Dual Cultivation

Chapter 106 An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 106 An Unexpected Visitor

After leaving the Disciplinary Office, Su Yang went back to his living quarters.

When he arrived inside his room, Qiuyue was sitting on his bed in the lotus position with her eyes closed, seemingly immersed in her cultivation.

Not wanting to disturb her, Su Yang decided to go to the other room where Tang Hu used to stay and cultivate the Root of Vitality he'd retrieved at the Chamber of Embrace.

When Lu Lifen had fallen asleep after two days of rough cultivation, that was when Su Yang retrieved the Root of Vitality.

This was also the reason why Liu Lanzhi felt that something was amiss about the Chamber of Embrace when she entered to check on Lu Lifen; it was because the Root of Vitality had been taken by Su Yang.

Although it may take some time to notice the aftereffects, the Chamber of Embrace will slowly lose its profound effects, eventually turning into a normal cave without the Root of Vitality's magical effects.

Su Yang retrieved the Root of Vitality from his storage ring, and a single fist-size root appeared in his grasp.

The Root of Vitality was a single long root, and it looked just like any normal root but dark red in color, looking like it had been covered in blood. Additionally, normal sizes for Root of Vitality are usually as long as a middle finger, but the one in Su Yang's grasp was as long as two middle fingers, doubling in size!

"Although it is indeed larger than normal, it is still vastly inferior to the Pure Yang Flower in terms of its Profound Qi. However, it makes up for that in Elemental Qi, far surpassing the Pure Yang Flower in terms of Yang Qi."

This meant that while the Root of Vitality may not boost his Cultivation base as crazy as the Pure Yang Flower, it has more advantages for his Yang Qi. In other words, his Yang Qi will see a significant boost in quality but his Cultivation base will barely increase.

However, this also meant that Su Yang's partners would benefit from his Yang Qi more than the individual himself, as his partners are the ones directly cultivating it.

Su Yang retrieved a herb grinder from somewhere and started smashing the Root of Vitality into tiny pieces until it turned into a bunch of crimson powder.

A few moments later, he poured the red powder into a small cup of cold water, before downing the entire cup in one gulp.

Immediately after the water entered his stomach, Su Yang could feel his body burning like a water boiler.

His face flushed in redness, and his skin also showed similar reactions.

However, despite the painful-looking appearance, there wasn't even an ounce of pain in his body. Instead, it felt like basking in the afternoon sun, pleasant and relaxing.

Su Yang closed his eyes and sat down in the lotus position to meditate, his expression calm.

Time peacefully passed, and when Su Yang reopened his eyes again, an entire day had already gone by since he started cultivating.

He looked at the progress he made from consuming the Root of Vitality.

"My Yang Qi is now at least four times more vigorous than before… Not bad," he nodded in satisfaction.

If one were to compare Su Yang's Yang Qi with someone at the Heaven Spirit Realm, then Su Yang would definitely win without any competition. This meant that if someone were to cultivate with him, then she'd be essentially cultivating with someone at the Heaven Spirit Realm.

Unlike normal Cultivators that depend on Profound Qi to cultivate, dual Cultivators mostly cultivate Elemental Qi such as Yin and Yang Qi that is purer than Profound Qi, which is why they tend to grow faster.

However, there was one downside to cultivating with Elemental Qi— the foundation of dual Cultivators would not be as stable as normal Cultivators because Profound Qi are generally stronger than Elemental Qi in terms of prowess, hence why they are usually weaker than normal Cultivators despite their higher Cultivation base.

As for Su Yang, who Cultivated both Profound Qi and Elemental Qi at the same time as a Body Refiner and Qi Refiner, his foundation was extremely solid, not to mention his vast experience as an Immortal that once soared the Heavens with no fear towards anything. In addition to his superior techniques, this is why he has the ability to fight even Cultivators that are an entire realm higher than him.




After organizing himself, Su Yang went to check on Qiuyue to see whether or not she was done with her cultivation.

When he entered the room, a pair of silver eyes glared at him intensively, looking like two graceful moons bearing down on him.

