Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2731 - The Royal Dignity is Inviolable

The Royal Dignity is Inviolable

Jiang Chen’s eyes were as cold as ice. The elder was indeed another bastard from the Wolf Clan as he acted like Luo Binsi. They both would do anything in order to cultivate themselves. However, this soul was more terrifying than Luo Binsi. Moreover, it’s not a soul of someone from the Divine Tomb, but from the Divine world. The Emperor realm souls in the Divine Tomb normally were very weak and their past mightiness had already disappeared.

“The Imperial Beast Clan must die without doubt. So you must stay here and become a slave for my people forever!”

Luo Jing looked at Yu Tianfeng and said dismissively.

“Even if I die, I won’t just stand by and let you kill me. Why would the Imperial Beast Clan become a slave of your despicable clan? Humph. So what even though you are a soul of an Emperor expert? My clan has been specialised in suppressing monsters.”

Yu Tianfeng said solemnly because even he did not know if he would be able to stay alive. No one really knew how dreadful an Emperor realm soul would be. However, a living Emperor expert was like a supreme existence between heaven and earth. Basically, they could make a guess how strong the soul would be based on its power when it’s alive.

Luo Jing’s overbearing and confident manner as well as his determination had made Yu Tianfeng feel a bit uneasy. That was the dignity of an expert.

“Hehe, even none of the ancestors of the Imperial Beast Clan in the past have ever dared to be this arrogant in front of me. Time makes it inevitable that in every profession, young men replace the old. Unfortunately, today you have encountered me.” Luo Jing said faintly.

If it was not Yu Tianfeng here who was from the Imperial Beast Clan, he would not waste his effort to speak so much.

“When I make a return and restore my status as an emperor, I will definitely eliminate the Imperial Beast Clan.”

Luo Jing’s words made Yu Tianfeng tremble in fear.

The Emperor realm was an unreachable existence. At least right now, a Hierarch expert is the strongest expert the Imperial Beast Clan had right now. Yu Tianfeng might just laugh if others said what Luo Jing said. However, Luo Jing used to be the king and he had the dragon qi from the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar. He was someone that only appeared once in every hundred thousand years.

Yu Tianfeng stared at Jiang Chen coldly, thinking that Jiang Chen was supposed to be the one to die before him.

However, he did not have a choice and he could only become a warrior to fight until the end.

“Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet! Break it!”

Yu Tianfeng took the initiative and launched a thunderous strike against Luo Jing.

“You do really have the courage to fight me. Hehe.”

Luo Jing smiled faintly and struck with his palm against the Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet. Yu Tianfeng could not withstand the strike. Even though he had already used everything he got, Luo Jing still confronted him effortlessly. It’s like he was not a deal to Luo Jing at all.

“He couldn’t defeat the opponent.”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh because he already had expected this result. No matter how strong Yu Tianfeng was, he was only a Late Divine King. Even though he was very skillful, he was still nothing in front of a true king.

“Get out of here.”

Luo Jing said faintly and pushed his opponent slightly. Yu Tianfeng was repulsed badly and even his Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet was pushed away and fell on his body.


Yu Tianfeng spurted out a mouthful of blood, looking extremely pale. He was depressed as he did not expect himself to fall here. Being the most outstanding genius in his clan and the pioneer of the Liaobei Region, Yu Tianfeng was very unresigned to be defeated by the ancestors of the Ice Emperor Wolf Clan. However, he could not change the ending now.

Yu Tianfeng knew that this was his last chance. If he could not defeat Luo Jing, then his life would end here too.

“I don’t believe it. I am going to fight until the end!”

Yu Tianfeng roared with all of his strenght.

“Heavenly Sound of an Imperial Beast!”

Yu Tianfeng stared at Luojing while the Heavenly Sound of an Imperial Beast spread through the entire place. The sound was deafening and none of the monsters were able to escape from the misfortune.

The terrifying sound waves had also made Jiang Chen carry a frown on his face. He couldn’t help taking a few steps backwards while protecting Yu Huagan. Since Jiang Chen was still in his dragon form, he was not afraid of the suppression of the Imperial Beast. However, the terrifying sound waves undeniably was able to kill Yu Huagan in a second without doubt.

“What a terrifying sound wave attack. Even a normal Hierarch expert wouldn’t be confident when dealing with this attack.”

Yu Huagan’s countenance fell and took a deep breath. This wasn’t the first time Jiang Chen had saved his life. The gratitude he had towards Jiang Chen couldn’t be expressed through words. Without Jiang Chen, he would not be able to survive until today. He would not know that nine generations of the Yu Family were the royal guardians of the ancient legendary Venerable Emperor Snow Emperor. Looking at all these things, Yu Huagan had gained more understanding about himself and his family.

Undeniably, Yu Tianfeng was still very formidable as he was an outstanding genius of the Imperial Beast Clan. Even Luo Binsi’s face turned green when facing him. It was absolutely difficult for Luo Binsi to withstand the Heavenly Sound of the Imperial Beast.

“Unnecessary counterattack.”

Luo Jing shouted in rage. The Heavenly Sound of the Imperial Beast had actually still created some pressure on him as he was only in the form of a soul. Even though he was only a soul, his strength was still inviolable. His mightiness as an Emperor expert was invincible. Despite being a soul, he was still the dragon among the people.

“You are just such a tiny candle but dared to compete with a moon? Under the mightiness of my ancestry, you would not escape death.”

Luo Binsi smiled coldly and said. In a flash, Luo Jing took action and suppressed Yu Tianfeng immediately.

Yu Tianfeng’s Heavenly Sound of the Imperial Beast was shattered immediately and he was pushed to the brink of death.

Yu Tianfeng was still defeated in the end. It was an absolute battle and it was about to come to an end. Yu Tianfeng heaved a sigh. Unfortunately, all effort was futile in the face of an Emperor realm soul.

“In the future, I am going to kill all of the people of the Imperial Beast Clan.”

Luo Jing waved his hand and Yu Tianfeng’s soul was shattered immediately. He closed his eyes and finally fell down slowly.

“Our ancestor’s mightiness is invincible.”

Luo Binsi said. He had great respect for Luo Jing. Unfortunately, he could not get the thing that had the Myriad Qi anymore now. Otherwise, he would advance to the emperor realm in the future.

“You thought that I didn’t know about your intention? Don’t worry. I will spare you some Myriad Qi and whether our Wolf Clan would be strong or not in the future depends on your capability. You are still the only successor of our clan. In the past, your father and I had used up all of our strength to set up this Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar in order to keep you alive. Since then, you have to bear the responsibility to bring glory to the Wolf Clan. The royal glory is inviolable!”

Luo Jing said faintly.

“Yes, ancestor.”

Luo Binsi was sweating as he felt that he had been seen through by the ancestor.

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