Dual Cultivation

Chapter 116 Barely at Home, Always Disappearing for Days

Chapter 116 Barely at Home, Always Disappearing for Days

A single line of light flashed across the sky at a speed that was faster than even shooting stars.

The flying treasure was moving so fast that even Su Yang was unable to keep up with the scenery with his Cultivation base, making the world seem like a blurry mess.

"As expected of something made entirely out of Moon Jade, huh… What grade is this flying treasure?" Su Yang asked her.

"The peak of Empyrean-grade," Qiuyue calmly replied.

"If you had something like this, why did you use that wooden boat? We would've made it here to the Legacy Tomb in minutes instead of wasting days worth of time."

Su Yang shook his head.

Qiuyue remained silent, refusing to answer his question.

However, under the intensive gaze of Su Yang, she broke her silence a few moments later and spoke in a complaining tone: "Because we haven't spent much time together despite living under the same roof."

"You are barely at home, always disappearing for days. And when you finally decide to return, you would come back smelling like another woman!" Qiuyue spoke like a wife dealing with a cheating husband, causing Su Yang to become speechless.

"Do you have any idea how lonely I've been by myself for hundreds of years ever since I left home— No... since I was born? Do you have any idea how blissful and relieved I felt after meeting you?"

Qiuyue stared at Su Yang in the eyes with a serious expression.


Su Yang released a deep sigh inside his heart. Although he doesn't know much about her situation ever since he left the Sacred Moon Palace, he was aware of how much of a detained princess Qiuyue was during his stay at her home.

Not only was she confined inside the Sacred Moon Palace but even her interactions with other people insider her own home were strictly controlled by the Moon God. Her lifestyle was akin to a prisoner in jail but with a larger cell, one that could be considered a paradise in the eyes of countless people.

However, this was all to protect her unique bloodline that could easily be affected by the impurities of the world, especially at a young age, hence why even someone like Yuehai did not intervene despite her bitterness on the situation. And if it weren't for a few special circumstances that required her presence, then even Su Yang would not have been able to meet with her, much less get the chance to change her diapers.

"Then… what do you want from me?" Su Yang asked, feeling truly perplexed for the first time in a long time when dealing with a female.

"Can't you just… stay by my side... forever?" Qiuyue mumbled inside her head. Although she really wanted to say these words out loud, her status as his lover's daughter would not allow it. There was a wall as tall as Mount Tai between her and Su Yang that was preventing her from saying such words— that wall being her deceased mother, Yuehai.

"Nothing. I am just complaining to myself," Qiuyue finally said after a moment of silence. "Just continue loving my mother and I will be satisfied."


The place suddenly turned quiet. And despite the boat moving at a ridiculous speed, the wind did not make even the slightest noise nor touch them, almost as though besides Su Yang and Qiuyue, there existed nothing else in this world.

"Is that so…?" Su Yang continued to silently stare at Qiuyue with a calm expression, but deep inside, he was still pondering on how to deal with this situation.

Obviously, as someone with countless experience in such expertise, he has been aware of Qiuyue's feelings for him since as far back as when he was still living at the Sacred Moon Palace as a royal guest. However, there are many complicated reasons as to why he does cannot answer her feelings.

One such reason is also the same reason why Qiuyue does not dare to advance her relationship with him— Yuehai, her mother. While he has, on more than one occasion, experienced a mother and her daughter at the same time, his relationship with Yuehai and Qiuyue was vastly different.

As a matter of fact, he has been avoiding her on purpose just so their relationship does not surpass whatever they currently have.

He could always outright refuse her, but there are also reasons as to why he cannot do that.

"Aiya… Yuehai, because of what you said to me on that day, I am now in this situation. However, if she is anything like you, then sooner or later she will…" Su Yang sighed inwardly.

Meanwhile, the flying boat had already traveled tens of thousands of miles. The boat also passed many people on the bridge that did not believe the rumors of this bridge being fake despite the thousands of warnings from people that have already tried reaching the end of the bridge.

And as baffling as it might sound, there are actually still people on the bridge that have been there since its discovery, meaning that they have been treading this same bridge for months without giving up!

Though, the flying boat had long passed these people, traveling what had taken them months of effort in mere minutes.

Luckily, the bridge seems to be void of any danger, allowing these people to travel without having to worry about beasts suddenly appearing or activating traps that could potentially end their lives.

But with zero presence of danger, it doesn't mean that the Cultivators were allowed to move without being wary. Instead, feeling so safe in this place that was filled with danger in every corner was sketchy in itself and only increased their vigilance.

It should also be mentioned that if one were to jump off this bridge that was only a few dozens of meters off the ground, then they would mysteriously get teleported to the staircase that connected the first floor to the second floor.

This phenomenon gave many the courage to travel far on the bridge, as they could return to the starting point no matter how far they go without needing to spend the same amount of time traveling backtracking.

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