Dual Cultivation

Chapter 122 Are You Really Human?

Chapter 122 Are You Really Human?

"Are you sure about this?" Qiuyue asked him one last time as they stood in the middle of a vast and empty area.

"Do I really have to repeat myself?" Su Yang calmly said. "And remember to not interfere unless the situation is really that grave."

Qiuyue nodded. She then looked to the ground with a sharp gaze, sending a tiny amount of her Profound Qi into the ground, causing whatever it'd touched to tremble.

A few moments later, the ground started to shake, and an ancient-sounding voice echoed in the air, creating a small ripple in the air.

"Whoever dares to disturb my slumber… apologize with your life!"

Boom! The ground a few meters away from where Su Yang stood suddenly exploded and a large shadow leaped into the air from where the explosion occurred a second later.

When the shadow landed on the ground, it instantly turned its boney body to look at Su Yang and Qiuyue with its glowing red eyes.

This large figure was a little bit over two meters tall, had a boney physique that looked as though it has lived its entire life without a day not starving, and its skin was so sickly pale that it was grey, looking like a real corpse. Its limbs were also abnormally long, nearly exceeding its own body length.

"A Ghoul? How fitting for this place and its atmosphere." Su Yang said.

"Be careful, it's at the second level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm…" Qiuyue said to him.

"There are only two humans?"

When the Ghoul saw only two young-looking humans its gaze flickered with disappointment.

"Only a child at the True Spirit Realm and a mortal without a cultivation base? How disappointing. Even if I eat the both of you, it will not fill the gap between my teeth." The Ghoul sighed loudly.

As for the reason why it saw Qiuyue as a mortal, it was because her cultivation base was too high for the Ghoul to see.

Hearing the Ghoul's words, Su Yang smiled slightly, and he spoke loudly. "Ah, how disappointing that it is not a true Heavenly Spirit Realm expert. Unlike real humans, this thing with half-baked intelligence would not be able to put up a proper fight… Truly a pity…"

When the Ghoul heard Su Yang's obvious provoking words, its red eyes darkened, turning dark red.

"A mere child dares to mock my intelligence?" The Ghoul sneered, its gaze filled with killing intent. "Not to mention from your way of speaking… a True Spirit Realm little brat like you actually desires to fight me, who is at the Heavenly Spirit Realm? Hahaha! As expected of humans… how foolish!"

The creepy laughter of the Ghoul echoed in all direction, alerting many experts within the area.

Su Yang's expression remained nonchalant to the Ghoul's loud scorning. He then retrieved the Black Scorpion from his storage ring and held it in front of his chest, looking like he was trying to present it to the Ghoul.

"That is…"

The laughter instantly stopped at the appearance of the Black Scorpion, and the Ghoul looked at the black dagger in Su Yang's grasp with a serious expression.

"A Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure? In the hands of a child? What a waste of a good treasure! Why don't I take it off your hand and accept it as your apology for your rude remarks just now? With your life as a bonus, of course."

The Ghoul began approaching Su Yang with slow but wide steps.

Seeing this, Su Yang shook his head. "Killing you would be too easy if I were to use this, so I will instead fight you with these…"

As he finished his sentence, he withdrew the Black Scorpion back into the storage ring and raised his fists. He intended to fight the Heavenly Spirit Realm Ghoul with his bare hands!

One would expect the Ghoul to burst out in laughter at his actions, however, the Ghoul did not see laugh at such foolishness. Instead, it felt ridiculed by Su Yang's actions, and its ugly face twisted with anger, becoming even uglier.

"Die, you pathetic little human!" The Ghoul suddenly sprang forward, leaping at Su Yang in an incredibly fast speed.

Seeing this, Su Yang did not move. He remained standing there with a calm expression.

If others were to see this scene, they would definitely believe that the reason why Su Yang didn't move was that he couldn't react to the Ghoul's speed, but in the eyes of an expert like Qiuyue, she could easily see in Su Yang's eyes that he was following every movement the Ghoul made, not to mention the profound changes currently happening inside his body that could only be sensed with a powerful Spiritual Sense.

Suddenly, right before the Ghoul's fist that was backed by the cultivation base of a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert slammed into his chest, a golden light flickered within his eyes.

Boom! The Ghoul's fist landed directly on Su Yang's chest, sending him flying backward like a broken rag.

The impact of the punch was so hard that there was a slight ripple in the air at where Su Yang was hit; it was not something someone at the Earth Spirit Realm would be able to handle, much less a True Spirit Realm expert like him.


However, the Ghoul's reaction after hitting Su Yang was rather abnormal. It looked at its own fist with a frown on its face, and its red eyes were flickering with a pondering light.

"What is your body made of?" The Ghoul suddenly said.

It then wondered: "Why did it feel like I was hitting a steel wall?"

Many meters away, where Su Yang landed after falling from the air, he slowly stood up and patted the dust off his clothes, before wiping the blood that was at the corner of his lips.

"That is the strength of someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm? It's much weaker than I'd expected." Su Yang said after dusting himself in a casual manner, looking nothing like he had just been punched by a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert.

If it was anyone else at the True Spirit Realm, there was no doubt that a mere punch from the Ghoul would have instantly created a hole in their chest.

"Are you really human?" Even with its limited intelligence, the Ghoul began to doubt Su Yang being human.

After all, no human should be able to survive its punch that was backed by its entire cultivation base, much less a child at the True Spirit Realm.

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