Dual Cultivation

Chapter 121 Impossible to Obtain

Chapter 121 Impossible to Obtain

"P-Please wait! Fellow Daoist, why don't we talk about this?"

"That's right! I am sure that we can settle this without shedding any unnecessary blood!"

The remaining five figures raised their hands to surrender to Su Yang, their expression filled with fear.

Seeing these five people beg for their lives, Su Yang's expression remained nonchalant, his gaze cold, almost as though he was looking at insects that aren't even worth his time.

"Hmph." After coldly snorting, Su Yang suddenly started running towards the five middle-aged men without speaking another word.

When the five middle-aged men saw this, their face paled even further. One of them even screamed like a girl.

"W-W-W-Wait! I will give you all of my valuables if you spare my life!" One of the middle-aged men loudly shouted, even taking off his storage ring for Su Yang.

However, unfortunately for him, Su Yang was someone who wouldn't bother picking up Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures even if it was directly in front of him.

"If only you'd silently watched and didn't have any funny ideas…" Su Yang mumbled before slashing him with the Black Scorpion, severing his right arm easily.


The position began spreading immediately, covering the body of the screaming man with black lines at a faster rate than the previous victim.

A few seconds later, his entire body became pitch black, looking like he'd just swam in a pool of ink.

After killing the second True Spirit Realm Cultivator, Su Yang moved onto the next closest individual, his eyes emitting a scary amount of bloodlust.

He was clearly still in a bad mood because of what had happened with the pill bottles, and now that he has a reason and a method of relieving that anger…

"What's wrong? Weren't you all talking about stealing this dagger from me with smiles on your faces just moments ago?! Come! Take it if you can!" Su Yang said as he chased the fleeing individual.

"W-We were wrong for trying to steal the dagger from you! Please! Spare our lives!"

"Wrong? No, you were not wrong for trying to take advantage of the 'weak', as it is only natural in the Cultivation world. Your mistake was choosing me as your target!"

Su Yang instantly caught up to one of the fleeing people using the Nine Astral Steps and immediately slashed the Black Scorpion onto the back of the individual.

Seconds later, another corpse falls to the ground.

The remaining three each ran away in a different direction, but with Su Yang's godlike speed, he was able to catch the next one with ease.


And another falls victim to the gruesome Black Scorpion.

After another minute, the last two True Spirit Realm Cultivators of the original six also follows in the same footsteps as their companions, falling to the ground as pitch-black corpses, looking like they'd died after having their body possessed by a devil. And despite all that hunting, there wasn't even a drop of sweat on Su Yang's body.

Once he finished killing off the last of the six True Spirit Realm experts, Su Yang felt much better in terms of his mood. He then returned to one of the corpses and retrieved the storage ring that was laying beside him.

After looking inside the storage ring for less than a second and deeming that it was all trash, he proceeded to throw everything that was inside the storage ring onto the ground and kept the storage ring.




"Hey, we are leaving."

Su Yang's sudden voice startled Qiuyue, who was dazed throughout the whole ordeal.


She nodded in slow motion, clearly still dumbfounded by what she saw. As a matter of fact, her mind was still thinking about the thing dangling between Su Yang's legs; it was as though she unable to think about anything else.

"By the way, what kind of water was that black water? It's my first time seeing something like that." Qiuyue asked him as they headed for the next Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure.

"That was Devouring Water; it will devour anything that is not flesh or skin. Although not impossible to find, they are quite uncommon even within the Four Divine Realms. I was actually a bit surprised when I first saw it myself. Who would've thought that this dog would throw something like that in his Legacy Tomb."

"Eh? Then how was the Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure able to stay inside without being devoured?"

"Although it devours anything but flesh, there are exceptions like the Black Scorpion, as it contains elements that are similar to the Devouring Water— Dark Qi."

"Is that so…"

"And as useless as it sounds, this Devouring Water is actually a paradise for Devil Cultivators that cultivate mostly Dark Qi. Since it does not harm their flesh, they would bath in it and cultivate like that, increasing their cultivation by leaps and bounds."

If the people that first discovered the Black Oasis were not a bunch of cowards, they might have been able to obtain the Black Scorpion before Su Yang, but after seeing a Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasure melt like butter in hot water, they did not dare to touch it with anything else, much less their own flesh. However, nobody could really blame them for that, as it was only logical to stay away from something that dangerous-looking.

If anything, only madmen or utter fools would dare to touch something that could melt Spiritual Treasures with their own flesh.




Ten minutes later.

"There is also a group at that location… and there are over a dozen people this time." Qiuyue said to Su Yang the moment she sensed their presence with her Spiritual Sense.

Though, Su Yang only nodded with a calm expression. He couldn't care less if there was ten people or even one hundred, as they all amounted to the same thing in his eyes—nothing.

They stopped moving a little bit later and stood a few hundred meters away from the group of people, silently watching their every movement.

There were exactly two dozen people standing around a large rock, but they were standing there like stone statues, looking like they have been in the same position for days, and their gaze were all staring intensively at the white cat that was standing on top of the rock with a proud and arrogant atmosphere surrounding it.

Seeing its white fur and silver eyes, Su Yang's eyes suddenly flickered with a profound light.


