Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 468

Chapter 468

This young girl had a curtain of golden hair, the white as snow dimple was rarely exquisite and beautiful. Especially the pair of eyes, the flow of hope and charm, extremely moving, but the eyes were exactly the same as the next Android 17, cold and indifferent, treating life as grass.

When walking to the side of Android 17, her body snuggled up to the past; indifferent eyes looked at Krillin, eyes full of disgust.


Android 18 lightly pulled her hair, casually hit a wave of energy, directly exploded Krillin’s body to pieces.

“Android 18, what are you doing? I haven’t had enough fun.”

“I’ll take care of it for you. Save yourself the trouble.”

“Hmph.” Android 17 shrugged his shoulders. His own sister was like that, always not letting herself have a good time.

“What about this old guy? Kill him?”

“Whatever.” Android 18 impatiently waved his hand.

Android 17 walked to the side of Master Roshi, squatting down, “Those people I killed are your disciples, right? Yamcha, Krillin, and the Tien Shinhan also learned martial arts from you …… Only a pity that Son Goku did not die in my hands! Oh yes, Son Goku also has a son, who seems to live in the Mount Paozu.”

“Demons, sooner or later, you will suffer retribution.” Master Roshi’s eyes were full of blood, and he wanted to break Android 17 and Android 18 into pieces.

“Hahahahaha, you can’t kill us. You can only watch helplessly as we kill the people on Earth one by one. Damn old man, you have lived a long time, then continue to watch the world fall into our plaything little by little!”

Android 17 raised his head and laughed maniacally, not taking Master Roshi’s words to heart at all.

Android 18 snickered, “Go train new warriors if you can, so we won’t be bored for the rest of our lives.”

Finally, Android 17 and 18 went away. They did not kill Master Roshi, leaving Master Roshi’s life to struggle in this desperate world. If Master Roshi was capable, then train some toys to pass the time for them …… although this was unlikely.

“Damn it!”

Master Roshi sadly pounded the ground in anger, the era belonging to Master Roshi had passed, and now he could not even do anything about his own disciple being killed in front of him.

“Hey, Bulma……”

Master Roshi dialed the phone number of West City, and after briefly telling what happened at the Kame House, Master Roshi put down the phone wearily and he dialed the phone number of Mount Paozu again.

The next target of Android was Goku’s son Son Goha, and he must be prepared.

‘If Goku was still alive, how good would it be…..’ Master Roshi thought sadly.


A few days later, Muyang and April indulged in a few days of indulgenc. Aprill blushed and fell into Muyang’s arms. With her eternal energy body plus the cells of Majin Buu, there was no problem even for several days and nights in a row.

But Muyang couldn’t stand it anymore and was now replenishing Gaia’s Spring of Life.

“April, it’s time to get up.”

With a slap on April’s buttocks, Muyang picked her up and walked into the bathroom to take a hot bath. Well, after the fusion of the cells of Majin Buu, April’s skin became more soft and elastic, the slim white waist, smooth and delicate belly, giving people a feeling of love.

This little demon, he could not manage her.

Knock, knock, knock-

The sound of knocking on the door

After opening the door, Muyang saw the black-skinned Mr. Popo, standing on top of the flying carpet, floating at a height of thirty centimeters above the ground.

“Kami invites you to the Lookout for a cha. The Earth needs your help now.” Mr. Popo conveyed Kami’s meaning.

“It’s about the androids, right? You go back first. We will naturally strike when we have to.”

When he saw Mr. Popo, Muyang knew that Kami had paid attention to this place. Knowing that April had a history of killing Broly, there was no reason for Kami not to ask her for help.

But whether to make a move or not, Muyang was still considering.

“Well, I hope you can save this world.” Mr. Popo pleaded.

Muyang interrupted Mr. Popo, “We already know the matte. Let us think about it.”


Mr. Popo sighe. Seeingg that Muyang’s mind was already made up he flew towards the Lookout on the flying carpet.

“Brother, do we still need to think about the androids? Just kill them directly.” April came out wearing hot pants and cool short sleeves.

Muyang replied, “You do not understand, wait a while longer to see what happens, the identity of these two androids is a bit complicated. By the way let Android 16 go to protect Piccolo, don’t let Piccolo be killed by the androids.”

