Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 470

Chapter 470

Sacred Land of Korin Great Forest.

All the forest trees around the two huge impact craters were destroyed, and Android 17 and 18 were lying wretchedly in the center of the craters, their clothes drooping and torn into a strip of banded cloth.

“Ah, bastard, how could you possibly defeat me? The power of androids should be invincible.”

Android 17 yelled madly. He bounced up from the impact crater with a swoosh and then rushed towards April again. This time, he was not as confident as before, and his attack became very messy at one point.

April shook her head, “There were no martial arts skills, and now it’s even harder to see.”

With a slap down, the body of Android 17 once again hit the ground, this time more miserable than before. However, it was impossible to say that it would hurt Android 17. After all, the body of androids was so strong that even if they crashed through the earth, they would not be seriously injured.

“April, do you think about how to deal with them?” Muyang came to ask to April’s side.

April nodded, “I have thought about it. Although they are the same as Lazuli and Lapis, they just look the same, and I have no burden in my heart.”

Muyang nodded, “Well, after all, even Broly was killed by you.”

“Hmph.” April rolled her eyes in exasperation, ‘could he talk properly and stop mentioning Broly?’

Muyang smiled, his body flashed, came to the side of Android 16. He said to Piccolo and Son Gohan behind him, “You two go to the lookout. You can’t interfere in the next battle.”

It was very easy for April to teach Android 17, but if Piccolo and Son Gohan were around, they couldn’t do anything for fear of accidentally wiping them out together.

Now the Earth also needs Piccolo as well as …… Dragon Balls.

Piccolo sniffed, nodded deeply. He also knew where his value was, so after saying to Son Gohan, the two of them flew upward toward the location where the Lookout was.

“Well, the slightly weaker ones have left, April. Let’s begin.”


A clear voice answered. April waved her hand gracefully, wanting to teach Android 17 and Android 18 a lesson. There was no need to use her demon form at all, and April’s current power could easily do so.

“Who the hell are you people?” Android 17’s fierce eyes stared at April and the others.

“Me? I can also be considered an Android.”

“What?” Android 17 was shocked by April’s words. Before he could recover from these words, April’s lithe figure came to Android 17’s side, “Lapis, you are my nephew. It’s a pity that this world’s Dr. Gero has made you lose your mind.”

“Disappear in peace, the other world of you. I will strengthen the education.”

After April finished speaking, her palms pressed against Android 17’s chest, a cluster of ghostly blue light shone up, and Android 17’s face was shocked, panicked, and tried to shake April’s hand away. However, Android 17 was weak at this time, and the perpetual-action energy source that he was so proud of actually failed to provide enough energy.

“Impossible. How can I not be able to exert my power?” Android 17 muttered, and a hint of fear actually flashed in his eyes.

Yes, in the face of April, Android 17 was afraid.

“With my power, even a Super Saiyan 2 level expert can’t break free, let alone you.” The sticky voice was a little cold. April’s pretty face flashed a hint of sadness, the energy in her hand shone even more violently, this blowdown, and Android 17 was bound to be pulverized.

“Damn, Android 17 is not a match for that woman.” Android 18 was a little anxious and rushed over to try to save his brother.

When April saw this, she smiled a little, “There is at least a little humanity for your own brother.”

With a snap, Android 18 was knocked away by April with a wave of her hand.


Android 18 cried out in grief and anger, but her cries had no way to stop April. The light blue, bright light shone for a moment in the palm of her hand and shot out violently at the heart of Android 17.


A splendid to the extreme light pierced through.


A powerful attack through the chest of Android 17.

At this moment, no shine could be as beautiful and moving as it was.


The energy ray shot out from behind, blood-splattered and scattered in mid-air.

Android 17 screamed. His heart was shattered in an instant, even if it was an eternal energy android. After losing his heart, he lost his life.

Android 17’s face was filled with dismay and resignation, and his blue eyes gradually lost their luster.

“Brother.” April softly called out to Muyang.

He raised his palm and released a “wipe out”, along with a little faint aura. Android 17’s body gradually turned into powder from the bottom to the top.

“Android 17!!! I will kill you.”

Seeing that Android 17 was killed, Android 18 was a little lost in thought, fell into madness, and then whistled and rushed towards April and Muyang.

April closed her eyes and released magic similar to Majin Buu. The next second directly imprisoned Android 18’s body in mid-air.

Android 18 struggled for a moment, and a look of horror appeared on her face.

“After all, it is your elder. Let me think about what to do!” April sighed and gently stroked Android 18’s fair and delicate face.

“I don’t want to die!” Android 18 pleaded.

April was moved with compassion, looking at Android 18, whose face was very similar to her own, and could not bear to make a move for a while, so she looked pitifully at Muyang, who freed a hand and flashed a crystal shining light in Android 18’s pleading gaze.

“Let me do it.”

Wow, the power of erasure descended down from the void and then turned into a dotted flash. This power quickly engulfed the whole Android 18, without a bit of defense resistance, without a bit of earth-shattering sound. The Android 18 just soundlessly disappeared in the crystal glitter.

“Brother, you killed her here?” April reacted with an unpleasant face and glared at Muyang.

Muyang frowned, “Wasn’t it you who made eyes for me to strike?”

April said, “I am asking if you can spare her life. Seeing her reminds me of Sipriel, and I can’t bear to do it.”

Muyang said, “So when you killed Android 17, you could not bear to do it?”

April’s lips moved a little, depressingly smashed in the head a few times, “Oh, forget it, people have died, the big deal is to go back to love more Lazuli and Lapis, can not let them fall into the wrong way in the future.”

In the end, it was another world. The life and death of Android 17 and 18 in April’s heart did not hold much weight.

Shortly after April and Muyang killed Android 17 and Android 18, the sky was suddenly plunged into darkness, accompanied by countless lightning and thunder.

A mysterious aura appeared high up in the sky at a great distance from Earth, and when Muyang saw this, they knew that it was the divine dragon of Earth that had been summoned.

“The Kami are moving quite fast.” April was in an unhappy mood.

“It’s his responsibility, anyway. It’s another world’s business, and it’s better for us to care less.”

Muyang put his arm around April’s fragrant shoulder and comforted her. April was just throwing a small temper tantrum and soon obediently left Korin Tower together with Muyang.

Android 16 next to him watched all this calmly and then quickly left.

With the appearance of the Earth Shenron, those martial artists killed by Android 17 and Android 18, as well as the innocent public, all came back to life. Still, because the memories about the androids were not eliminated, all of them knew they had died once, and the history of this world was shifted here.

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