's wrath if anything were to happen to you, who is currently in our care. Please understand."


Su Yin immediately turned quiet.

"Additionally, he was strong enough to defeat a monster at the Heavenly Spirit Realm. I'm positive that no matter what is on the other side of the portal, it will most likely pose no threat to him."


Just as Su Yin opened her mouth, the blue vortex trembled and turned into smoke within seconds, quickly disappearing from the place.

"Huh? Where did the portal go?"

"Wasn't that the entrance to the fourth floor?"

The people there were bewildered by the vortex's disappearance. Why did it suddenly disappear? What was on the other side of the portal? They were all questions that may never be answered.

"N-N-No! Elder Brother Yang!!!"

Su Yin immediately burst into tears when she realized that she'd once again lost her elder brother without any idea about his location, feeling the same despair that she felt when he first went missing one year ago.

"Miss Su…"

"Lady Su…"

Her companions were startled by her reactions; it was a side of her that none of them have witnessed before, almost like watching an apple suddenly turn into an orange. And because not a single one of them knew how to react in this situation, they could only stand there silently until she calms down.

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