Dual Cultivation

Chapter 119 What a Poor Fellow

Chapter 119 What a Poor Fellow

The third floor was a desolate place with a gloomy atmosphere. Like the second floor, there was also a sky present. However, it was a night sky that lacked even a single star, making the place look and feel even more dead, almost like it was a place meant for the dead.

If it weren't for the lack of tombs, then one would instantly recognize this place as a graveyard.

Su Yang looked around casually. There were no trees or rocks, not even a single blade of grass.

"I can see many people in groups scattered everywhere in this place. There is not a single person that is by his or herself here," Qiuyue said as her Spiritual Sense sweeps hundreds of miles of the surrounding desolate land.

"There are also a few groups currently in combat with zombie beasts at the True Spirit Realm level."

"What in this place have the highest threat?"

"Most likely the thing with a cultivation base at the Heavenly Spirit Realm that is currently in hiding," said Qiuyue, who could see nearly everything in this place with her Spiritual Sense, even the places that are still undiscovered by others.

"What about the treasures? Anything noteworthy?"

"There are six cultivation techniques, two Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasures, nine Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasure, and eight bottles of pills hidden throughout this place."

Unlike Spiritual Treasures, cultivation techniques and pills inside bottles at the lower level does not emit any aura, hence why Qiuyue couldn't tell its grade or quality.

"Even though he's only at the Lower Order, is this really all he's got on him as a dog for the Heavenly Emperor? Not even a single Divine-grade Spiritual Treasure? What a poor fellow." Su Yang shook his head in pity.

"We can ignore the Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures and the cultivation techniques, as it is simply useless to us both. And I doubt that a mere Lower Order soldier would have any precious cultivation technique that is superior to what we currently have," he continued. "As for the Heaven-grade Spiritual Techniques and the pills— especially the pills— I want them."

Su Yang didn't want to waste effort on things that he didn't need and considered as trash, such as Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures or cultivation techniques used by a mere Divine Realm expert. After all, why would he need cultivation techniques when he already has many heaven-defying cultivation techniques that could easily start wars between even gods?

"I understand the Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasures, but why do you want the pills so badly?" Qiuyue asked him. "We don't even know its effects."

"If the dog was smart enough, then he should've used all resources with healing properties to heal his injuries, hence why there are only Spiritual Treasures and cultivation techniques here," said Su Yang, addressing the creator of this Legacy Tomb as 'dog' naturally now.

"As for the pills, they are most likely enhancing pills or something that he cannot consume. Even if I cannot use them personally, I still have another use for them."

"Anyway, let's collect the pills first."

Su Yang activated the Nine Astral Steps, and like a ghost, disappeared from his spot.

He ran towards the item that was the closest to them— one of the eight pill bottles.

"Wouldn't it be faster to use the flying treasure?" Qiuyue asked him a logical question.

"This place is too small to require a flying treasure, and my legs are feeling sluggish from sitting for so many days."

"..." Despite finding his reasons odd, Qiuyue still silently accepted it and followed him.

A few minutes later, they arrive at the place the pill bottle was hidden.

"It should be right about… here."

Su Yang suddenly dug his entire hand into the ground, and as though he was punching water, his hand sunk into the ground easily.

Two seconds later, Su Yang pulled his hand out of the ground, and in his grasp was a small bottle with a single white pill inside.

Seeing this white pill, Su Yang quickly frowned.

"What kind of pill is that?" Qiuyue, who has very little knowledge of pills or Alchemy, asked him.

"It's a colorless pill… basically an incomplete pill," he said in a disappointed voice.

"An incomplete pill?" Qiuyue was also puzzled. Why would Han Xin put something so useless and literally worthless inside his Legacy Tomb?

"Although uncommon, there are times when people hide unexpected things in their Legacy Tomb to confuse others." Su Yang shook his head and threw the pill on the ground like trash.

"If the rest of the pills also turn out to be incomplete pills, I swear I will return to the corpse on the second floor and take it out for the dogs to eat. Such shamelessness, there is a limit!"

Qiuyue only smiled bitterly at his words.

They began heading towards the next closest treasure shortly after.

A few minutes later, they arrive at the location.

"This dog!"

Su Yang smashed the pill bottle in his hands immediately after digging it out of the ground— along with the white pill that was inside. It was another incomplete pill.

Qiuyue only shook her head at the results.

One… two… three… four… five… six pill bottles later.



Su Yang silently stared at the last pill bottle in his hands.

"Qiuyue," he suddenly called for her in a calm voice.

"W-What is it?" she replied, her voice a bit stiff.

"After thinking about it calmly, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what he did when he was still breathing, it would be disrespectful to take my anger out on a corpse."


"So instead, I will be taking it out on the Heavenly Emperor, his Master."


Qiuyue didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. Although she was also upset that they had wasted their time running around and digging up incomplete pills, she felt that it was worth it since she got to see Su Yang act so childish, a side of him that was very new to her.

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