Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 467

Chapter 467

“Can you guys tell me what is going on with the androids? Are they the ones who killed Vegeta?” Bulma said with a somewhat sad expression.

“Not only Vegeta. They also killed Yamcha and Tien Shinhan.” Muyang explained, “As for the androids, that is Dr. Gero’s order to take revenge on Son Goku, he created a killing machine. Only Dr. Gero did not expect that by the time he finished the android, Son Goku had already passed away first because of heart disease.”

“Dr. Gero had a grudge against Goku? Why would he want to take revenge on him?”

Bulma was emotional. Yamcha and Tien Shinhan’s death also deeply stimulated her.

“Dr. Gero was a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon Army, and Son Goku is the one who destroyed the Red Ribbon Army.” Muyang replied concisely, “Dr. Gero created the androids to take revenge on Son Goku, but in the case of Son Goku’s death, those androids lost their purpose and began to destroy for fun.”

Oolong listened with a face of anger, “So that’s it! The Red Ribbon Army again. Those guys are really shady, and it’s a pity that Goku died early. Otherwise, it could definitely stop Dr. Gero.”

Even if Son Goku was resurrected, he was not a match for the androids.

Muyang secretly slandered a few words, followed by no further comments. Because this world did not have the remainder of the Trunks from the future, so the power of Dragon Ball warriors was generally weaker than the original, even Krillin only maintained a few tens of thousands of power levels. There hadn’t been much growth over the years.

“By the way, how do you guys know all this?” Bulma looked at Muyang and the others suspiciously. It was important to know that these were hidden secrets, and the other side really knew too much.

“Do you think that with our strength, there is something that can be hidden from us?” April said very calmly.

Bulma and Oolong were speechless. After all, with the power that April showed six months ago, it was indeed much more powerful than Son Goku, Vegeta, and others. Even the monster called Broly was easily killed by her, and her strength did not need to be explained because the strength itself was persuasive.

“Ah, we need to hurry to inform Krillin and the others. If the target of that so-called android is really Goku, all of us may be targeted.” Bulma suddenly thought of something, and his face became very anxious.

It was too late to say anything else. Bulma pulled up Oolong and hurriedly said goodbye to Muyang and the others, then boarded the plane.

With the roar of the plane’s engine, the beige plane swooshed into the sky and disappeared between the blue sky and white clouds.

Looking at the back of the plane, which could no longer be seen clearly, Muyang laughed lightly, “It’s really quite urgent to go.”

“Brother, since we know it was the androids that did it, why didn’t we help them get rid of those androids?”

Muyang shook his head, “No, it’s not our business. Let’s just observe.”

It was not known whether the fledgling Android had a fixed personality, and there were too many similar small worlds. If every one of them had to intervene, Muyang thought he should simply become a nanny instead. Besides, the Androids 17, 18 might be April’s nephew, niece, as a last resort, Muyang didn’t want to take action for himself or April.

Since Muyang said so, April certainly did not object. She nodded to Android 16 to ask more about Android 17 and 18.

“Android 17 is a black-haired teenager with a scarf around his neck, while Android 18 is a teenage girl image with more fashionable clothing. They both have a cold look, with blue-colored eyes and round earrings, so they are very recognizable!” Android 16 recounted the characteristics of Android 17 and Android 18.

“Round earrings? Well, the characteristics are very similar to Android 21.”

April wrote it down carefully so that she wouldn’t encounter it and not be able to recognize it.

“Yes, Android 18 looks like Android 21, but the hair color is different. Android. 18’s hair is blond.”

“Much like Android 21? Doesn’t that mean, look like me too?” April paused for a moment, seeming to think of something because of this comment of Android 16, then shook her head not to put it in mind.

They could be her nephew and niece.

Of course, because the world was different, despite both being called Lazuli and Lapis, Muyang could not be sure if they were related to April. But from Bulma’s mother’s name “Panchy”, ninety percent were relatives.

The whole thing was a bunch of relatives.

“Well, April, don’t bother with the androids. Tell me what you think. You actually killed Broly.”

