Dual Cultivation

Chapter 115 A Treasure Has Appeared!

Chapter 115 A Treasure Has Appeared!

After a little over three hours of continuous walking, Su Yang could finally see the entrance to the third floor.

Unlike the previous stairwell that connected the first floor with the second floor, the entrance to the third floor was a bit bizarre— if it could even be described as such.

From where Su Yang stood, he could see a long bridge that was stretched all the way into the horizons. It was so long that even he was unable to see the end with his Spiritual Sense.

"Can you see the end?" Su Yang asked Qiuyue.

Qiuyue narrowed her eyes at the direction the bridge extended towards, and after a few moments of silence, she finally shook her head.

"Even you cannot see the end?" Su Yang slightly lifted his eyebrows at the unexpected results.

With Qiuyue's Cultivation base at the Divine Realm, seeing a few hundred miles into the distance with her Spiritual Sense could be accomplished with ease, yet she was unable to see the end of this bridge.

Near the bridge, there was a large group of people gathered. However, none of them had their eyes opened and were all sitting on the ground in the lotus position, looking as though they are all cultivating.

Seeing this odd situation, Su Yang began pondering.

"Why are you all sitting here and cultivating?" One of the newcomers suddenly asked the cultivating group.

Without opening his eyes, one of the Cultivators said in a calm voice: "The bridge is only a distraction— a decoy that leads you nowhere. The real entrance to the third floor will reveal itself once every seven days for only an hour before disappearing again. It has only been three days since the last one."

The ones that had just arrived nodded their heads as they finally understood the situation.

"Thank you, fellow Daoist, for his guidance." They bowed to him.

The Cultivator only nodded his head before returning to focus on cultivating.

"What do you think?" Qiuyue asked Su Yang, who was still pondering with his gaze glued to the bridge.

Su Yang showed a slight smile and spoke: "There is no doubt that this bridge has an end. However, as for what is at the end of this bridge… even I do not know."

Qiuyue turned to look at him and said: "Want to find out? We still have four days before the 'real' entrance appears. If we use my flying treasure— the fastest one this time— we might be able to reach the end and come back in time for it to reveal itself."

"There are still four days before we can advance anywhere, right? We might as well check it out. Even if it turns out to be a waste of time, it's better than spending four days here." Su Yang said.

Qiuyue nodded in agreement, and immediately later, she retrieved a small, glowing object from her storage ring.

This object glittered slightly, seemed to be made out of some kind of transparent crystal, emitted an ancient aura that caused the surrounding space to tremble, and had the appearance of a boat that was similar to her wooden boat.

However, unlike her wooden boat that was made from a common material that could be found easily in the Four Divine Heavens, the materials that were used to create this masterpiece was a special type of crystal called 'Moon Jade' that could only be produced by the Sacred Moon Palace due to their unique location and methods. And it is said that Moon Jade are one of the lightest and durable types of jade in the entire Four Divine Heavens, even receiving great praises from the Heavenly Emperor himself.

"Moon Jade…" Su Yang was quite familiar with this material, as Qiuyue's mother, Yuehai, would always wear accessories made from such materials, enchanting her already glamorous beauty even further.

When the flying treasure appeared, its exquisite appearance and profound aura immediately attracted the attention of everybody there.

The Cultivators sitting in the lotus position stopped cultivating and opened their eyes after feeling the sudden change to the atmosphere, and even people in the distance stopped whatever they were doing to look at the glowing boat that was hovering a few meters in the air.

"A treasure… a treasure has appeared out of thin air!"

Because nobody had witnessed Qiuyue take out this flying treasure from her storage ring, everyone there came to the assumption that it was a treasure that belonged to the Immortal's Treasury.

Thus, people began speeding towards Su Yang and Qiuyue with red eyes and intimidating expressions like a bunch of maniacs in the middle of a great war.

"I am willing to fight to the death for that thing! Come try me if you dare!"

"Fuck your mother! To use such threats when we are all already risking our lives by being in this place!"

When Qiuyue saw how literally everyone within a three-mile radius was running towards her with the intent to take her flying treasure away, her brows furrowed, and a large amount of killing intent suddenly erupted from her small figure.

The moment Qiuyue released her killing intent, every moving figure came to a sudden halt. And three seconds later, half of them began falling to the ground unconscious.

After another three seconds had passed, those that had managed to remain conscious began coughing up blood, their faces pale from fear and shock.

"Hmph…" Qiuyue coldly snorted and jumped on the boat without even taking a look at the chaos she'd caused.

As for Su Yang, he only shook his head slightly. He then followed Qiuyue by jumping onto the boat.

A few seconds after they boarded the flying treasure that was also many times larger than the wooden boat, Qiuyue activated the flying treasure with her Cultivation base, causing it to glow even brighter. And in an unfathomable speed, they disappear from the scene before anybody there could even blink once.

"W-What happened just now?"

The people there finally came to their senses many minutes after Su Yang and Qiuyue left the place. However, they were still terrorized by the killing intent that lingered in the air, their legs still trembling nonstop.

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