April did not know. She heard a “hmm” and let Android 16 stay by Piccolo’s side.

“April, the android thing, how should you make up your mind.”


Muyang said, “Your identity is more suitable than mine.”

“Brother, do you know something?” April frowned up like smoke clouds. She always felt that her brother’s attitude towards the androids in this world was somewhat ambiguous as if he did not intend to take action.

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

You were just a family of relatives.


April was even more puzzled, but she obediently did not ask more questions. Even if she went to Android 21 and 16, she could not ask anything, and they did not know April’s relationship with Androids 17 and 18.


A few days later, the entire planet was shrouded in panic. Four cities in the south, east, north, and west suffered a tragic blow one after another. The number of people killed rose one after another. When Mr. Popo came to ask for help again, Muyang agreed to their request.

At this time, Muyang had already determined that there was no longer any possibility of transformation for Android 17 and Android 18 in this world. Because through this period of observation, he had already given the other side a lot of opportunities. Even when he asked Android 16 to protect Piccolo, he tried not to hurt them, but knowing that there were still people stronger than them on Earth, the attitude of Android 17 and Android 18 still had not been half-restrained. They even began to actively attack cities with large populations, echoing those terrorists and their cold and cruel character had penetrated to the marrow and was incorrigible.

“Brother, according to the information sent by Android 16, Androids 17 and 18 are attacking Piccolo and Son Goku’s son but was stopped by Android16. It’s strange …… Son Goku’s son’s name is actually Son Gohan.”

“This is not the focus of your attention.” Muyang gave April a white look.

“Piccolo and Son Goku’s son ki are …… in Sacred Land of Korin, we go over.”

Wrapped around April’s slender waist, Muyang directly used Instant Transmission.


In a flash, their figures had already appeared to the Sacred Land of Korin ten thousand miles away.

The first thing that caught his eye was a highly unified forest, each tree grew for a hundred years, and the tree diameter required several people to hug it together.

Sacred Land of Korin, Piccolo, and the young Son Gohan was protected by Android 16 behind, in front of a man and a woman watching them intently.

his was the fifth time Android 16 blocked Android 17.

“Big guy, looking at the ‘RR’ logo on your chest, you should also be an android made by Dr. Gero, why are you stopping us from killing Piccolo and that little kid?” Android17’s face was cold, and his blue eyes were full of killing intent.

“Killing is not good.” Android 16 spared the words to answer.

Android 17 was annoyed for a while, but he was not a match for Android 16.

‘Dr. Gero, this bad old man, when did he create such an obstinate guy? He should have known better than to rush to kill that old man first.’

Android 17 did not know that Android 16 in front of him was actually recreated by Android 21.

“Android 17, this guy simply does not make sense, let these two targets go.” Android 18 licked her bright red lips, her face was less confident.

“No, these two guys have to die.”

As if a child who had lost a game was throwing a tantrum, Android 17 recognized her target. Android 18 frowned. When a gust of wind blew, and her golden hair fluttered slowly in the wind.

“Huh!” Android 18 gave a slightly surprised cry and looked in a direction.

“There are two more people.”

At a distance of more than a hundred meters from them, two young and beautiful figures suddenly appeared. The appearance of the figures of Muyang and April brought a great sense of oppression to everyone present at once.

When Piccolo saw April appear, cold sweat appeared on his head, “That woman, is the one who killed Broly six months ago.”

Son Gohan timidly hiding to the side, “They are the people that Aunt Bulma said?”

“Who the hell are you two?”

Android 17 and Android 18 had not seen Muyang and April, thus their faces were very cautious. Because according to their scouter, the energy on the two people in front of them was very odd, if anything …… it caught their attention even more.

Muyang and April floated to the side of Android 16, swept behind the eyes of Piccolo and Son Gohan, then put the line of sight to Android 17, 18.

“Brother, these two are so familiar. It can’t be ……” April saw clearly the looks of Android 17 and 18, lightly covered her small mouth, and made a surprised sound.

Muyang nodded affirmatively, “It’s Lazuli and Lapis.”

“Oh my!”

It was her own nephew and niece, which made April very surprised!

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