In Universe 7, Broly is April’s adopted son, and she really got down to it.

“Brother, you know all about it, but this world’s Broly is a madman. Originally, I wasn’t going to do anything, but he kept making noise in front of me, and I just couldn’t help it.”

Muyang nodded, “So you blew him to smithereens.”

April laughed awkwardly. Muyang rolled his eyes a bit, did not blame her. After all, the two Brolys didn’t have the same place other than having an identical origin and name.

He said, “I hope that in the future, when you encounter Android 17 and 18 of this world, you can also lay hands on it.

Without dwelling on this issue, Muyang put his arm around April’s shoulders and continued to enjoy the peace of nature with her in the fields. As for the android, just leave it to Android 16 to keep an eye on it.


In the following days, the earth had been unstable. One could see from the TV news that a certain city had been attacked by terrorists again, and the whole city had been killed.

Pressing the remote control to change the channel, similar news was also reported.

Turning off the TV, April sat on the small sofa next to her with a pillow in her hand, “The earth is so unsafe in this world. There are terrorist attacks all day and night.”

Muyang peeled an orange, shared with April to her mouth, “How unsafe, it will not threaten you. Your strength is now not much lower than mine.”

The Majin State of April was equivalent to Majin Buu, and if Muyang did not use his full strength, he would not be able to take her for a while.

“But I can’t even watch TV properly because of this mess.” April ate the orange peeled by Muyang.

“Hmm… We can do something else. Although the stronger the power, won’t it be more hopeless the lower the possibility of conceiving offspring? If we don’t make an effort, won’t it be more hopeless? So while it’s just the two of us now, we need to take advantage of this time.” Muyang said.

“Well, brother is right. It’s time to seize the opportunity.” April seriously considered it and nodded her head forcefully.

When she was at home, April was a good little sister. Even in bed, she was only bullied by the sisters. Now in other worlds, her brother was hers alone, and no one grabbed it from her.

“Why don’t we go back to the room now and work on creating a life together.”

April guffawed, “Yes!”

Melia and Melis had two children, Muqiu and Amelia, and April wanted one too. Although she knew that this hope was not very big, with a few more efforts, there was always hope.


On the other hand, Kame House.

After destroying several cities in a row, Android 17 and Android 18 sought out the Dragon Ball warriors and others, so after Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, Vegeta, Kling also became their targets.

“Master Roshi, you quickly escape with the turtles.”

Multiple small holes appeared on Krillin’s body, and blood poofed out. In front of him, a dark-haired youth with a scarf around his neck looked at him with a cocky face, his fingertips constantly tapping and firing short bursts of energy rays.


Krillin’s face went white, and another small hole was made in his thigh.

“Hahahaha, so weak. Is this Son Goku’s brother not at all enjoyable?” Android 17 disdainfully skimmed his mouth, stretched out his fingers.


A few beams of white light were generated from his fingertips.

“Damn, Krillin, what about you? I will fight with you.”

Master Roshi’s eyes were tearful as he looked at the bloodied appearance of Krillin, and after a roar, he raised his wooden staff and lunged towards the Android 17.

“Die, old man.”

With disdain, Android 17 didn’t bother to pay attention to Master Roshi. With a flip of the hand, the powerful force formed a hurricane will be Kamehameha whole person overturned out.

Master Roshi fell helplessly more than ten meters, half of his body buried in the sea sand, and Master Roshi sadly hammered the ground.

“Ah, you two demons, do not be complacent. One day someone will defeat you.” Krillin was half-kneeling on the ground, the white sand already stained red.

“Hmph, defeat us? Son Goku and Vegeta are dead. Who else on this earth is our opponent.” Android. 17 unruly laughing maniacally.


Another energy ray launched towards Krillin. Krillin was in pain, clenched his teeth, and collapsed to the ground, his eyes deadly stared at Android 17.

“Android 17, don’t always play such boring tricks, making yourself look like some big villain.”

At this time, leaning on the side of the coconut tree blond girl impatiently came over, “A pathetically weak guy. Just kill it. Why bother so much?”

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