Dual Cultivation

Chapter 109 Overflowing Yang Qi

Chapter 109 Overflowing Yang Qi

After undressing herself, Liu Lanzhi sat on the bed with her gaze on Su Yang, who was slowly approaching her.

"Your body seems frustrated, why is that?" Su Yang suddenly asked her, dumbfounding her.

"I…" Liu Lanzhi didn't know how to respond. She didn't want to say that it was because of a disciple, and how he'd made the requirements to satisfy her body much stricter, causing her to not being able to relieve herself for the past few days.

"You don't have to tell me, I was just talking to myself," Su Yang said as he feasted upon her body with his eyes.

The last time he saw her captivating body, it was in a dimly lit room, and the atmosphere was entirely different.

He then removed his clothing, revealing to her his flawlessly refined muscles and handsome body.

Although he has the Heavenly Emperor's face, he didn't have his body structure, as there was no way he'd know what the Heavenly Emperor's body looked like, hence why he decided to use his own body— his mature body when he was still an Immortal to be precise.

When Liu Lanzhi saw the body for the first time, her eyes widened with shock. She has cultivated with many powerful Cultivators before, but this is her first time seeing such a perfect body.

"Are you even human?" she couldn't help but ask with a dazed voice.

"What else do I look like?"


Liu Lanzhi became speechless, and her hands suddenly start feeling itchy, wishing to caress the divine body before her very eyes.

"Start reciting the technique meant for females," Su Yang said.

"Huh?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a puzzled look.

Su Yang frowned and said: "Have you forgotten the purpose of all of this already? This is a lecture!"

He then spread her legs apart, unveiling a pink vagina that was slightly wet.

"I haven't even done anything and you're already this lustful?"

"I can't help it!" she said with a reddened face. "I haven't been able to relieve myself properly for the past few days!"

"The Matriarch can't relieve herself? You disciples will cry if they find out," said Su Yang with a smile.

"This is all that damned Su Yang fault!" Liu Lanzhi shouted inwardly, silently cursing him.

If she knew the person before her was exactly the person she was cursing at, who knows how she will react.

"If you're already this wet, then there is no need for foreplay," he said. "Start reciting the technique."

Liu Lanzhi nodded and closed her eyes, and she began reciting the Heaven-grade technique began in her head.

A few seconds later, Liu Lanzhi felt something big and stiff enter her sweet spot, and her body trembled with a tingling sensation she has been longing for ever since her quick session at the Examination Hall with Su Yang.

Liu Lanzhi's mind instantly went blank, and her eyes snapped open.

"Aaaahh!" She released a blissful moan, her gaze at Su Yang filled with passion.

"T-This is!"

Liu Lanzhi was worried at first that her body wouldn't be satisfied by this new Patriarch's techniques just like the previous Patriarch, but just a single thrust from him had changed her mind entirely.

"W-Why did you stop?" she suddenly asked him, who randomly stopped moving, her voice with a hint of desperation.

"Because you stopped reciting," he said calmly. "If you stop, then I will also stop, as there's no point if the lecture stops."


Hearing his words, Liu Lanzhi showed a bitter smile, and she obediently closed her eyes, feeling somewhat disappointed that this was only a lecture.

"Ahhh… Aaahhh…"

However, to cultivate while feeling this pleasurable was a challenge in itself even for someone as experienced as her. This is why Su Yang purposefully lowered the intensity of his techniques, so not only will she be able to focus on cultivating but his identity will also remain hidden, since if he cultivated with her the same way he did during the Inner Court assessment, then his identity would be exposed immediately.

But alas, even when Su Yang lowered the pleasure she felt, Liu Lanzhi was still having trouble cultivating under such conditions, especially when her body has been craving for satisfaction for so long.

In her mind, this was actually more of a torture than anything else because she was not allowed to fully experience the pleasure. It was akin to eating a great meal but not being able to eat anything else besides what is put into her own bowl, or else the entire meal would be gone entirely.

However, despite these limitations, Liu Lanzhi was still feeling blissful that her body would finally have some alleviation after so many days of frustration.




Time quickly passed, and before Liu Lanzhi was aware, many hours had passed since the beginning of the lecture.

During this time, Liu Lanzhi had recited the Heaven-grade technique four times, and her proficiency with the technique greatly improved with each attempt.

However, during these four reciting, there was one part of the technique that she wasn't able to utilize, and that was the final parts of the technique where she has to absorb the Yang Qi in her body. But without Su Yang releasing his Yang Qi into her, there was nothing for her to absorb.

"This should be enough…" Su Yang though to himself after noticing how she was more relaxed and calm than when they started.

"Recite it one more time, and it will be the last," he said to her.

Liu Lanzhi instantly became expectant, and she began reciting the technique for the fifth time.

An hour later, when Liu Lanzhi was near the end of the technique, Su Yang said: "This will take you a while to absorb, but make sure you absorb all of it."

Suddenly, a large amount of Yang Qi surged into her body like a broken dam.

"T-This is so much!" Liu Lanzhi exclaimed in a shocked voice when she felt her womb expanding from the overflowing Yang Qi.

"What is this Yang Qi?! It's so vigorous!" she was also baffled by the quality of Su Yang's Yang Qi that has surpassed even her imaginations.

"Is this the Yang Qi of a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert?" she couldn't help but be shocked when there was a good chance that he was a Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivator, as they are top experts in this world!

And for her, a mere Earth Spirit Realm expert, to cultivate with a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert was like a dream come true!

"Take your time absorbing it," said Su Yang as he retrieved his dragon from her world that was now a vast white sea. "I will be taking my leave now."


Liu Lanzhi didn't even notice when Su Yang left the room because she was too occupied with absorbing the extraordinarily powerful Yang Qi in her body.




Once he left Liu Lanzhi's room, Su Yang went to clean himself in the Patriarch's room, before returning to his own living quarter.

However, he did not stay inside for long, as he left almost immediately after reverting back to his normal appearance.

When he left, he started walking towards the direction of the Medicine Hall.

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