Dual Cultivation

Chapter 112 Asura God Clan

Chapter 112 Asura God Clan

The wooden boat shrunk back to its original size after Qiuyue flipped her palms, even flying straight into her grasp.

"Let's go."

Qiuyue began speeding towards the direction of the crowd like a gust of wind, followed by Su Yang.

In mere minutes, the two traversed tens of miles. And despite his vastly inferior Cultivation base, Su Yang managed to barely keep up with Qiuyue's speed as a Divine Lord Realm Cultivator.

Seeing his ridiculous speed, Qiuyue was slightly taken aback. What kind of godly movement technique is he using to keep up with her?

"Nine Astral Steps." As though he was able to read her thoughts, Su Yang answered her curiosity. "It was a gift from the Asura God Clan."

"The Asura God Clan?!" Qiuyue expressed great shock upon hearing its name, even feeling fearful just from the name alone.

"T-The most evil and dangerous group of individuals in the entire Four Divine Heavens? The only group in the Universe that dared to rebel against the Heavenly Emperor since the beginning of time? The same Asura God Clan that nearly destroyed one of the four Divine Heavens? That Asura God Clan?!?!" Qiuyue nearly tripped on a tree branch when she found out that Su Yang might be affiliated with one of the most dangerous organizations in the Universe.

Forget about her Sacred Moon Palace that could barely qualify itself as a top Clan within the Four Divine Heavens, even the Heavenly Emperor would experience countless headaches just from hearing the name 'Asura God Clan'.

"Indeed, I am speaking of that Asura God Clan," Su Yang confirmed with a casual nod of his head.

"U-Unbelievable…" Qiuyue mumbled.

"Well, one thing led to another and I became familiar with them. Their infamy are a bit exaggerated, but they are not that bad once you get to know them personally."

"Get to know them personally? Many people wouldn't even have the courage to look at them, much less speak to them." Qiuyue shook her head at such an impossible thought.

"Ah, speaking of the Asura God Clan… I heard that they declared for another war with the Heavenly Emperor," said Qiuyue after recalling hearing something like that during her escape from the Sacred Moon Palace.


It was Su Yang's turn to be shocked.

"When did that happen? And why?" he asked her with an anxious expression.

"It happened shortly after your death, I think. As for why… I don't have a clue," she shook her head. Because she was too busy running away from the Sacred Moon Palace, there was no time for her to fully undersythe situation.

"It can't be…" Su Yang suddenly looked enlightened, almost as though he understood something complicated.

He stopped moving, and he lifted his head to gaze at the clear sky with a profound gaze filled with worry. However, there was nothing he could do here.

"There is no point in stressing over something that happened hundreds of years ago now— I can only wait until I return to the Four Divine Heavens and face the outcome then." Su Yang sighed inwardly.

"Father…?" Qiuyue looked at him with a puzzled expression. Why does he seemed worried about the Asura God Clan declaring war with the Heaven Emperor? Could their relationship be deeper than she'd expected?

"Let's go." Su Yang said.

"Un." Qiuyue nodded.

A few more minutes later, Su Yang and Qiuyue stopped a few meters away from an enormous cave with thousands of people gathered before the entrance.

"This is…"

Qiuyue was slightly surprised to see the cave, as her Spiritual Sense only sensed these people with nothing on the cave that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"This is a Legacy Tomb," said Su Yang after a glance at the phenomenal view. "This could be the Divine Doors."

"Let's get closer."

Su Yang and Qiuyue then blended with the crowd, eavesdropping their surroundings.

"Did you hear? The Su Family recently discover a Heaven-grade Cultivation technique from the 3rd floor."

"How envious."

"Not only do they have control over this place because it's in their territory but they also get a percentage of everyone's share. They must be laughing in riches by now."

"While it is within the Su Family's territory, the other three Great Families also have a share— albeit smaller than the Su Family's."

"Hahaha. Serves these greedy bastards that tried to hog the entire place for themselves right. If the other three Great Family didn't complain to the Xie Dynasty, we might not even get the chance to go inside today!"

"Ultimately, it is the Xie Dynasty that truly controls the Divine Doors. They only passed the rights to the Su Family to take control because it is located on their land."

"Right, right."

"The Su Family, huh."

Su Yang recalled that the Su Family ruled the Northern Region. Although he wasn't sure if he has connections to this Su Family, he was intrigued by the possibility that they might have something to do with why the previous Su Yang had no memories prior to joining the Profound Blossom Sect.

"We are in the right place," said Qiuyue.

"Un." Su Yang nodded.

"Should I force our way through this crowd?" she asked him in a nonchalant voice.

"There is no need. I'd like to gather more information before we head inside," he replied.

"I understand."

After listening for a few more minutes, it seemed that in order to enter the Divine Doors, one must pay a hefty fee of twenty five Spirit Stones to the Su Family before entering.

Such a price was outrageous in the eyes of many, especially as an entrance fee, but because there seemed to be many previous and never-seen-before treasures inside, they were willing to sacrifice a large sum of Spirit Stones for a chance to discover something like a Heaven-grade Cultivation technique that was recently found by the Su Family, which is easily worth thousands of Spirit Stones and highly demanded by many profound Sects and Cultivation clans in the Cultivation world.

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