Dual Cultivation

Chapter 107 He Said Get Lost!

Chapter 107 He Said Get Lost!

Before Su Yang had recovered the memories of his past life as an Immortal, he fancied an Outer Court disciple named Xing Xing, who at that time already had a partner named Yan Ming, yet he still decided to approach her with the intent to court her.

However, when Su Yang confessed his love to Xing Xing, she only stared at him with a disgusted face, looking as though she was seeing something filthy.

And then there was her partner, Yan Ming, who upon learning that his girl had been approached by the mentally challenged Su Yang, flew into a rage and sought him to mend his anger.

However, knowing that Su Yang was a huge coward and would not dare to fight him, Yan Ming decided to lure Su Yang into fighting by telling him that if he won a fight against him that he would let him have Xing Xing, and the naive Su Yang happily agreed to fight him.

After toying with Su Yang like he was an ant for a few minutes during their unofficial deathmatch, Yan Ming finally decided that he had enough with him and gave him the killing blow.

However, whether it was by luck or fate, Yan Ming had narrowly missed Su Yang's heart by a hair's width.

During that moment, Su Yang learned how it felt to be at death's door and experienced true despair, causing his mind to snap and lose consciousness.

A few moments later, his eyes reopened. However, his gaze was no longer the same as just a few seconds ago, and the aura he emitted changed entirely, almost as though he became a different person.

"I remember very clearly…" Su Yang showed Xing Xing a mysterious smile. "The expression of disgust that hung on your face as I mustered all the courage I had in my body to confess to you…"

Su Yang could still feel the strong determination the previous Su Yang had felt when he confessed to her, which was the only thing he could smile about.

Hearing his words, Xing Xing's eyes widened, and her complexion instantly paled.

"W-Wait! I-it has to be a misunderstanding! I was indeed flustered by your sudden confession, but I really didn't—"

"Enough." Su Yang calmly interrupted her. "It was also you who told Yan Ming about it, even telling him to take care of me for ruining your face in public by confessing to you, right?"


Xing Xing looked at Su Yang like she was looking at a ghost. This is the Su Yang that had confessed to her? Why does he feel like a different person? Compared to the Su Yang on that day, the current Su Yang was more sharp and domineering, like a heavenly sword. Even his tone when speaking to her was calm and clear, unlike the shaky and bashful voice she heard during the confession!

"There are only two things I hate more than seeing someone trample on another's genuine feeling towards them," said Su Yang in a cold voice. "Get out of my sight and never approach me again."

Feeling the ruthless aura emitted by Su Yang, all the blood in Xing Xing's body drained, causing her complexion to look as white as a sheet.

However, she still didn't turn to leave even after all that, only standing there with a pitiful face.

"P-Please, Su Yang… I am telling you that it is not what you think…" she begged him with tears in her eyes.


Su Yang remained silent and did not say another word to her despite her pleading. He has seen this pity-begging face from 'innocent' people too many times in his life.

"Su Yang! I am telling you—"

Xing Xing still wasn't willing to give up, clearly adamant on becoming his partner.

But alas, before she could even say another word, a voice filled with anger thundered inside her head, causing her mind to nearly black out from shock.

"He said get lost, you ignorant slut!" Qiuyue's annoyed voice caused Xing Xing to stagger backward, looking as though she was drunk.

"Who?!" Xing Xing looked around in confusion. Who was that voice just now?

Seeing her weird actions, Su Yang glanced at his room with the corner of his eyes, wondering if Qiuyue was the cause of this.

"What a waste of time…" Su Yang shook his head and returned inside the house.


Unwilling to listen to her fart any longer, Su Yang closed the door on her and went back into his room, looking as if nothing just happened.


Xing Xing stared at the closed door with a dazed expression. She still couldn't believe what had just happened. Since when was Su Yang such a ruthless and cold-hearted man? He basically treated her as though she was nothing but empty air!

And a little later, she left the place while stomping her feet in anger.




"Who was that?" Qiuyue asked him, acting as though she wasn't paying attention to them just now.

