Dual Cultivation

Chapter 123 Like a Punching Bag

Chapter 123 Like a Punching Bag

Su Yang calmly inspected his body while he wiped the blood from his lips.

"So this is the prowess of the Celestial Body Refining Scripture? Truly divine and mythical."

Although he'd taken a punch straight in the chest from an expert at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, something that could easily kill a True Spirit Realm expert like him, he's managed to receive only minor injuries.

As a matter of fact, not only did he not receive any life-threatening injuries, his body was actually exploding with rich Profound Qi!

"However… while it may seem like there is a vast difference between a True Spirit Realm and a Heavenly Spirit Realm to the people of this world, we are still within the Seven Mortal Realms of Cultivation… It's nothing when compared to the differences within the Divine Realms."

In the Four Divine Heavens, the Seven Mortal Realms is merely the beginning of the Cultivation path, whereas the people of this world see the Seven Mortal Realms as the limit of Cultivation.

"Are you really human?"

The dumbfounded voice of someone who'd just witnessed a miracle suddenly echoed in Su Yang's ears.

Su Yang then turned to look at the Ghoul, who was in clear disbelief, its eyes as big and round as saucers.

"Are you really at the Heavenly Spirit Realm?" Su Yang said in return. "I barely felt that punch."

"You arrogant little brat…"

The Ghoul suddenly dashed forward again, its fist exploding with Profound Qi.

"I don't know what tricks you had used just now, but I don't believe that you can do it again!"

Seeing the large entity charging towards him, Su Yang didn't even flinch. If he didn't allow the Ghoul to hit him just now, would it even be able to touch a hair on him, much less hit him for a second time?

A mysterious aura suddenly surrounded Su Yang, and right before the Ghoul's bare eyes, Su Yang disappears into thin air like a ghost.

"What? Where did he go?"

Baffled by his sudden disappearance, the Ghoul began looking around frantically.

"I'm here—"

The Ghoul swung backward the instant he heard Su Yang's voice coming from behind him, but alas, its fists touched nothing but empty air.

The next instant—

"Where are you looking?"

Boom! An explosive sound echoed as a ripple filled with Profound Qi spread in every direction. Su Yang had appeared out of thin air and landed a powerful punch directly on the Ghoul's face, sending it flying the next moment.

It was so sudden that the Ghoul didn't comprehend the situation until it had fallen flat on the ground, its mouth filled with dirt.

"H-How is this possible?"

The Ghoul quickly stood up and looked at Su Yang's tall figure with eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

How could a mere True Spirit Realm human like him display such incredible speed and explosive power that could rival even a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert? Even the most gifted genius in this world couldn't possibly ignore such a vast difference in levels.


A profound gaze flickered within the Ghoul's eyes, almost as though it'd understood something.

"You are actually hiding your true Cultivation base with some technique, disguising yourself as a Cultivator at the True Spirit Realm."

However, despite its own words, the Ghoul still found it hard to believe that a technique that could hide one's Cultivation base so flawlessly could possibly exist.

Hearing the Ghoul's words, Su Yang only smiled slightly, not even bothering to correct its statement.

"You are a cunning human, that I give you… However, I barely felt that attack just now."

The Ghoul wiped the dirt off its body as though it'd only tripped and fell, looking perfectly fine even after taking a direct hit to the face.

"Your speed is indeed impressive, but alas, I cannot say the same for your power, as it only tickled my skin."

Although Su Yang's attack may have seemed powerful from the impact, it wasn't anywhere near enough to penetrate the Ghoul's naturally tough skin. Perhaps it would've injured a human at the Heavenly Spirit Realm but in the eyes of beasts and inhuman beings such as this Ghoul that are all born with superior and unique traits when compared to humans, Su Yang's raw strength was indeed laughable.

And naturally, Su Yang, who was an Immortal in his past life, was very well aware of the fact that his punch just now didn't do any damage to the Ghoul the moment his fist connected with its face.

"Is that so?"

Without any warnings, Su Yang activated the Nine Astral Steps and disappeared from his spot.

Boom! The next instant, another powerful ripple filled the air.

"It's useless! No matter how many times you hit me, I won't feel a thing from your attacks! Ahahaha!"

The Ghoul roared with laughter as it quickly got back up to its feet after taking another direct hit from Su Yang.

Seeing it laugh so foolishly, Su Yang also smiled, thinking to himself quietly: "This thing is a perfect punching bag for me to get used to my unfamiliar body and strength."

He then raised his fists and continued to bombard the Ghoul with countless punches.

And because the Ghoul is incapable of reacting to Su Yang's shocking speed, it stood there without retaliating. Though, because it couldn't feel any real pain from the punches, the Ghoul continued to laugh, almost as though it had become crazy.




Currently, every expert that is within the third floor were all looking towards the same general direction with awe in their gaze.

"W-What madness is going on over there?" A Cultivator at the Earth Spirit Realm mumbled in a dumbfounded voice as waves of powerful ripples filled with Profound Qi swept the third floor endlessly.

"From the Profound Qi within the ripples, I can tell that it's a fight between two Heavenly Spirit Realm experts. But this… I have never seen such a fierce fight before…" Another individual expressed his impressions that were filled with awe.

It was not just these two experts — everybody that was within the third floor was all feeling awe and shock from seeing so many powerful ripples fill the dark sky, wondering what kind of fight could create such a scene.

