Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 466

Chapter 466

“Let’s go, today we must find Vegeta!”

“Hey, Bulma, why are you mad? Do you really think the other side really killed Vegeta!” Oolong was anxious to stomp his feet. Vegeta, that bastard dead or not, what did it matter to him. Don’t ask for trouble for the sake of irrelevant people!

“These two days, the world is not very peaceful. I heard that there was a terrorist attack on certain islands in the south, and the whole island sank.” Oolong tried to persuade Bulma to go back, but Bulma was determined to find Vegeta. Whatever Oolong said was to no avail.

‘Bulma is really something, and why did she get involved with that Vegeta guy!’

Oolong wilted thought.


“This is the place.”

According to the scouter, the last location of Vegeta’s energy, Bulma found Android 21’s ship.

In the ship’s vicinity, there was a building that clearly did not match the surrounding style.

Knock, knock, knock-

There was a knock on the door of the laboratory. The one who opened the door was a young girl with beautiful brown hair. Her white and delicate face was beautiful, and when Oolong saw the other side, he was shocked.

“It’s the woman who killed Broly six months ago!” Oolong trembled. His legs and stomach were trembling.

“May I ask who you are looking for?”

Android 21 was busy with the matter at hand and was very angry after being disturbed halfway, so her tone was not very friendly when facing Bulma and Oolong.

Bulma took a deep breath and said, “We are here to find Vegeta. He has not come home for many days.”

“Vegeta, that’s the Super Saiyan? I have not seen.” After saying that, the Android 21 was about to close the door.

“Wait, he came to you two days ago. Can you tell me his whereabouts?” Bulma blocked the door frame with her hand to keep the door from closing.

When Oolong saw this scene, cold sweat broke out and blamed Bulma.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Android 21’s face was clear and cold, and after forcefully pushing Bulma away, she closed the door.

“Hey!” Bulma knocked hard on the door again continuously, but Android 21 ignored it anymore.

“Bulma, my sister…. you settle down. I don’t want to follow you to death yet.” Oolong pulled Bulma, painfully said. For the sake of the district Vegeta, there was really no need to take their own lives. Oolong considered that they should hurry to get out of here.

“Woah woah woah ……” Trunks in her arms was crying.

Bulma frowned at the door, confirming that the other side would certainly not open, and had to go to the side to coax Trunks. In Bulma’s care, Trunks finally stopped crying and let out a giggle.

Oolong said, “We’d better go back, do not take such a risk again.”

Bulma’s heart reluctantly tangled for a while. She could only resentfully nod.

Just as they were about to leave, from the other direction came Muyang and April. Oolong rubbed his eyes for a moment and asked, “That woman seems to be the one who opened the door before. When did she come out?”

Bulma clunked Oolong’s head, “It is obviously two people, probably twin sisters.”

Oolong looked horrified, “Such a woman, there are actually two! Hey, Bulma, don’t go over there.”

It turns out that just as he was horrified, Bulma held Trunks directly towards April and them.

“Bulma ……”

April looked at Bulma in surprise, especially since she was holding a child in her arms.

“You know me?” Bulma asked in confusion.

“I’m your aunt. No, you don’t know me in this world yet.” Whether the blood relations in parallel worlds would be the same or not was still up in the air. At least in this world, Bulma did not know her.

“What are you talking about? You look about the same age as me. How can you be my aunt?” Bulma was unsure.

“Your mother’s name is Panchy?” April said Bulma’s mother’s name.

“Huh? by the way, what is my mother’s name again …… Panchy, it seems to be that name.” Bulma, for a moment, could not recall his mother’s name.

That was right. It seemed that there was still the same point between the two worlds. April smiled without explanation and asked, “This child is yours? Who is his father, Son Goku?”

“What nonsense, how is it possible for Goku and me!” Bulma frowned. Since childhood, she and Son Goku had known each other, but to say that she had given him a child was completely impossible, especially when the other party had already started a family long ago.

Oolong gossiped on the sidelines, “This child is called Trunks, is Bulma and Vegeta’s son.”

‘Really, if it were Goku’s child, it would be good… but it was Vegeta, that evil man,’ Oolong did not know what was in Bulma’s head.

April froze for a moment, said to herself, “It’s actually that annoying guy ……”

Bulma grabbed April’s hand and asked, “Have you seen Vegeta? Do you know where he went now? Yamcha and Tian Shinhan can not be contacted, and I am very worried about Vegeta’s safety.”

“I don’t know… I did see him a few days ago, but after being taught a lesson by me, I had no idea where he is.” April’s attitude towards Bulma was very kind. However, there was a big lump in the heart, ‘why it was Vegeta. She even had a child with him. I return, I must educate ‘my’ Bulma, her vision was too poor.’

“But I have not seen him back.”

“Maybe he ran away to hide somewhere. That obnoxious guy has been proud as hell.” Oolong shrugged.

It must be said that Oolong has a good eye for people.

“Wait, you guys just said that Yamcha and Tien Shinhan have lost contact?” At this point, Muyang, who was standing next to April, inquired.

“Yes …… yes.”

Muyang sniffed, closed his eyes to sense something. After a while, he opened his eyes and said seriously to April, “There is no Vegeta, Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan’s energy was above the Earth.”

April suddenly thought of something, said, “Could it be that androids appeared? But why we do not feel the breath of their battle?”

Muyang gave him a blank look, “Of course you can not feel, the strength of the androids is good, with Yamcha and Tien Shinhan tens of thousands of power level, they will be killed in an instant. As for Vegeta, you have beaten him into a serious injury. Can he survive in the hands of the androids?”

“Hey ……” April was said to be embarrassed, lowered her head, and laughed lightly, but did not feel the least bit guilty for the outsiders died because of her.

“Vegeta is dead?” Bulma’s body shook, tears started to flow down. But surprisingly, in addition to feeling a trace of sadness in the heart, she did not have too bitter feelings of sorrow. After all, although she and Vegeta live together, the feelings are not particularly deep. That was to say when Son Goku died, she was more sad than this.

Just then, Android 16 quietly came from the ridge, a small bird quietly stationed on the shoulder. When he approached Muyang and the others, the bird on his shoulder only spread his wings and flew away.

Android 16 said, “Several small islands in the south have suffered devastating attacks, the work of Androids 17 and 18 ……”

“Why didn’t I sense their ki?” April asked.

“Because their energy is obtained through transformation, the breath cannot be generated without training.”

Android could also become stronger through training, as long as the training would bring a special energy breath. Androids 17 and 18 were new to the world, they did not know how to practice at all, and the power in their bodies all depended on the energy given by Dr. Gero when he transformed them.

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