"I don't know her," he shook his head.

"Do you really think I will believe that?"

"The Su Yang without my current memories knew her but I personally do not," he said.

Qiuyue quickly turned silent, feeling convinced.

"Anyways, I will be leaving now to prepare and will be gone for a few days," said Su Yang as he threw an Appearance Reforming Pill into his mouth, transforming into the Heavenly Emperor's appearance.

Qiuyue instantly frowned the moment she saw the Heavenly Emperor's face, still feeling uncomfortable with his face around.

Su Yang then changed into the Profound Blossom Sect Patriarch's robes, before leaving for the Yin Yang Pavilion.

Once he'd arrived at the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang entered his room on the second floor through the windows.

He then proceeded to head to the third floor, where Liu Lanzhi was quietly reading scrolls by herself.

"I'm coming in."

"Huh?" Liu Lanzhi could barely react before the door to her room opened, and Su Yang casually walked inside, treating her room as though it was his own.

When Liu Lanzhi noticed the sharp face standing before her, her eyes widened with surprise. "S-Senior!"

Although she didn't know his reason for appearing before her, Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but feel nervous. It was as though just his mere presence would send her into a panicking mode.

"Can't you at least give me some time to answer before you barge into my room next time? What if I was in the middle of something?" she said to him in a voice that sounded more like she was asking him politely than telling him.

"Hmm? What kind of things?" Su Yang feigned his ignorance and asked her.

"T-That… What else would a lady in this kind of Sect do in her room beside Cultivate?" Liu Lanzhi decided to tell him straight without being bashful about it, as she was mature enough to not blush about such things.

Su Yang smiled at her words, and he said: "I came in because I knew you were alone. Anyway, I am here to let you know that I will be gone for a while, so you do not waste time looking for me."

"How long will you be gone?" she asked him, purposefully avoiding to ask him where he will be going.

"Who knows. I might be back in a few days, or I might be back in a few weeks."

Su Yang couldn't tell her because even he can't tell how long he'll be gone for this time.

"I see…"

Liu Lanzhi was curious but she managed to control her curiosity, and she continued: "Stay safe."

"Hoh? You are concerned about me?" Su Yang smiled.

"Naturally!" she quickly replied. "Even if you are only temporary, you are still the Patriarch! It will be troublesome if you were to disappear before I can find your replacement."

"Hmmm…" Su Yang looked as though he was pondering something. "Then how about this? Just in case I might never come back, I will enlighten the Sect with a few Cultivation techniques."

"You will what?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a dumbfounded expression, wondering if she'd heard him properly.

"Have you forgotten already? Even if I am only temporary, while I am the Patriarch, I will take care of this Sect as though it is my own," he said. "Therefore, I will give you a few Cultivation techniques that will help this place grow."


Still dazed, Liu Lanzhi mumbled: "Are you serious about this?"

"Of course." He nodded.

Although Su Yang didn't tell her this, the biggest reason as to why he was giving her Cultivation techniques was because he'd taken the Root of Vitality from the Chamber of Embrace without telling her, and because of that, the Chamber of Embrace will soon lose its profound effects.

And not wanting to be a complete asshole, Su Yang decided to compensate the Sect's lost with a few Cultivation techniques that will definitely benefit the Sect more than the Chamber of Embrace.

"Now here's the thing," he continued. "I can teach you the Cultivation techniques through writings, or I can teach it to your body directly."

"Eh?" Liu Lanzhi stared at him with wide eyes, not daring to believe her ears.

"W-What do you mean by that?" she asked him with a trembling voice.

"If I have to give a Cultivation technique, I will naturally give something that will be suitable for the Sect," he said. "I have two Heaven-grade techniques, one for the male disciples and one for the female disciples. I can write down the techniques in a piece of paper, or I can teach it to you directly. I suggest the latter since it gives you a better understanding through your experience with it."


Liu Lanzhi continued to stare at him with disbelief on her beautiful face, clearly confounded by his words.

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