Dual Cultivation

Chapter 108 Lecture

Chapter 108 Lecture

Liu Lanzhi didn't know how to react to his proposal. Normally, she'd happily cultivate with someone as strong and handsome as him, but she couldn't help but feel fearful of him, as he was just too profound and mysterious, causing her to have an inferiority complex when in his presence.

"Do you have any idea what you are talking about? I do not mean any offense, but how can a normal Cultivator like you teach me how to Cultivate?" she said to him in a doubtful tone.

"Hmm? Are you implying that I do not know how to dual Cultivate?" Su Yang said with a frown. "I will have you know that I have my fair share of experience!"

"Eh? You do?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a look of surprise, since he doesn't give the image of someone who would have experience in dual Cultivation. But that was to be expected of the Heavenly Emperor's appearance.

"Just say so if you do not want to cultivate. Give me a few minutes to prepare, I will go write down the techniques for you now," said Su Yang as he turned to leave.

"Wait! Who said I don't want to cultivate?" Liu Lanzhi said out loud. "I just wanted to make sure that you know what you are doing, or it'll only cause harm to both of us!"

"Understandable," he nodded.

"But I will still have to write the techniques down before we start since you will need to an idea of the techniques before I show them to you."

Su Yang then left the room to prepare a few things, returning a few minutes later with two scrolls in his hand.

"I will give you some time to go through them before we start," he said, throwing the techniques into her hand.


Liu Lanzhi caught the scrolls with a terrified expression. How could he treat Heaven-grade Cultivation techniques as though they are nothing worthy, even carelessly throwing them in the air like that?

"This is a Heaven-grade Cultivation technique… And there's even two of them…" she stared at the two scrolls in her hands with a dazed look, feeling as though she was in a dream.

Her hands were even trembling slightly from the near non-existent weight.

Although the Heaven-grade Cultivation techniques are as worthless as toilet paper in Su Yang's eyes, Liu Lanzhi saw them as two priceless treasures because the highest grade within the Sect currently was a mere Earth-grade Cultivation technique, one tier below the Heaven-grade.

The Profound Blossom Sect was at most a low-tier Sect because of its small numbers of disciples and small heritage in Cultivation techniques, but now that they have these two Heaven-grade Cultivation techniques, they are qualified to be called a middle-tier Sect.

"You look like you have never seen a Heaven-grade Cultivation technique before…" Su Yang chuckled at her reaction.

"There is nothing wrong about that," she refuted. "Heaven-grade techniques are extremely rare and only below the legendary Immortal-grade techniques, so it is only natural that I have never seen one before, much less hold one in my hands!"

"If you behave well, then you might get to see one of these 'legendary' Immortal-grade techniques one day, perhaps even holding one in your grasp," said Su Yang with a slight smile.

"What?" Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with shock from his words.

From his words alone, she was able to guess that there was an Immortal-grade technique in his possession. However, for him to have something so valuable, he must be some big figure for a massive Sect.

This sudden find had caused Liu Lanzhi to be speechless. Just how powerful and profound was the background of this temporary Patriarch for her Sect?

"Anyway, I do not have much time. Hurry up and read it so I can start my lecture," said Su Yang.

Liu Lanzhi nodded, and she opened one of the scrolls to begin reading.

A couple of minutes later, she placed the scroll down, and on her face was a bewildered expression.

She then looked at Su Yang with an odd light in her gaze.

Just one quick glance at the Heaven-grade technique had reduced her to be speechless and awestruck by its contents that gave an impression that it was truly a technique made by the mighty Heavens.

Not only is this Heaven-grade technique a direct upgrade to the Sect's current best Cultivation technique, but it even surpasses the old technique by many folds in terms of strength and efficiency!

"With this Heaven-grade technique, our Profound Blossom Sect will no longer have to face ridicule at the Regional Tournament!" she mumbled in pure excitement.

"The Regional Tournament…"

Although Su Yang had already planned on attending this tournament, he decided to prioritize the Divine Doors first. Though, the tournament would not start until another half a year, so he has plenty of time to explore the Divine Doors without missing out on the tournament.

After taking a few moments to calm herself, Liu Lanzhi moved onto the next Heaven-grade technique.

"This is…" Liu Lanzhi stopped reading the scroll to look at Su Yang with wide eyes. "A-Are you sure that this is only a Heaven-grade technique…? Although I have never seen one until today, I have heard about them, and this one… it is clearly more profound than the first Heaven-grade technique…"

"It is a Heaven-grade technique," he confirmed and continued with a smile. "But only because it slightly missed the mark to qualify as an Immortal-grade technique."

"I... I… How am I— this Sect suppose to repay you for these two Heaven-grade techniques?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a worried expression. Even if she were to give him the entire Sect as a payment, the amount still wouldn't amount to even half of one of the two Heaven-grade technique's real value.

"Although you are not aware, the payment has already been paid," said Su Yang with a mysterious smile, his body still feeling the powerful energy from consuming the Root of Vitality.

"Now that you have somewhat of an understanding for the techniques, why don't we start the lecture?" Su Yang began approaching Liu Lanzhi with small steps, and Liu Lanzhi started loosening her robes without any instructions, her body heating up with a type of anticipation that she has never felt before.

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