Dual Cultivation

Chapter 113 Recognition

Chapter 113 Recognition


A few young individuals stood behind a stall before the entrance to the enormous cave, each wearing servant robes with the surname 'Su' imprinted on them.

And resting behind them was an old man sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed, seemingly cultivating.

"How many people will be entering?" One of the servants asked the moment the next person appeared before him, who happened to be a handsome young man with breathtaking facial features.

When the servant first saw the young man standing before him, the image of an incredibly rich and handsome young master appeared in his head. However, once he noticed the symbols on the robe the young man was wearing, his face twisted with a well-hidden sense of disgust.

But alas, no matter how hard the servant tried to suppress his expression, the young man easily saw through it.

"A disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect?"

"Two," said the young man, who was cleary Su Yang.

"That will be 50 Spirit Stones," said the servant.


"He does not recognize me?" Su Yang purposefully appeared before the Su Family without any disguise in order to test them.

If he had any connections with the Su Family, then these servants should've recognized him easily.

However, there was not even the slightest recognition within the servant's gaze when looking at him, almost as though he has never seen him before.

"Perhaps it is only a coincidence that we share the same surname?" Su Yang pondered as he retrieved 50 spirit stones from his storage ring.

The servant accepted the 50 spirit stones and allowed entrance for Su Yang and Qiuyue, then no longer paid any more attention to them.

Su Yang glanced at the servant one more time before shrugging slightly, and he also no longer cared about his relationship with the Su Family and walked towards the depths of the cave.

However, when he approached the old man in the back, the old man's eyes slowly opened to stare at him wide eyes, seemingly surprised by something.

Su Yang instantly halted his steps and stared back at the old man with a calm gaze.

"Is there something on my face?" He asked the old man.

"Eh? N-No."

The old man clearly did not expect Su Yang to be so direct and was caught off guard.

"Hmm…? Have we met somewhere before?" Su Yang began approaching the old man even further. "I feel like I have seen you somewhere before."

The old man's eyes widened even more upon hearing Su Yang's doubtful words, even showing signs of anxiety.

"That's nothing surprising," said the old man, putting on a prideful expression. "Who in this Northern Region doesn't know my famous face?"

Su Yang looked at him for another moment before saying: "Now that I have a good look at your face, I am certain that I have never seen you before. I was mistaken. Goodbye."

Su Yang then turned around and walked deeper into the cave.

The old man stared at him with a dazed expression mixed with confusion.

"That old man sucks at acting," Qiuyue suddenly said. "Do you know him?"

Su Yang shook his head. "I do not know him but he definitely recognizes me."


"I did mention to you that the memories of this body are unclear— sealed, right?" said Su Yang.

"Un." Qiuyue nodded. "However, if it is only a memory-sealing technique at the level of this world, then I should be able to erase the seal on your memories easily."

Su Yang shook his head.

"I have no need for the memories of someone else," he said in a calm voice. "That's why I haven't even bothered with it after all this time. Even if I am by some chance related to that Su Family, I will not recognize them, nor will I accept them, as my connection with them had been severed the day I, 'Su Yang', came to this world."

"Un." Qiuyue nodded, no longer thinking about destroying the seal on his memories.

Meanwhile, the old man wiped the sweat off his forehead once Su Yang disappeared into the darkness.

"What the hell is he doing here? I thought for a moment that his memories had returned! Fuck! That nearly scared the soul out of me!" The old man cursed inwardly.

"However, I must now warn the family of his presence here in the Northern Region so that they will not mess up."

The old man looked at the servants at the entrance and thought to himself: "Luckily they are all new recruits that does not recognize him…"

A few moments later, the old man disappeared from the place.




Inside the Su Family's household.

"What did you just say? Su Yang has returned to the Northern Region?"

A middle-aged man with frightening facial features spoke in a serious-sounding voice.

"Indeed. He is currently inside the Divine Doors."

"The Divine Doors, huh."

After a moment of silence, the middle-aged man said: "Good. Ensure that no members of my Su Family that recognizes his face gets close to that place. We cannot risk him regaining his memories, as that will only lead to a disastrous future for the entire family."

"I understand, Lord Su."

The old man nodded.


The old man's expression suddenly stiffened.

"What is it?"

The middle-aged man looked at him with a frown.

"What should we do about the young lady? She is also currently exploring the Divine Doors with her Sect," said the old man.

"What did you say?! When did this happen?! And how come I have not heard of it until now!?!?"

The middle-aged man expressed great shock upon learning of this news, even looking on the verge of panicking.

"Get her out of there before they can meet each other! She is definitely the last person in this world I want meeting him!"

The old man nodded, before speeding back to the Divine Doors with his peak Earth Spirit Realm Cultivation base.

After the old man left, the middle-aged man sat back down in a collapsing motion, looking as though all the strength in his legs gave up on him.

"It has only been one short year since we sealed his memories and gave him to the Profound Blossom Sect, yet he's somehow managed to return to the soil of my Northern Region…" he sighed.

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