Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 496

Chapter 496

Great Azure Mountain, Broly and Launch home, they perceived the uncomfortable ki of each other when Vegeta entered the Earth, but remained unmoved, lying comfortably on the cushioned chair in the sun.

Blonde Launch was wearing sunglasses, holding the juice in her hand and drinking, “Broly you do not go over to see?”

Broly raised his head, “Goku and Piccolo they passed, so it does not matter.”

Launch rolled over and looked at Broly, “But the opponent seems to be quite a few, besides the two not so strong ki, What else is hidden, I worry that Goku and the others are not opponents.”

Broly considered for a moment, thinking that this was indeed a problem, so he got up and was ready to go over to help, when his senses were keenly aware of the movement of the Lookout, so he sat down again, “It seems that I do not need to make a move, sister Kanalita has controlled the temple over.”

Launch froze, “Teacher has made a move, then there must be no problem.”

As Kanalita’s disciple, although Launch did not have all the true teachings, the basic judgment was still there, the group that appeared on Earth, no matter how powerful, would not be her teacher’s opponent.

“No!” Broly snapped open his eyes, his sharp eyes sweeping beyond deep space.

“What is it again?” Blonde Launch asked.

“There are other ki beyond Earth, that sickening murderous aura enveloping outer space, the combat power is definitely not weak. It turns out there was more than just one group that arrived on Earth.”

Broly was a rare legendary Super Saiyan, after developing the Golden Eyes state, the power level was straight ahead of the full power of the Super Saiyan, his sensing ability far exceeded that of ordinary people. When neither Muqiu nor Amelia had noticed, he had already sensed the breath of Hore’s group.

Blonde Launch jumped up excitedly, stupidly up, “Sure enough the main characters are the finale appearance, and ultimately rely on us!”

“Well.” Broly nodded, but the other side was in outer space, in the absence of descending down, Broly also couldn’t launch an attack on them.

After thinking about it, Brol, decided to inform Muqiu and Amelia to keep an eye on them, while he himself was ready to strike at any time.


“Oh, I got it.” The siblings who were informed by Broly paid special attention to the situation beyond the earth, and indeed. They found a huge and dark aura again. The intensity was not very clear, this was because the distance was too far away.

Muqiu gaze constantly flickering, a beautiful face gloomy down, but because of the care of Broly, so they were calm, did not reveal their ki.

The prairie.

Vegeta, Nappa and others detected the surrounding situation, and was preparing to clean up the natives of the Earth, when the scouter in the hands of Nappa issued a “beep beep beep”. A series of erroneous data in a rapid flash, poof, the scouter actually emitted an unpleasant smell.

Nappa said in surprise, “What’s going on?”

“Needless to say, this planet is really not as simple as imagined.”

Vegeta’s face was ugly as he yelled, “Shasley, Nappa, be on alert, Alex you have to pay attention to your own safety.”


“Got it, Dad.”

Shasley and Nappa responded, even if his age was still young Alex also fully inherited the characteristics of pure-blooded Saiyans, behaving unusually precocious.

As the opponent’s ki came closer and closer, in addition to Nappa because of the loss of scouter and dazed, Vegeta and Shasley’s face all gloomy, “They are coming.”

Suddenly, the wind was blowing, a throbbing in the air, several bright lights flashed from the sky, and in the blink of an eye had come overhead.

Vegeta and others snapped up their heads, they saw seven figures converging from all over.

Swish swish swish! Son Goku, Piccolo, Yajirobe, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, and Yamcha descended to the ground one after another, and after a while, the other martial artists on Earth also rushed this way.

Nappa looked at the few people who appeared in front of him in surprise, “Ah, how do these people look exactly like us, eh, there are actually Namekian.”

Son Goku frowned and looked away, “You are Saiyans?”

“I actually know the Saiyans, could it be that you are also Saiyans?”

Vegeta opened his mouth to ask, but his eyes swept over them. Judging from the ki emitted from the other side, it was even less than Nappa. The other side was able to burn the scouter all before, the strength was definitely more than that.

It seemed that they also mastered the method of hiding the ki!

For some reason, Vegeta’s mind suddenly flashed back to the group of people who took Raditz eighteen years ago, those people also had the same appearance with the Saiyans, but Raditz later joined the God Mu Forces, this small low-level planet, there were actually such people.

Son Goku shook his head, “I’m the only Saiyan here, my companions are all Earthlings.” For the identity of the Saiyans, Son Goku was admitted.

“There are actually Saiyans!” Vegeta expression stunned, did not expect that in addition to them and Raditz in the universe, there are actually other Saiyans.

But think about it, when the destruction of Planet Vegeta, there were still many Saiyans who did not rush back to Planet Vegeta on time. Although later Cooler ordered the eradication, because of the death of Cooler and the rise of the God Mu Forces, the eradication of Saiyans was not complete.

“His appearance seems to have been seen somewhere, a bit like the Turles we met at first.” Shasley reminded from the side.


“Vegeta, do you want me to try them?” Nappa asked in a whisper.

“Do not rush, these guys are not simple, do not clash.” If not because the natives on this planet look similar to the group that took Raditz back then, with Vegeta’s cold personality, would have shot to kill them.

The two sides confronted each other, and soon Piccolo impatiently said, “Son Goku, why talk to them so much. There’s so much darkness in these people, and they’re not good people at first glance, so why not just take them captive?”

“Goku, I think Piccolo has a point.” Krillin and Tien Shinhan both agreed to take each other down, Son Goku hesitated and did not refute.

“Hmph, how dare the tiny Namekian talk about capturing us.” Nappa jumped forward unhappily at this point.

“Do it.” Piccolo twisted his wrist and neck, took off the cloak from his body, and made a stance that he was about to fight.

he air instantly became frozen, irritable, depressing aura spread out, a ten-mile radius was enveloped by a powerful pressure.

uddenly, the ki of Piccolo’s body rose sharply, and instantly exceeded Nappa’s imagination, facing Piccolo’s sudden change, Nappa was already dumbfounded at this time. Between lightning and fire, a beautiful silhouette stepped forward, and Shasley flickered, blocking Piccolo’s attack.

Thump thump, Piccolo’s body retreated a few dozen meters, toe on the ground, actually hard cut two deep grooves.

“This woman is actually so strong?!”

Piccolo face flashed a trace of dismay. Although he was suddenly shot, the power shown was not bad at all, 51000 power level was actually forced him back directly!

“Hahahaha, didn’t expect to actually meet an opponent.”

Piccolo laughed out loud, his face was frozen, and he shouted explosively, “Triple Kaio-ken!”

In an instant a dark red light enveloped Piccolo’s body, the huge burden made the tendons and veins on Piccolo’s body surge, and under the Triple Kaio-ken, that powerful power level rose directly to 153,000!

North Kais had once said that one could not use more than twice the power of the Kaio-ken continuously, or else it would cause unrecoverable damage to the body, and Piccolo had always been strong in character and would never take the North Kai’s words to heart, so the first strike was the maximum triple Kaio-ken.

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