Dual Cultivation

Chapter 120 How Is He so Big at Such a Young Age?

Chapter 120 How Is He so Big at Such a Young Age?

Although it had taken longer than Qiuyue had expected for Su Yang to calm down after having their time and efforts wasted, they started heading for the nearest Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure.

This time, even though they didn't know what kind of Spiritual Treasure it was, they didn't have to worry about being tricked into digging up worthless trash, since they were able to sense its Heaven-grade aura from miles away.

"Another group had just arrived at the location of the Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure. Six True Spirit Realm Cultivators," Qiuyue suddenly said.

"Un." Su Yang calmly nodded, clearly unconcerned that there were already people at their location.

In his head, it didn't matter if there was another group— or hundreds of people— near the Spiritual Treasure if none of them are aware of its existence. Even if they are somehow aware of it, will they be able to obtain it before they arrive to take it for themselves?

And within a few minutes, they were able to see with their bare eyes a group of figures in the distance standing around a large puddle of black water, almost big enough to be an entire pond.

Ignoring the color of the water that emitted a deadly aura, its existence itself was bizarre enough, seemingly appearing randomly. Why would there suddenly be a large puddle of water when this place has been dry and desolate for hundreds of miles in every direction? It was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert.

"It's been many weeks since the discovery of this Black Oasis, yet nobody has managed to find a way to touch this black water that melts anything it touches."

One of the six figures sighed.

"There is no doubt that there is a powerful treasure hidden inside the Black Oasis, but if even Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures melt when touching the water, what are the chances of obtaining whatever is inside it?"

When the Black Oasis was first found, someone had tried to gauge its depth by sticking his spear that was a Spirit-grade Spiritual Weapon into the water, but alas, the black water had melted nearly the entire spear before the owner realized what had happened.

After that incident, nobody dared to touch the water with anything valuable anymore, fearing what had happened to the Spirit-grade spear might happen to their own precious treasures.

"Let's go. There is nothing we can do here."

The six figures that had arrived at the Black Oasis decided to leave, but right before they even started moving their legs, two figures appeared before them like ghosts.

Their sudden appearance easily caused the six figures to jump back in shock.

"Ah! Fuck! That scared the shit out of me!"

One of the six figures cried out loud when he realized that they were not zombies.

However, the two figures, Su Yang and Qiuyue, did not react to his words, only staring at the black water with a pondering expression.

"Jumping out like that here, you are only asking to be hit!"

"Hey! Are you two deaf?! Look at your seniors when they are speaking to you!" One of the six people there, a middle-aged man with a bald head, said with an annoyed expression.


Suddenly, Su Yang started laughing out loud, dumbfounding the group of six.

"This dog truly loves to play with people!"

Without any explanation or hesitation, Su Yang took a step towards the Black Oasis, directly stepping into the black water.


When the group of six people saw this, their eyes widened with shock and disbelief.

"What the fu— Is he nuts?! That water can melt even Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures, yet he dares to touch it with his own flesh?!"

The people there expected Su Yang to melt like ice in boiling water in the Black Oasis, but their eyes began expanding when many seconds passed and Su Yang was still perfectly fine, even walking towards the center of the Black Oasis.

"Impossible! How has he not melted into nothingness by now?!"

"C-Could it be because of a cultivation technique that he is cultivating?!"

"What kind of cultivation technique could possibly make your flesh tougher than Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures? That's absurd!"

"Then how is he doing that?!"

Su Yang now stood in the center of the Black Oasis, yet the black water was only up to his stomach.

This also dumbfounded the six people there, as they didn't expect the Black Oasis to be so shallow in depth.

It was at this moment Su Yang dug his hand into the black water like when he was digging the pill bottles.

He pulls it back out a second later, and in his grasp was a short dagger.

The entirety of this dagger was black, even its blade that seemed to be made out of a type of crystal. However, if one looked closely into the blade, they would see faint red lines spread across the blade like veins.

Su Yang inspected the entire blade for a few seconds before losing interest and putting it away into his storage ring. In the first place, he did not find daggers appealing because he disliked weapons with short blades, as they annoy him for unknown reasons.

However, when the six people there saw the black dagger for the first time, their eyes radiated with wonder, looking as though they found the love of their lives. And although they don't know the quality of the black dagger, its tyrannical aura was clearly stronger than any Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasure they have ever seen in their lives.

Furthermore, this dagger was able to stay inside the Black Oasis for god knows how long without melting, something even Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures are not capable, adding to their expectations and imaginations.

The six figures' hearts quickly filled itself with desire, and vicious smiles began appearing on their faces once they realized that there were only Su Yang and Qiuyue when there were six of them. What's more, the two of them looked very young and vulnerable, clearly lacking experience when compared to the six of them middle-aged men, especially Su Yang and his jade-like skin and fragile-looking body, looking as though he'd never even picked up a sword in his life before.

