Dual Cultivation

Chapter 114 Entering the Immortal's Treasury

Chapter 114 Entering the Immortal's Treasury

Before Su Yang and Qiuyue stood a majestic twin door that gave the impressions that they were made for giants.

Additionally, there was the word 'Heaven' clearly engraved on the left side of the door, while the right side had drawings of dragons and phoenixes, even humans, in what seems to be a kowtowing position, all facing the left door's 'Heaven'— or more precisely— the individual that was engraved sitting on top of the word 'Heaven'.

The majestic doors gave off a revering aura, almost as though it was made to glorify the individual that sat above 'Heaven'.

These doors would surely mesmerize the mortals of this world with ease, but in front of Su Yang and Qiuyue, these grand doors are as insignificant as any ordinary doors that could be found in the streets of the Four Divine Heavens.

\"What do you think?\" Qiuyue turned to look at Su Yang's pondering face. \"Was this individual a ruler?\"

\"The amount of reverence he has towards the person above the word 'Heaven', I can only assume that he was either an egoistic idiot or… someone who worked directly for the Heavenly Emperor.\"

\"You see these types of engraving on doors often in the Four Divine Heavens, especially at the homes of the Heavenly Emperor's personal army,\" said Su Yang.

\"Heavenly Emperor's personal army? Could it be someone from the Supreme Order?\"

Qiuyue was slightly shocked to hear that the creator of this Legacy Tomb could potentially belong to someone from Supreme Order, the most prestigious and powerful army in the Four Divine Heavens that works directly for the Heavenly Emperor.

In the Four Divine Heavens, any individual that belonged to the Supreme Order are like overlords that would only emerge during emergencies that may involve the Heavenly Emperor's safety, or when there are no other choices as the last resort.

However, despite being one of the most powerful armies in the universe, the actual number of experts that belonged to the Supreme Order could be counted with one hand.

\"The Supreme Order? Did you turn stupid from lacking cultivation? Any single one of them could easily travel the starry sky with their Cultivation base at will, much less leave this place. If such a profound figure really died here in this mortal world, then it would make the entire Supreme Order a laughingstock that cannot be taken seriously.\"

\"It is most likely someone from the Lower Order,\" Su Yang continued. \"Their Cultivation base are all around the Divine Realm, just like that Han Xin.\"

Even as Su Yang spoke, people continuously stepped through the majestic doors and into the Legacy Tomb—after taking their time admiring the Divine Doors, of course.

\"Let's head inside, it will tell us more about this individual,\" said Su Yang.

Qiuyue nodded, and the two started making their way towards the small gap between the Divine Doors.

Despite the majestic door that seemed to be made for giants, the door was only opened just enough so there was a small gap enough to allow two people to pass side by side.

However, even this small opening had caused the Su Family to put out tremendous efforts and resources.

As the two entered the crack in the Divine Doors, they could feel a divine feeling wrap around their bodies, almost as though there was an invisible force pulling them inside.

The thickness of the doors was at least a meter thick, so it had taken them more than one step to pass through the doors.

Once inside the Legacy Tomb, they were greeted by an empty cavern with nothing but countless blood splatters all over the place.

The place was completely dark with the only light being the sunlight that came from the outside world. If an ordinary person with no Cultivation base were to walk deeper into this void, they would definitely be forced to walk around as though they are blind, since their eyes are not capable of adapting to this type of darkness.

\"It is really empty here.\"

One of the newcomers said as he looked around with a curious gaze.

\"What did you expect? The first floor's been cleared out since many months ago, and the second floor will also look the same,\" said another individual.

It's been a whole year since the discovery of Han Xin's Legacy Tomb, and every nook and cranny of this place has been searched— at least for the first two floors.

\"I heard that this place was once filled with mysterious beasts that nobody has ever seen before at the True Spirit Realm when it was first discovered.\"

\"True Spirit Realm? This is only the first floor!\"

An individual at the Profound Spirit Realm expressed great shock upon hearing this information. If True Spirit Realm beasts appeared on this first floor, then what about the lower floors? Was there Earth Spirit Realm beasts on the second floor? Will he have to fight unknown entities at the Heavenly Spirit Realm once he reaches the third floor?

\"What? You actually dared to come here without knowing the danger that lurks in this dungeon that has had thousands of deaths since it was discovered? Are you an idiot or an idiot?\" A middle-aged man looked at him with wide eyes.

\"Hahaha… there are idiots like him all over the place, aren't there?\" Another individual laughed loudly.

\"Even a True Spirit Realm expert such as myself had to think for three days and nights straight before deciding to come here!\"

The Profound Spirit Realm Cultivator instantly turned silent. He wanted to turn around now that he's learned more about this place, but alas, he's already paid an atrocious entrance fee of 25 spirit stones.

Thus, he stood there like a stone statue, unsure of what he should do at this point.




\"What do you think?\" Su Yang spoke calmly. \"Can you see anything with your Spiritual Sense?\"

Although he was confident in his own Spiritual Sense, it still cannot be compared to Qiuyue's Cultivation base.

\"It's really empty here,\" Qiuyue confirmed that this place has indeed been looted clean.

\"Very well, let's head to the next floor.\"

They began walking towards the entrance to the next floor, and after half an hour, they reached a plain-looking staircase that spiraled downwards like some underground prison.

Along the way, they would encounter many stubborn individuals that are still sticking their heads into every hole they see in hopes to find something that might have been missed by others.

After walking downwards for ten minutes straight, the stairwell finally came to a stop.

Su Yang tilted his head to gaze at the impossible sight of white clouds and a blue sky that hung in the ceiling. And below the clear sky was a vast grassland with nothing but green grass and countless figures walking around with their eyes glued to the ground from where they stood to the horizon, looking like a bunch of farmers looking for a good harvest.

\"I-Impossible… When did we return to the surface when we've clearly been walking towards the Earth's core?\"

Many people that had just arrived at the second-floor expression great shock and profound confusion upon seeing the clear sky above their heads. What had happened? Why are they back to the surface?

\"Are we really back on the surface?\" One individual doubted that possibility after seeing the stairwell behind them.

\"How many of you here actually researched about this place before coming here?\" One of the calm experts said while shaking his head. \"We are still underground, this is just a phenomenon of the Immortal's Treasury— an illusion.\"

\"A-An illusion?\"

Some people there were having a hard time believing that this realistic scenery was only a mere illusion.

Just how profound was the Immortal that created this place to display such a grand illusion that defies all logic?

\"Anything here?\" Su Yang didn't even bat an eyelid at the unexpected scenery and ignored the rowdy crowd.

Qiuyue closed her eyes to scan the entire second floor with her Spiritual Sense, calmly shaking her head a moment later. \"There are a few things hidden on this floor, but they are all worthless trash to us.\"

Su Yang nodded after hearing her words. He then turned to face the east and began walking towards the sign that gave directions to the third floor, not even bothering to look for these 'trash'.

There was no reason for him to doubt Qiuyue's words, as he was already aware of these hidden objects before asking her. Additionally, from what he sensed with his Spiritual Sense, the quality of these objects are at most high-end Spirit-grade Spiritual Treasures, and in his eyes, they might as well be plastic toys for kids.

However, while these Spiritual Treasures hold no value in Su Yang or Qiuyue's eyes, they are all priceless treasures to the rest of this world, and any single one of them could easily cause a bloodbath.

Meanwhile, many others that have arrived on the second floor around the same time as Su Yang decided to look around this seemingly endless grassland with the same mindset as those that still remained on the first floor despite the slim chances of finding anything.

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