Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2730 - Great Ice Wolf Emperor

Great Ice Wolf Emperor

“Ice Emperor Domain? The true technique of the Wolf Clan! That’s more like it.” Yu Tianfeng sneered.

The cold ice domain kept on expanding, eventually covering him. Luo Binsi’s technique allowed him to freeze the blood of his opponents, Dongpo Tianchi was a fine example.

“Taste the shackle of the Ice Emperor Domain!” Luo Binsi roared.

A terrible cold wind formed within the plaza, like a giant ice dragon cruising through the place.

“That’s more like it.”

Yu Tianfeng’s expression became cold as he retreated. This Ice Emperor Domain would cause his blood to freeze

“I will destroy everything you throw at me! Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet, smash him!”

Yu Tianfeng threw out his divine tool and it shone brightly as it clashed against the giant ice dragon. The dragon was completely overpowered by the bracelet and was shattered layer by layer. The cold wind then dissipated and Luo Binsi was furiously attacked. The latter suffered blows after blows and was pushed back.

Yu Tianfeng stood proudly as he destroyed the Ice Emperor Domain. Luo Binsi’s expression became pale and his appearance was unsightly.

“Now, do you have any more cards to play? Hahaha.”

“You cannot kill me, I’m the sole successor of the Wolf Clan!”Luo Binsi instinctively backed off, he knew he didn’t have anything left.

“Oh? Give me a more valid reason.” Yu Tianfeng looked at Luo Binsi with a smile and curious eyes.

“We can join hands together and defeat the Yu Clan and you can reign supreme upon the Liao Bei Region.”

“Sorry, I do not have that kind of ambition, mere Liao Bei, I’m not interested in it. I want your body, that Divine Origin Essence, you must’ve devoured countless Supreme Grade Divine Origin Ores.” Yu Tianfeng shook his head and sighed, thinking that the prince’s body was the most perfect piece of art.

“Although I’ve devoured a great amount of ores, the most valuable thing here is the Heart of Frost, you should know it better than me. You’ll never get it if you devour me.” Luo Binsi said hysterically.

He’s not planning to let Yu Tianfeng have his way, otherwise he’ll be dead.

“Alright, how about this, I’ll let you live since you cannot be compared against the Heart of Frost.” Yu Tianfeng said after giving a thought.


Luo Binsi slowly backed off and looked at Yu Tianfeng with caution.

“The Heart of Frost… is under the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar.” Luo Binsi said, his eyes were shining brightly.

For the sake of his life and the legacy of the Wolf Clan, he will not yield.

Yu Tianfeng’s eyes were glittering. At this moment, the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar started to crack and Jiang Chen silently observed it from the side.

“The Heart of Frost is mine. The Snow Emperor’s strongest technique, Ice Age, is activated through this Heart of Frost.” Yu Tianfeng said excitedly.

He then threw a palm strike upon the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar and a blue light burst forth and threw him backwards. He suffered a heavy blow from it even though he was prepared.

“Emperor Realm… Soul?” Yu Tianfeng gasped.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and silently looked at the illusory blue figure. The soul of an Emperor Realm expert? Strong! Totally different from those from the Divine Tomb!

“Why is the soul of the Emperor experts in the Divine Tomb so weak? And why are these souls staying here and not entering the Divine Tomb?” Jiang Chen asked but no answer was found.

At least his current self does not have the ability to uncover the truth of the Divine Tomb. Why and how did his father bypass the tomb? Questions grew as he looked at the Emperor Realm expert.

However, even just a spirit, an Emperor Realm spirit could still release an unbearable pressure, similar to those of a living Hierarch.

“You dare disturb our Wolf Clan’s resting place. Imperial Beast Clan you guys are pretty great, aren’t you?”

The spirit of an emperor, one that has lost its former glory but still retains its powerful spiritual energy. Yu Tianfeng and Jiang Chen felt pressured by this new foe.

A white-robed man with white cold eyes appeared, that was the soul of an Emperor Realm expert.

“Senior… To think you didn’t reincarnate, impressive, I am impressed.” Yu Tianfeng said while gritting his teeth as he moved back.

“Oh? You knew about reincarnation? Hahaha, hilarious, I have the Heart of Frost to avoid reincarnating, it’s not that hard. There are cases where immemorial experts come back to life. Why can’t I, Luo Jing, revive with 30,000 li dragon veins in my possession? It’s all for the Wolf Clan to not fall!” Luo Jing said with vigour.

His demeanour was one that would be respected by many even though he’s just a spirit right now.

“Great Ancestor…” Luo Binsi, moved.

Luo Jing looked at him and nodded slightly as he was the sole successor of the Wolf Clan.

“I didn’t know that the great emperor of the Wolf Clan is here, this junior has made a quite a mistake, I hope senior would not mind it.” Yu Tianfeng said quietly.

The spirit of a great emperor presented himself, and no one could face him head-on.

“A mistake and you’re trying to run away now?” Luo Jing said coldly as his aura envolepped Yu Tianfeng, the latter’s expression changed drastically.

Jiang Chen too did not expect an Emperor Realm spirit here. This emperor of the Wolf Clan fixed its gaze upon his body, the myriad qi must have caught his attention.

“A Myriad Qi body, surprising, the Heart of Frost has its use now. To rebuild my body with the Myriad Qi, now that’s exciting!”

Luo Jing looked at Jiang Chen and said with gentle eyes as if he had become his treasure.

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