"Even if he is cultivating some profound cultivating technique, there are only two of them. If we group up, there is no way in hell they could resist us," one of the six figures mumbled to his buddies.

"We can talk about the shares after obtaining the dagger."

The six figures there quickly agreed on taking the dagger for themselves.

However, while the six figures were talking to each other, standing a few meters away from them, Qiuyue was looking at them with a cold expression on her face, her eyes slightly narrowed.

She had clearly heard their mumbling and their plans to rob them, but the six figures were not aware of this and continued to mumble to each other.

It was at this moment Su Yang began walking back to the land, and the six people there instantly turned to look at him with anticipating expressions, their eyes filled with bloodlust.

Su Yang was clearly aware of their intentions before sensing their obvious bloodlust, but there was not even the slightest of reaction on his face, making the six middle-aged men believe that he was unaware of his inevitable death.

However, immediately after Su Yang began walking towards the land, not only the six middle-aged men, but even Qiuyue's eyes popped out of its sockets from shock.


Qiuyue's jaw suddenly dropped to the ground, and her face flushed red immediately afterward.

"Look at yourself!"

Qiuyue shouted as she pointed her fingers towards Su Yang's crotch area with one hand and covered her eyes with the other.


Su Yang looked down to see his little brother fully exposed and dangling in the air.

Although his flesh was fine after touching the black water, the same could not be said for his clothes that had clearly melted the moment it entered the Black Oasis.

However, Su Yang already knew this, so there wasn't any reaction when he saw his exposed crotch.

"You are already at the age where you shouldn't feel embarrassment from such things," said Su Yang while shaking his head. "And it's not like it's your first time seeing it."

"What?! I don't recall ever—"

Before Qiuyue could deny his words, memories of the times when she, as a kid, would innocently follow Su Yang into the bathtub appeared in her head, causing her entire body to stiffen.

"Do you remember now? Most of your scolding from Yuehai was also because of that." Su Yang chuckled, making Qiuyue feel so embarrassed that she was creating steam with her flushed head.

By the time Su Yang was at the edge of the Black Oasis, there was already a cloud of smoke on top of Qiuyue.

As for the six middle-aged men, they were so dumbfounded by Su Yang's size that they nearly forgot about robbing him.

"Fuck! How is he so big at such a young age?"

"This just gives me another reason to fucking kill him!"

They easily became envious of Su Yang's 'size'.

Once Su Yang was on land, he retrieved an entirely different set of clothes and quickly replaced his destroyed green robes. Now with a brand new set of plain white robes, he could no longer be identified as an Inner Court disciple for the Profound Blossom Sect.


However, right as Su Yang changed his robes, all of the six middle-aged men jumped at him with their weapons tightly grasped in their hands.

"Hand over the black dagger if you do not want to die!"

And because Qiuyue was too embarrassed to even be aware of her surroundings, she did not react to the six True Spirit Realm Cultivators that were heading their way.

As for Su Yang, he only glanced at them with an unconcerned look, almost as though he couldn't even be bothered by them.

"Although I am not too fond of using daggers, I would like to see the effects of this thing…"

Su Yang retrieved the black dagger from his storage ring and poured some of his Profound Qi into it.

The instant his Profound Qi entered the black dagger, a name resounded in his head.

"Black Scorpion."

That was the name of the dagger, and it echoed into Su Yang's head along with its capabilities.

"Hmm… not bad for a mere Heaven-grade."

When Su Yang praised the Black Scorpion, the red lines within the blade seemingly reacted by glowing brightly, almost as though it was filled with excitement.

"Let's see if you are as good as you say…"

Su Yang activated the Nine Astral Steps and disappeared from where he stood.

He then appeared behind the middle-aged man that was behind the other five like a ghost.


A black arc of light appeared as the Black Scorpion sliced an inch of skin on the back of the middle-aged man.


The man instantly fell to the ground and began screaming in pain. And almost immediately after getting slashed by the Black Scorpion, black lines could be seen appearing everywhere on his body, almost like he was being possessed by a demon.

These black lines quickly covered every inch of his body, making his skin black, like a burnt corpse.

This was the effect of the Black Scorpion.

No matter how small the cut, if its blade catches even a centimeter of its preys' skin, the deadly poison that is within the blade will instantly invade their veins and kill them by killing every single blood cell in their body.

When the other five middle-aged men saw the horrifying effect of the Black Scorpion, their faces instantly twisted until it became ugly from fear, and their complexion paled, almost like their blood was drained. Despite seeing many gruesome deaths in their life, they were still scared shitless by what they'd just witnessed.

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