Dual Cultivation

Chapter 117 Silver King Armor

Chapter 117 Silver King Armor

It has only been half an hour since Su Yang and Qiuyue started traversing the bridge yet they have already traveled over a million miles, taking what would take experts of this world many years of effort in mere minutes.

"I can see the end of this bridge," Qiuyue suddenly said.

A few seconds after Qiuyue said those words, the flying boat came to a sudden stop.

Su Yang stood up and jumped off the boat without any hesitations.

After landing, he tilted his head to look at the circular platform at the end of the bridge.

On this platform that was made of sparkling stones was a single jade altar. It gave off a divine aura, causing the atmosphere around it to feel majestic, almost as though the presence of a holy being was present.

In front of this jade altar, there was a figure clad in a set of cracked silver armor that emitted a sharp, bloodthirsty aura that could only be felt during wars. Anyone that saw the state of this worn-out armor would be able to tell the harsh abuse it had to suffer, perhaps even imagine it from the many holes and dents on the armor.

This figure was also in a kowtowing position, clearly worshipping what the altar represented.

Seeing this figure in silver armor, Su Yang's gaze flickered with a profound light.

"So I was right… this Han Xin was indeed a soldier from the Lower Order," he said, recognizing the silver armor at glance despite seeing only the back.

"..." Qiuyue silently looked at the kowtowing figure.

"I cannot sense any life from him," she said a moment later.

Su Yang did not say anything and walked up to Han Xin to get a better look at his face.

However, there was no face— only a skeleton head that has been affected by the passing of time. There are also large cracks on this skeleton head, indicating that Han Xin had suffered grave injuries to his head.

"Even in your final moments, you dedicate it to worshipping the Heavenly Emperor… How loyal… and foolish." Su Yang silently shook his head.

"From the head to the toes, this whole body is filled with injuries that could easily kill even someone at the Divine Realm," said Qiuyue after examining the skeleton with her Spiritual Sense.

Just what had happened to him? What did he encounter? Did he sustain these injuries after or before arriving in this world? Many questions appeared in Qiuyue's head.

Su Yang pointed to a few pitch black spots on the silver armor that seemed to have been burnt by something. "The name for this armor is called the Silver King Armor, and they are crafted by using the scales of a Silver Dragon— a type of dragon that is completely resistant against all types of fire elements."

"In the entire Four Divine Heavens, the only people capable of burning this armor and ignoring the Silver Dragons' resistance to fire are the people of the Asura God Clan. Their most infamous technique, Asura God Fire, is capable of burning everything under heavens, even Gods, hence why they are so feared by even the most divine of beings."

"The Asura God Clan… could he have received these injuries from the war between the Heavenly Emperor and the Asura God Clan?!" Qiuyue suddenly recalled the war.


Although Su Yang remained silent, his hands were tightly grasped into a fist, and the lights in his gaze were wavering from concern.

The emotions in his eyes and the worry on his face were so clearly written that even Qiuyue was able to see it at ease. However, she didn't know what to say that could possibly help him in this situation, as she has no clue why he was even worried.

"It is only logical to believe that this Han Xin had confronted someone from the Asura God Clan, causing him to suffer these injuries. However, there is nothing here that explains why he is currently here, nor does it give us any clues to returning to the Four Divine Heavens." Su Yang said after taking a moment to calm his emotions.

"As for the war between the Asura God Clan and the Heavenly Emperor… there will be countless casualties like this with even more crueler deaths— just like the first great war."

Su Yang then turned to look at the altar, and just like he'd expected, there was a jade medallion sitting on the altar.

This jade medallion is something only soldiers of the Heavenly Emperor are allowed to carry. It gives the holder countless honor and prestige as someone serving directly under the Heavenly Emperor— but even more— responsibilities.

Su Yang, without even blinking, snatched the jade medallion from the altar and threw it into his storage ring.

His actions quickly dumbfounded Qiuyue, who was worried that such audacious actions might envoke a lightning tribulation from the angry heavens.

"W-What do you plan on doing with that jade medallion? If someone catches you, who is not from any Heavenly Orders, especially someone from that very Heavenly Order, you will definitely be branded as a serious offender that dares to impersonate as one of them, and in the eyes of many, that is an offense worse than killing the innocent…"

After listening to her worries, Su Yang only showed a slight smile. "They should feel honored that I am willing to impersonate as one of them. Though it is still nothing compared to the other and worse offenses I have been hunted for," he said while laughing.

Qiuyue was speechless. What could he have possibly done that is worse than impersonating as someone from the Heavenly Order?

Suddenly, she recalled that Su Yang had been thrown into the Eternal Retribution Cliff for an eternity, so he definitely had done something to anger the Heavenly Emperor so much that he was thrown into a place where only the worst criminals in all Four Divine Heavens are sent.

For comparison, even the 'best' worst criminal in the Eternal Retribution Cliff was sent there after destroying many large cities and massacring millions of innocents solely for entertainment.

"Not only do you have connections the Asura God Clan, one of the most feared clans in the Four Divine Heavens, but you also… Aiya… You are more dangerous of a person than I'd expected…" Qiuyue sighed loudly.

"Hmm? Your mother really didn't tell you anything about me, huh?" Su Yang laughed even louder. "Indeed, I am not only a scoundrel but also a criminal hated by the Heavenly Emperor. If you do not feel safe around me, then you can always—"

"Don't even try to shove me away after all this— it is too late now!" Qiuyue interrupted with a serious expression. "I will follow you even if you turn out to be an Evil God!"

Su Yang looked at her with a slightly surprised expression. He then turned around and began walking back towards the direction of the bridge.

"Besides the worthless Silver King Armor that is too beaten up to even salvage, there is nothing else here. Let's go back," he said to her with a calm expression.

He then continued: "If you want, as long as we can return before the entrance to the third floor disappears, you can use your wooden boat this time."

Hearing his words, Qiuyue's eyes began sparkling with bright lights. "Really?" She then quickly retrieved the wooden boat and jumped onto it without wasting any time.

Su Yang only lightly smiled at her actions and followed her onboard.

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