Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2729 - Heart of Frost

Chapter 2729

Heart of Frost

A thousand more beasts got bound by the Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet. Currently, only a few hundred beasts were left on the plaza, Yu Tianfeng then attacked with his bracelet and shattered a dozen beasts with every strike he threw.

“This Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet is probably a Origin Divine Tool.” Jiang Chen guessed.

This fella is pretty scary, worthy of being the successor of the Imperial Beast Clan, definitely on-par against the Wolf Clan, the one that declined the most is the Yu Clan.

Yu Huagan couldn’t help but sigh. He was extremely weak compared to these two, he had thoroughly tarnished the name of their ancestors.

“These guys died a worthy death under my Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet as Hierarch Realm beasts would even fear me.” Yu Tianfeng said confidently and calmly.

He wouldn’t dare to face a Hierarch Realm directly but he’s well-versed in the art of beast control and the Imperial Beast Clan Diamond was a weapon that overpowers all demonic beasts.

In an instant, Yu Tianfeng killed and trapped more than two thousand demonic beasts. Luo Binsi was stunned, he did not expect for such a dramatic end. To think his army was this weak?! Both Yu Tianfeng and Jiang Chen managed to defeat him. Luo Binsi’s pride was hurt. Was his Wolf Clan fated to fall?

Luo Binsi’s puppets weren’t weak but Yu Tianfeng was his bane, his clan specialised in controlling beasts, all beasts would be weakened by 30%.

“Hand over the Heart of Frost when I’m still being nice!” Yu Tianfeng shouted at Luo Binsi.

“Heart of Frost?” Jiang Chen said.

To think that the Wolf Clan had hidden that well, this Heart of Frost must be connected to the Snow Emperor.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Luo Binsi replied.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about? Hahaha, this is hilarious, you guys stole the Snow Emperor’s favourite treasures, the Cold Ice Throne and Heart of Frost, everyone knows that. Otherwise, the Snow Emperor wouldn’t be furious about it, you think I’m stupid? Without the Heart of Frost, you wouldn’t have lived to this day no matter how powerful the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar is. Haha keep your bullsh*t, the Heart of Frost must be here!” Yu Tianfeng said.

He believed that Luo Binsi had the Heart of Frost.

“Heart of Frost is the Snow Emperor’s supreme treasure, how could I have it? The Cold Ice Throne was taken back by the Snow Emperor. Don’t you dare slander me. I will not be framed by you. I’ll fight to the death.” Luo Binsi declared.

“Hmph! Let’s see how long you’re going to act. The Heart of Frost shall be mine! And you, I’ll slowly refine you and pave my path to the great dao.” Yu Tianfeng took a step forward and released his aura.

Luo Binsi readied his stance as he faced this powerful foe.

Yu Tianfeng and Luo Binsi’s battle was pretty intense, yet Jiang Chen’s gaze was fixed upon the sixteen Divine Burying Flags. Those Divine Burying Flags could become a great killing machine when placed in a formation. Under the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar, the Divine Burying Flags had gone through an extreme change.

Jiang Chen wanted the sixteen of them the most.

“Heart of Frost. Do you know what it is?” Jiang Chen looked at Yu Huagan and asked.

Yu Huagan shook his head and was troubled by it, as he had no idea that his clan was one of the royal guards of the Snow Emperor. The destroyed Wolf Clan and the Imperial Beast Clan who had long since left Liao Bei, they’re experts with extreme power yet his clan couldn’t even measure up to them.

“Then, I’ll just take these Divine Burying Flags first.” Jiang Chen thought.

When Yu Tianfeng and Luo Binsi were fighting furiously, he took those Divine Burying Flags for himself without holding back.

The whole Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar began to tremble and Jiang Chen ignored as he kept all sixteen Divine Burying Flags away.

“Sir, you’re keeping those broken flags? I have a dozen of them in my clan’s vault and it’s just sitting at the corner. I would’ve thrown it away if it wasn’t left behind by the ancestors. Please, take it if you like it, if we manage to get away from this god forsaken place.” Yu Huagan said.

Jiang Chen almost coughed blood. What? You still have a dozen of these? Even tried to throw it away? You’re wasting a great treasure! Yu Huagan does not know the true worth of the Divine Burying Flag and its might.

“To think I’ve become a scavenger.” Jiang Chen rubbed his nose and chuckled bitterly.

At this moment, Yu Tianfeng and Luo Binsi fought hard against each other, without a clear victor. Jiang Chen dared not to take this lightly as he was prepared to reap the rewards between their battles.

“Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet!”

“Ice Wolf body!”

The Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet struck upon Luo Binsi’s body and the latter got pushed back.

“I’ve said it before, not even a Hierarch demonic beast dares to cause trouble in front of the Imperial Beast Clan, you’re not my match and the Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet is your bane.” Yu Tianfeng said as he closed in towards Luo Binsi.

The latter evaded with all his might, Yu Tianfeng had gained the upper hand with the Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet as it caused tremendous damage to the wolf.

“Ice Emperor Domain!” Luo Binsi’s blue eyes shone brightly.

Instantly, the whole plaza froze, a powerful cold wind engulfed the plaza. At this moment, Dongpo Tianchi froze to death.

Yu Huagan too was in danger and Jiang Chen grabbed his shoulder. Huagan immediately felt a great warmth being transferred into his body. Jiang Chen was like a giant furnace.

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