"You smell," Qiuyue said to him with a frown the moment he walked inside the room.

With shrugged shoulders, Su Yang spoke: "I just finished cultivating."

He then walked into the bathroom that was in the corner of the room to clean himself. A few minutes later, he returned with a refreshed expression and a new set of green robes.

"I see that you've also made progress to your Cultivation," Su Yang said to Qiuyue the moment he came outside. "Did you finish absorbing the Extreme Yin Flower?"

She nodded, but her expression was not a proud one. "I barely made it to the fourth level of the Divine Lord Realm after absorbing the whole thing. At this rate, I won't reach the fifth level for another hundred years..." she sighed.

"Don't forget to balance out the Elemental Qi within the Extreme Yin Flower with Profound Qi; it will hurt you in the long run because you are not a dual Cultivator," he reminded her.

Normal Cultivators like Qiuyue would cultivate both Elemental Qi and Profound Qi to maximize their potential, but if they absorb too much Elemental Qi and lack Profound Qi, then the results may be harmful to them, even hindering their future cultivation.

In reality, there isn't much difference between dual Cultivators and normal Cultivators, as they both cultivate both Profound Qi and Elemental Qi. It's just that dual Cultivators would have to put much more efforts into balancing their Profound Qi and Elemental Qi ratio because they absorb far more Elemental Qi than normal Cultivators, and many people find that too bothersome and would rather just focus on increasing their Cultivation bases and ignoring their combat prowess.

"As for your Cultivation base, just increase it as much as you can before we return to the Four Divine Heavens," said Su Yang.

"Speaking of the Four Divine Heavens, I may have found a lead for our return," he added.

"What did you say?" Qiuyue looked at him with a surprised expression.

How did he manage to find such information in such a short time when she couldn't find even the smallest trail after searching for hundreds of years?

"It was an unexpected find, but have you heard of a place called 'Divine Doors'?"

"No," she shook her head.

The Divine Doors was found only the beginning of this year, so it wasn't unnatural for Qiuyue , who stayed in the Holy Central Continent for the majority of the time, to be unaware of the place, especially when it is nearly impossible for the Eastern Continent to spread words across the Jade Sea without expending a large number of resources.

"From what I've heard, this Divine Door seems to be a Legacy Tomb."

"There's actually a Legacy Tomb in this world?" Qiuyue looked dazed.

In this newly born world, someone actually had the resource and knowledge to create a Legacy Tomb, something that even the people in the Four Divine Heavens would be excited about?

"Have you heard of someone named Han Xin?" Su Yang then asked her about this supposed legend.

"The Immortal Han Xin? I have read about him in a few ancient books," she said. "Was this Legacy Tomb created by him?"

Su Yang nodded. "Most likely."

"What do you want to do now? Should we go there to take a look?" she asked him.

"Naturally. This is our only lead right now, and who knows when we will find another one?"

"When do we set out?"

"In a few days. I have to prepare a few things before we can leave," said Su Yang.

"I understand." Qiuyue nodded. "By the way… are you going to do something about that person that has been fidgeting around in front of our house for some time now?" she asked him.

Su Yang raised an eyebrow at her question. He then used his Spiritual Sense to look at the front of the house, and standing in front of his house was a young lady with an anxious expression on her face, looking as though she was having trouble deciding whether she should knock on the door or not.


Although it took some time, Su Yang recognized that pretty-looking face.

After another moment, the pretty young lady finally became resolute, and her fists gently knocked on the door.

"Ummm… Is senior apprentice-brother Su inside?" she called for him, her voice shaky.

A few seconds later, the door opened, and Su Yang appeared before her.

"How may I help you?"

"S-Su Yang! Do you remember me?"

"Hmm… I recently bumped my head really hard, so my memories are a bit foggy at this moment. I'm sorry," he said to her in a genuine-sounding voice.

"T-That's horrible! Are you okay?" The pretty young lady showed a worried expression, and she continued: "It's me, Outer Court disciple Xing Xing! You came to me last month asking to be my partner, right?"

Su Yang smiled at her words, and he nodded. "Oh, right! I remember now!"

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