But before Su Yang could even finish his sentence, Qiuyue said in a surprised tone: "It's a Ghost Cat! To think I'd get to see such a rare species here, how unexpected."

Silver Ghost Cats are rarely found even in the Four Divine Realms because of their camouflage ability that allows them to turn completely invisible to both the eyes and sense for a brief moment. And paired up with their crazy speed and bashful nature, many people live their lives without ever seeing one, much less catch one.

"This dog for the Heavenly Emperor is truly an exotic being. Not only did he manage to find Devouring Water but even managed to throw a Ghost Cat into his Legacy Tomb? I highly doubt that he'd caught this Ghost Cat with his Cultivation base, so how did he get it in here?" Su Yang wondered in amazement.

He then looked at the group of people and chuckled slightly, silently laughing at for these people that clearly have no idea what they are dealing with.

"Even experts at the Ancient Realm would have headaches when they hear the name Ghost Cat, yet you want to catch it with your cultivation base? Even if you bring a million people with similar cultivation, the Ghost Cat will still be able to easily stroll around in front of your eyes without being caught!" Su Yang shook his head.

Luckily for these people, Ghost Cats are not known for being aggressive. As a matter of fact, there has never been a case of a Ghost Cat injuring humans, much less attack them. If not, then it would be a catastrophe not only for these people but also the outside world.

"But… doesn't this make it impossible for us to obtain, too?" Qiuyue said with a weird expression. "Even if I bring out my fastest flying treasure, the Ghost Cat will just go invisible and disappear like a real ghost."

"It will only be a waste of time if we try to catch that Ghost Cat with our pitiful cultivation base. It's only a Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure, we don't need it." Su Yang said, already turning around to leave.

Hell, he'd already given up on the Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure that was hanging on the neck of the Ghost Cat the second he realized what he was looking at.

After all, only an utter fool would try to catch that thing despite knowing very well its capabilities.

Qiuyue continued to look at the Ghost Cat that stood there arrogantly for a few more seconds before also turning to leave. While she didn't feel anything about missing out on a mere Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure, she was definitely disheartened at the fact that she was feeling powerless in this place that was not even the Four Divine Realms, even feeling a bit aggravated.

However, there was nothing she could do about it, as her opponent was an infamous Ghost Cat that would cause headaches even for Cultivators far stronger than her.

"Don't feel too bad about it," said Su Yang after noticing the changes on her face. "Even if I had my original cultivation base, I wouldn't want to chase one of those things."

"Un…" Qiuyue nodded, but she was clearly still disheartened.

After leaving the Ghost Cat alone, Su Yang decided that it was time to search for the six cultivation techniques that are hidden in this place. Though, his expectations are basically nonexistent at this point after all that he's encountered so far.

And shortly after they started searching, Su Yang found his first cultivation technique, and it was hidden basically the same way as the pill bottles — inside the dry ground.

"Lightning Strike…"

After taking a quick glance at the technique, Su Yang quickly deemed that it was an Earth-grade technique, before putting it into his storage ring. While he personally has no use for the technique, he planned on giving it to the Profound Blossom Sect once he returns.

Once it was in his storage ring, they began heading towards the next one at a pace that was faster than before.




After spending one whole hour traveling every direction without rest, they finally obtained all six cultivation techniques.

In the end, there were three Mortal-grade techniques, two Earth-grade, and one Heaven-grade.

"Not even an Immortal-grade technique? What kind of Divine Realm expert is this dog to not own a single Immortal-grade technique? Did he not also work for the Heavenly Emperor? Surely he should have obtained at least one or two Divine-grade cultivation technique from the Heavenly Emperor!"

Su Yang was beginning to believe the possibility that Han Xin had stashed away his real wealth somewhere else because it would be hard for anyone and not just him to believe that someone who had worked for the Heavenly Emperor would have so little things in his possession, much less his Legacy Tomb meant for his successor.

"There's nothing else here besides that thing with the cultivation base of a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert," Qiuyue said.

"Heavenly Spirit Realm, huh. While I am aware of the fact that I am not even at the level where I can fight with real Earth Spirit Realm experts head-on, much less Heavenly Spirit Realm, I have yet to use my own cultivation base to its full extent…" Su Yang pondered to himself.

Because this is his first time cultivating a supreme technique like the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, even he cannot say for sure how powerful he currently is without seeing for himself in combat.

And although he'd already killed the previous Patriarch of the Profound Blossom Sect, who was at the Earth Spirit Realm, Su Yang didn't consider him as a real Earth Spirit Realm expert because not only did he lack techniques, but he also had almost no experience in combat.

"Qiuyue, I want to see for myself the limits of this body that has cultivated one of the Seven Sublime Scripture, the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, so I will be fighting it alone."

Su Yang said to Qiuyue with a serious expression. He wanted to test his limits. He wanted to see just how powerful the Celestial Body Refining Scripture truly is. He wanted to use his cultivation base without holding back!


Qiuyue looked at him with wide eyes filled with shock, but because she was also curious about the effects of literally the best cultivation technique in the universe, she did not try to stop him.

If anything, she was confident that she would be able to protect him if anything were to happen.

"Are you sure?" she asked him just in case.

"When am I ever unsure?" Su Yang replied with a smile. "If anything goes wrong, I'm sure that you will be able to handle it with ease."

"Un." Qiuyue nodded.

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