And within minutes, experts from all over the third floor all began making their way towards the direction the ripples were coming from, quickly approaching the battlefield where Su Yang and the Ghoul was fighting.

The people had expected two profound experts fighting prior to arriving, but alas, when they arrived, they were baffled to witness the scene of a young man beating some kind of monster, treating it as though it was a punching bag.

The fight was so one-sided that it couldn't even be called a fight. And as for the two 'fighting', Su Yang looked more of a monster than the Ghoul in the eyes of the people watching. They were so baffled by the scene that they couldn't comprehend the situation even after watching for many minutes.

What is that tall monster? Where did it come from? Why isn't it retaliating? And the biggest question in the spectators' head was — who the hell is that young man? How could he treat such a fearsome creature as though it was only a punching bag?

After some time, when the people finally calmed down, they realized something that would've been better for them if they hadn't noticed it. But alas, even if they tried, how could they possibly ignore the obvious Profound Qi of a True Spirit Realm expert coming from Su Yang?

"W-What?! That young man! H-H-He's only at the True Spirit Realm!"

"What?! Impossible! How could someone at the True Spirit Realm display such speed and power?!"

Many people there were quick to curse at such a foolish statement, but when they took a closer look at Su Yang, their eyes popped out from its sockets from shock.

"He's really only at the True Spirit Realm!"

When the people there confirmed Su Yang's Cultivation base, an intense feeling of shock consumed everybody there, almost as if they just witnessed the sky fall.

"But how is that possible! That monster clearly has a Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivation base! It is simply impossible for someone at the True Spirit Realm to fight with a Heavenly Spirit Realm master evenly, much less dominate them in such a brutal fashion!"

All of the Earth Spirit Realm experts there expressed confusion and disbelief. Although only a few of them have personally seen for themselves the strength of a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert, they were all aware of their superior prowess. It was unthinkable for these Earth Spirit Realm experts to fight with one on equal terms, much less a young man at the True Spirit Realm!

"T-That's it! I-I must be dreaming! This is all a dream!" One expert at the Earth Spirit Realm nearly broke down just by witnessing the illogical scene before him.




Within the large crowd of spectators that were watching the one-sided fight between Su Yang and the Ghoul, a young lady was covering her mouth with her fair hands, her eyes wide with shock and many other emotions.

However, the shock the young lady was experiencing was completely different from what everybody else there was feeling, and her mind was not on the fight. Instead, her full concentration was directly on Su Yang, whose face could only be seen every once in a while because of his speed.

Her expression looked as though she had just met someone who she'd believed was long dead for the longest — almost like she was looking at someone who shouldn't exist.

And after another moment of silence, the young lady mumbled in a shivering voice: "Elder… Elder Brother?"




Boom! The Ghoul was sent flying once again, but Su Yang didn't chase after it this time around and allowed it to fall on the ground.

"Hahahaha! Is that all you've got? I nearly fell asleep because of how good it felt!" The Ghoul, unsurprisingly, managed to stand up without any problems. As a matter of fact, it even looked refreshed, almost as though it'd just received a body massage.

When the spectators saw the nonchalant attitude of the Ghoul and noticed its healthy body despite taking so many powerful strikes for so many minutes, their hearts were filled with horror and shock.

"Just how powerful is this monster?" They all wondered with fearful gazes.

"Hmmm? Where did all these humans come from?" The Ghoul finally noticed the crowd of people watching them.

"Well, it doesn't matter, as I will be killing them after I kill you..." It said with intense killing intent radiating from its dreadful aura, sending shivers into the spines of everyone there.

The Ghoul then turned to look at Su Yang and spoke with a creepy smile: "Why did you stop? Did you run out of Profound Qi? What will you do now? If you don't have anything else to entertain me with, I will kill you."

"Have you ever swung a sword in the same position endlessly for an entire day without any breaks? It's just like beating you… boring…" Su Yang said calmly.

He then continued: "I now have a better understanding of my own body and prowess thanks to you, so the least I can do is to let you die a quick and painless death."


The Ghoul no longer smiled and stared at Su Yang with its red eyes narrowed and killing intent soaring.

"And how will you achieve that when you can't even—"

Before the Ghoul could even finish its sentence, a sharp aura that contained a tyrannical power that caused even the Ghoul to become nervous suddenly surrounded Su Yang.

The aura's spirit was sharp like a sword and emitted a feeling of dominance that was similar to a sovereign, instantly filling the air with pressure.

"T-T-This is… the aura of a Swordmaster?!?!?!"

When the spectators felt the sharp aura coming from Su Yang, nearly all of them fell to their knees from shock. Hell, even the Ghoul seemed to be frozen from shock.

Just how many more heaven-defying abilities does this young man have? Is he really just a 'young' man?

"There are many ways for me to kill you without doing this, but I want to see the limits of my body, as I don't usually get the chance to go all out without looking like a bully."

With a sharp aura spiraling around his figure like a small tornado, Su Yang, who currently gave the impression of an ancient sword master that could split the heaven in two with just his aura alone, began approaching the Ghoul in small steps with his right arm slightly raised.

And in the eyes of the Ghoul, Su Yang's straight arm had suddenly turned into real swords due to the aura that surrounded him; it was a weapon that looked even more terrifying than the Heaven-grade Spirit Treasure before.

"Nine Astral Steps—"

Su Yang activated the Nine Astral Steps and, in the countless pairs of eyes that were watching closely, disappeared into thin air like a ghost.

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