Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 469

Chapter 469

April looked at Android 17 and Android 18 with a little dumbfounded. There was a sudden lump in her heart. Damn it, her two well-behaved nieces and nephews were actually evil-doing androids in this world!

‘No wonder brother said he wanted to give them to me to deal with it. What should I do with them?’

‘Kill them?’

April shook her head. It was a bit out of hand, but if she said she would let them go, April had a bit of a bad conscience.

“Are your names Lazuli and Lapis?” When April was in a dilemma, Muyang asked Android 17 and Android 18.

“What the hell names? We don’t recognize them.”

With an indifferent expression, Android 17 gave this answer.

April was slightly stunned, “You have no memories before you were transformed into androids?”

Android 17 gave an evil laugh and said with disgust, “What is the use of us wanting the memories of earthlings. As powerful androids, as long as we know that we are the masters of this world, that is enough. A mere earthling is only worthy of being reduced to our plaything.”

“Even the basic humanity has been lost, and there is absolutely no possibility of salvation. This way, I have no burden.” April frowned, her blue eyes flashed a cold light, and nodded towards Android 17 and 18, “Thank you!”

At this moment, April already had a decision in her heart.


Android 17 skimmed his mouth, already a little impatient. He turned around like a high god overlooking ants, condescending, “No matter who you are, as long as you dare to stop us, you will be killed.”

“Huh?” Android 17 rushed to look hard at April, and her eyes suddenly lit up, “Android 18, do you think this woman looks like you?”

“I hate it when people have a face like that.”

Android 18’s delicate face wore a demonic sneer.

“I’ll go kill her for you.” Android 17 showed a wicked smile, tentatively shifted the target from Piccolo and Son Gohan to April’s bodyA cold light flashed, like an electric aura rising. Android 17 stepped forward, cupped his fist, and blasted at April.


Two fingers on the top of the fist.

Android 17’s attack was blocked.

April did not move, and her face was smiling as she watched Android 17, then she flicked her fingers a few times, and her fingers hit Android 17’s wrist.

Android17 a staggering. For a moment, he was so shocked that he did not return to his senses.

At this time, April, as frosty cheeks emitting cold, sneering, she went close a few steps. A deft palm pressed in the chest of Android 17, the fierce force launched, and at once, the entire body of Android 17 was catapulted out.

Landing on the ground, knocking out a giant crater of nearly 100 meters in circumference, the surrounding kilometers were affected, and trees had been broken at the waist.

April shrugged off her arm and coldly stepped forward.

“Android 17!”

Seeing her brother being easily knocked away by the brunette, Android 18’s face suddenly changed, and she lunged to stop April in front of her, but April was unmoved and followed the same pattern, slapping Android 18 down to the ground as well.

“Ahem, this damn woman, how can she be so strong!” Android 17 wretchedly got up from the ground, his face full of incredulity.

“Android 17, be careful.” A hint of fear flashed across Android 18’s eyes.


“Gohan, just now did you see clearly how that person struck?” A little farther away, Piccolo kept the shock on his face and asked Son Gohan softly beside him.

Son Gohan shook his head vigorously, “I couldn’t see at all.”

“Me neither.”

Piccolo’s throat twitched.

“Uncle Piccolo, as long as that big sister is there, are we saved?”

Son Gohan was still a child. Although he grew up experiencing big and small battles, these were not what he wanted. His wish was to be a scholar, not a warrior.


Piccolo nodded with a complicated face, but his eyes turned to Android 16 standing in front of them. In fact, as long as this person in green armor was there, their lives were already secured. Although they did not know how these people appeared and why they were so strong, at least they were not as dangerous as the man and woman before them.

Noticing Piccolo’s eyes, Android 16 smiled and said, “April’s strength is very strong, Android 17 and Android 18 are not her opponents.”

The woman’s name was “April”.

Piccolo’s gaze lingered on April for a moment and then focused on Muyang’s body. He had never seen this black-haired Earthling before, but given the current situation, he must be a superpower to be able to appear here.

Earth actually hid such a powerful character, and he did not know before.

Piccolo suddenly felt how lonely he was before. His narrow vision underestimated the world’s masters and then laughed bitterly: With them in, the Saiyan invasion a few years ago and the subsequent advent of Frieza and his father were simply not a problem.

Any one of these people was enough to solve them easily.

Perhaps because the opponents were too weak, they did not bother to fight. Perhaps only strong people like Broly and androids made them look up.

Piccolo speculated, brainstorming a general explanation.


At the same time, the scene in the Sacred Land of Korin was also seen in the Old Kami and Mr. Popo on The Lookout.

At this time, they were also shocked by the powerful power that April showed. The Old Kami observed for a long time before coming back to his senses and heaving a sigh of relief. In fact, he did not know exactly what April and the others were.

“Old Kami, fortunately, that lady caught up in time. As long as Piccolo did not die, those people on Earth still have the hope of resurrection.” Mr. Popo said with a delighted face.

“As expected of an expert who defeated Broly, those two monsters are no match for her.” The Old Kami nodded thankfully, “It’s really a blessing from heaven, Mr. Popo. You hurry up and take out the dragon beads in case something changes next, let everyone be resurrected now.”

“Now?” Mr. Popo was a little surprised.

“Hurry up. ” the Old Kami urged.

The Old Kami was old enough. According to the life expectancy of the Narmekian, he had reached the time of exhaustion. Initially, when Vegeta invaded Earth four years ago, it was his time to die, but because the Dragon Balls of Narmekian let him live a few more years, and now his body was about to hold out.

Now the Earth was not short of Kami but strong people.

In the heart of Old Kami, he already had the idea of fusing his soul and life into energy to Piccolo.

With such an idea in mind, the Old Kami ordered Mr. Popo to summon the Shenron when Android 17 and 18 had already been stopped by April, which might be the last time the Dragon Ball of Earth would grant a wish.

“Piccolo’s behavior in the past few years I have seen, especially after the fusion of the Namekian. His body and mind are no longer a demon, and he will be a magnificent warrior.” The Old Kami was pleased with Piccolo’s change.

Then his deep gaze was cast back to the Lower Realm.

‘Those two androids should not be able to make any waves.’

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