Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2732 - Why Don’t You Enter the Divine Tomb?

Why Don’t You Enter the Divine Tomb?

“Kid, you are so honoured to be refined by me.”

“Oh? Really? Killing people in such a firm manner. It’s such an unreasonable thing but you still think that you are very holy. An inviolable existence, as an emperor realm expert, how can one be so shameless? It’s amusing. Hehe.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and looked at Luo Jing without any fear and respect. In his eyes, so what if the enemy is an emperor expert? He wast just a broken soul. How could a broken soul be so arrogant in front of him?

An Emperor realm expert deserved people’s admiration and respect. However, Luo Jing was only a soul and his body was already gone. His broken soul did not enter the Divine Tomb, meaning that he had used some skills in the dark to prevent his soul entering the tomb. From Jiang Chen’s perspective, he did not think this would be a good reason to explain why he should be killed by Luo Jing. Luo Jing wanted to refine him, so Luo Jing would be his life-long enemy.

“You’re overconfident. There are many people who would like to be refined by our ancestors, do you know that? But they don’t even get such honour. Who even are you to deny my offer? I could kill you in a few minutes.”

Luo Binsi looked at Jiang Chen dismissively. This guy was supposed to be his treasure. However, Yu Tianfeng appeared suddenly and ruined his plan.

“Haha. you’re so good at kissing up to your ancestor. Why don’t you ask him to refine you first? You’re also made up of Divine Origin essence.”

Jiang Chen sneered and looked at him with disdain. A rubbish like him did not deserve to fight him.

“It’s useless to speak more. Ancestor, kill him now. We shall not hesitate to kill him.” Luo Binsi said fiercely.

Luo Jing did not say anything but stared at Jiang Chen. He said coldly:

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Why would I be afraid of you?”

Jiang Chen asked in return.

“Aren’t you afraid of death”

Luo Jing was quite shocked. This guy was indeed too daring. Yu Tianfeng was terrified while Yu Huagan was stunned and did not dare to say anything. However, Jiang Chen was just staring at him directly.

“Why would I die? It’s too early to say so before you refine me.”

Jiang Chen said confidently.

“I really have no idea what makes you so confident in front of an Emperor realm soul. I have seen many ignorant people but you’re the most foolish I have ever seen.”

Luo Jing smiled faintly. He did not look ruthless and angry now as he found Jiang Chen quite interesting. If he appeared here with his true body, Jiang Chen would be very afraid and would look at him like a buddha right now.

“You have also said that you are just a soul. You’re not a true emperor realm expert. Moreover, I have defeated Emperor realm souls before.”

Jiang Chen said with a deep voice while his eyes were glaring.

Luo Jing’s eyes shrunk and said with a deep voice:

“You defeated the likes of me before?”

“Why are you so shocked? Is an Emperor realm soul really that dangerous?” Jiang Chen shrugged and said.

He did this to release stress for himself but also to brag in front of Luo Jing. So that that guy would not be so arrogant and he might be able to seize his chance.

“Bullsh*t. Do you really think an emperor expert is a turnip which you could find everywhere?” Luo Binsi said angrily.

Luo Jing gave him a glance then Luo Binsi smiled and did not dare to continue to say anything anymore.

Yu Huagan had already been astonished by how formidable Jiang Chen was. Even an Emperor realm soul was defeated by him? Yu Huagan found it a bit unbelievable. However, Jiang Chen had already created many many unbelievable miracles.

“There are many divine souls already in the Divine Tomb, why don’t you enter it?”

After Jiang Chen said so, Luo Jing’s countenance fell. He could not believe that Jiang Chen would know about this. There was definitely a reason why he did not enter the Divine Tomb. The nourishment of the Dragon Vein and Heart of Frost had helped him to survive and not to enter Divine Tomb.

“You came from the Immortal World, what have you seen in the Divine Tomb?”

Luo Jing was anxious after hearing about the Divine Tomb. Ever since a long time ago, people entered Divine Tomb after they died. Countless souls had entered the Divine Tomb ever since hundreds and thousands of years ago. It was a very normal phenomena for people to go through reincarnation. He had spent some time in Divine Tomb before. However, with the Heart of Frost in his hands, he managed to get rid of the control of the Divine Tomb. To be able to get out from the Divine Tomb, one had to have extraordinary tricks and could travel through the void. Everyone, including emperor realm experts, would enter Divine Tomb after they passed away. This was an unchangeable law and the only law in the world.

Some people from the Immortal World had entered Divine Tomb before. However, the living people of the Divine World would not be able to enter Divine Tomb. Even Emperor realm experts would not have such extraordinary power to do so.

“Even Emperor realm souls died in my hands. If you don’t believe it, just take action now. I implore you to do so.”

Jiang Chen said with a deep voice while his face looked cold. He knew that this battle was going to be very tough. The emperor realm souls in the Divine Tomb were completely different from the emperor realm souls here.

“Since you are not willing to answer me, then I am going to let you kneel in front of me now.”

Luo Jing looked at Jiang Chen directly, full of killing intent. More importantly, this guy knew about the Divine Tomb and he seemed to have defeated the emperor realm souls living there before. Luo Jing did not dare to underestimate him now. However, he still wanted Jiang Chen to know who’s truly the king here.

“Kid, you are going to die soon. The mightiness of my ancestor is not something you can overcome.”

Luo Binsi was ready to see Jiang Chen becoming a joke. This guy really thought that he was superior here. He even dared to fight his ancestor. He might not even know how he would die later.

“Sir, be careful!”

Yu Huagan reminded Jiang Chen with a low voice. He was not afraid of death but Jiang Chen was not supposed to die. If he did not do this for Yu Family, he would not fall into this predicament. Yu Huagan was very guilty to Jiang Chen now.

“I will not give up in this battle.”

Jiang Chen and Luo Jing looked at each other. Immediately, he casted dragon transformation and Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. The emperor realm soul was not the same with other experts. Jiang Chen had the confidence in killing Luo Binsi, however, he was unsure how much strength and how dreadful the emperor expert was.

Jiang Chen’s strength was boosted by the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique and Heavenly Dragon Sword. His sword strike managed to sweep across in all directions. Luo Binsi was terrified by Jiang Chen’s strike as he knew that he would not be able to withstand it. Although Jiang Chen had the lowest cultivation realm among them, his true strength was really terrifying.

“You do really have such capability, no wonder you dared to say so much.”

Luo Jing smiled faintly. However, he still did not care about Jiang Chen even though Jiang Chen’s battle strength was able to overcome a Late Divine King expert. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique had indeed enhanced quite a lot of his strength. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword, his attack could bring great shock to the mountains around. Even Luo Jing became extremely careful now as Jiang Chen’s sword was invincible and it seemed to pose a great suppression against his soul.

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