Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 497

Chapter 497

Vegeta and Shasley obviously did not anticipate that the other party would suddenly enhance the power of the body. Their faces could not help but show a stunned expression, “So, they have such a strong power, no wonder they dare to threaten to suppress us, Shasley, let them see the power.”


Shasley was also a powerful warrior, with Vegeta’s command, naturally nshe o longer conceal the power, and suddenly up to 180,000 power level released, the whole earth trembled, and began to shake.

When Son Goku and others saw this, they knew that the real battle was inevitable, and then unleashed their full strength.

“Kaio-ken x3 !”

“Kami-ken x5 !”

“Kami-ken x5 !”

“Kami-ken x5 !”


In addition to Son Goku and Piccolo using Kaio-ken x3, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha and others have used 5x’s Kami-ken. Because the Kami-ken was improved by Muyang and North Kai according to the Earth’s physique, although the power exerted wasn’t as obvious as the Kaio-ken, the pressure was much less. As Krillin, these martial artists who surpassed the ordinary Earth’s physique, could currently withstand 5x’s strength.

For a time, several hundred thousand power level of energy rose up, the wide prairie became restless.

In the dense energy field, Nappa’s weak 8,000 power level became worthless, at this moment he was somewhat embarrassed and step back, shielding Alex to hide far away.

Phew, the grassland, the gale swept a burst of wind, the clothes on the people were blown to snap shaking.

Vegeta’s cold cheeks penetrate the eerie chill, “This Earth is really different, the external claim is a low-level planet, but in fact is more powerful than the average high-level planet.”

Even in the heyday of Planet Vegeta, super experts were not as powerful as the Earth, and Vegeta heart very suspicious of this Earth was related to the people who took Raditz.

“Your hands are now tied, we are able to be lenient with you.” Son Goku was kind-hearted, he really did not want to see the Saiyans kill each other.

Vegeta’s mouth hung a cruel smile. Although they showed some unexpected power level, this just showed that the opponent had the qualification to be his opponent, but it was not worth to impress him.

“With your strength, it’s not enough, this prince as the prince of Planet Vegeta Saiyan, with strength up to 180,000 power level, plus this prince’s wife is as powerful as this prince, how are you my opponent?”

Son Goku shook his head regretfully, the other side was not seeing the Yellow River. There were too many experts on Earth, and they were not the top ones. So stepping back from Piccolo and others, he said, “Let’s join forces against them later.”

“I’ll be enough alone.” Piccolo skipped his head.

Son Goku ignored Piccolo’s reaction and said to Krillin and the others, “Krillin, Tien Shinhan, you guys pester that woman together, it won’t take too long, I feel Kanalita is already coming this way.”


They agreed on the division of labor, directly charged towards Vegeta and Shasley, as for Nappa and Alex, simply did not attract their attention, and in a moment various colors of ki waves rose on the planet, because the attack range was well controlled, it did not cause excessive damage to the entire planet.

This point, whether it was Shasley or Vegeta, both had concerns.

Piccolo and Son Goku first attack, their target was Vegeta. Although Kaio-ken was launched, the two sides still had the 30,000 strength gap. Fortunately, this gap was not big, and the skill could be made up.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two sides began to face each other, the human shadow, the splendid wave of ki, the stirring aftershocks continue to spread.

Vegeta had been in the universe for many years, his battle experience was very rich, plus his strength was above Son Goku and others, so he was able to fight with ease.

But unable to take down Son GOku and Piccolo for a long time, making Vegeta annoyed.

“Galick Gun!”

Vegeta shouted, placing his hands in front of his body greatly open, and then super strong energy in the form of endless waves of chakra to send out in all directions. The wind spreads from the center, the intimidating aura made the air become more thin and fragile, if ordinary people here, it was estimated that even the breathing had become very difficult.

“Thunder Shock Surprise !”

“Special Beam Cannon !”

The golden and green energy rushed over to cancel out Vegeta’s attack.

“Go to hell with me, Final Flash!!!” Vegeta angrily making the ultimate move, suddenly, the clouds in the sky seemed to be cut open a mouth. Slightly silent for a while, a winding twisted flashing glittering waves of energy from the sky down.

After the strong light, a loud rumble, than the power of the atomic bomb countless times more powerful explosion at once dispersed the air, so that the battle became more shocking.

Not far away, Krillin and the others fighting with Shasley were affected and could not help but move towards the edge.


Chiaotzu’s Superpower was applied to Shasley’s body, and Shasley’s eyebrows condensed, when Yajirobe waved a big knife and the bright blade crossed a beautiful trajectory, but the next second was cut into the Void.

She was hiding… Yajirobe was shocked and suddenly felt a cold breeze blowing around her neck. Shasley did to know when she appeared next to Yajirobe, and her palm was cut like a knife.

Yajirobe immediately protected his body, violently beaten and flew out. At the moment when Yajirobe was sent flying, Krillin and Yamcha attacked closely from behind.

Shasley simply flew Krillin and Yamcha sent flying, and the attack by Tien Shinhan came again.


The bright white’s energy exerts a frightening formidable power, Shasley’s throat was dry, and a burst of blood was heard.

“Shasley…..” Vegeta’s eyes looked at her, the energy of the body was more intense, and at this moment, Vegeta was stronger.


In orbit outside of the Earth, a dozen disc-shaped ships around a large flagship, the scouters above these ships had detected the energy response emitted above the Earth, aimed at a certain area in the northern hemisphere, they were even able to see through the naked eye a shining patch of light.

“Alec, is this the low-level planet you spoke of in your information?” The bright red demon Hore forced the question in an unpleasant tone.

Judging from the signal returned from the probe, even the high-level planet was not as strong as it.

The cosmonaut named Alec was dumbfounded, “Lord Hore, this might have been a problem during the initial exploration.”

Hore waved his hand, a laser ray directly killed the other party, “Waste of things, it seems that King Cold’s control of the North Area is getting worse and worse, basic information can be wrong.”

“But this is interesting, in addition to Vegeta and the others, there are actually seven or eight strong people above the Earth with a power level of more than 100,000 …… hehehe, Hore Special Forces, you go and capture them to.”


“Obey the order!”

With a command, six red combat-suited universes came forward.

The six of them were Hore’s personal guards, all of them were chosen by thousands from the side of the galaxy ruled by Hore, and each of them possessed an energy value of no less than 500,000 power level.

Watching the six descend to Earth in a small craft, Hore put his hands behind his back and stared at the large screen, which showed what was happening on Earth.

A few little ants, no need for me to personally take action yet.”


With Kanalita’s control, a hemispheric temple in the style of Inca culture was leaving its original location at a super high speed, and was about to arrive at the battlefield of Son Goku and the others.

“Kami, another enemy has appeared.” Mr. Popo pointed to several fireballs in the sky and said.

Kanalita’s eyes stared and flashed a cold lightm “It’s really eventful, but since we came to Earth, then we don’t want to go back.”

At this time, in Lookout square, a middle-aged man who looks very similar to Son Goku sat on the ground, “Do you want me to make a move?”

Kanalita lightly pulled down the fiery red hair, lightly smiled, “No, Mr. Bardock help me keep an eye on that guy outside the Earth, I’m afraid he will mess it up!”

Bardock laughed, “They are so unlucky to come to Earth instead of going anywhere else.”

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