Dual Cultivation

Chapter 118 Entering the Third Floor

Chapter 118 Entering the Third Floor

It's been four days since Su Yang and Qiuyue disappeared from the start of the bridge on the flying boat.

Many more experts have appeared since then, all waiting for the entrance to the third floor to appear. Amongst those experts, there was a few that decided to travel the bridge, not believing the warnings of those that warned them.

At this moment, the Cultivators that have been cultivating there silently since day one began opening their eyes one by one.

Other Cultivators quickly took notice of the change in the atmosphere and also paused their cultivation. Soon, everyone there had their eyes wide open in anticipation for the entrance to the third floor to appear.

"It's here!"

A few people shouted at the same time as the space before them started twisting in a swirling motion, quickly forming a portal in the shape of a whirlpool.

However, the people there did not immediately jump into the portal. They all stood there silently, almost as though they were waiting for something to emerge from the portal.

A few seconds later, from within the portal, a middle-aged man walked out in a casual manner. After the middle-aged man appeared from the portal, another individual came out— followed by even more people.

People continuously walked out from the portal for many minutes without stop. They were all individuals from the third floor that decided to return to the second floor, as the only path to the third floor is also the only way out.

Additionally, almost all of the people that came from the third floor are heavily injured, with either missing limbs or eyes, looking as though they just came back from a battlefield at war.

When the Cultivators from the second floor saw this scene, their complexions paled instantly, like they'd eaten something rotten by accident.

They all knew that the third floor was riddled with danger prior to coming here, even expecting to receive many injuries. But missing limbs? That's career-ending even for Cultivators at the Earth Spirit Realm!

Many people there began rethinking their decision to enter the third floor, fearing that the same that had happened to the people on the third floor might happen to them.

Almost everybody there was at the True Spirit Realm with a few at the peak of the Profound Spirit Realm. None of them could afford to become a cripple at their cultivation level, or their hopes of reaching the Earth Spirit Realm will become an impossible dream.

When the last person emerged from the portal, one of the Cultivators from the second floor stepped into the portal without any hesitation.

After the first one entered the portal, a few others quickly followed.

Although the third floor may be filled with danger that could easily turn anyone here into a cripple, the potential rewards are simply too enticing and alluring for many to give up, especially when they had to pay 25 spirit stones to enter this place.

In the end, more than half of the people there decided to dive into the third floor. As for those that refused to risk becoming a cripple and remained, they decided to stay on the second floor to search for possible treasures instead.

The people from the third floor only glanced at the people entering the portal. They did not even bother to stop or warn them, as the injuries on their body speak louder than any words.




Half an hour later, after the entrance to the third floor appeared, a wooden boat could be seen speeding towards its direction from a distance.

The wooden boat stopped directly on top of the portal, and after another moment, Su Yang jumped from the boat and landed directly in front of the door-sized whirlpool.

"How many floors do you think is inside of this Legacy Tomb?" Qiuyue asked him after retrieving the wooden boat back into her storage ring.

"Most Legacy Tombs created by Cultivators at the Divine Realm have at most 4 floors, as their Cultivation base cannot support any more than that," said Su Yang.

And he continued: "However, this Legacy Tomb was created with an inferior Spatial Space Device, so there should at most be 3 floors."

Spatial Space Devices are a type of Spiritual Treasure with a god-like ability that allows the holder to create their own world in another dimension without needing anything besides their own cultivation base.

However, besides being used as a mean to make Legacy Tombs, most Cultivators actually use Spatial Space Devices to create quiet and undisturbed places so that they can enter closed cultivation without worrying about being distracted by things in the outside world.

There are also Cultivators that wish to live in isolation and would rarely leave their world. Though, these type of individuals are mostly ancient Cultivators with unimaginably deep cultivation bases.

"You can tell the quality of a spatial space created by another individual without deactivating the Spatial Space Device first? How?" Feeling surprised, Qiuyue asked him.

"The entrance," Su Yang calmly replied. "Only inferior Spatial Space Devices lack the ability to create spatial spaces without requiring a physical entrance that connects the worlds together, such as the giant door. You will not see a physical entrance for Spatial Space Devices at higher qualities if the creator does not wish for one."

"I see…" Qiuyue nodded.

"Anyways, let's see what this dog for the Heavenly Emperor left for us on the third floor. Though, I wouldn't expect anything too grand from someone at his level."

After saying that, Su Yang walked into the whirlpool without even blinking his eyes.

"Dog for the Heavenly Emperor…" Qiuyue didn't know how to react to those words. However, she knew that if anyone at the Heavenly Order were to hear Su Yang's insulting name for them, they would surely chase him with raging expressions.

"Hopefully we don't run into anyone from the Heavenly Order once we return to the Four Divine Heavens, or else…" Qiuyue released a deep sigh before also stepping into the whirlpool.

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