Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 465

Chapter 465

“You are Android 21?”

In a slightly cluttered laboratory, Muyang saw Android 21 dressed in a white costume, with a face similar to April’s, and identical dress preferences, if not for the earrings above her ears which were different from April’s, Muyang could not tell who was who.

At this time, the Android 21, holding a beaker in her hand, looked at Muyang, who was being held by April’s arm. Android 21 put down the beaker and politely extended a hand, “Yes, I am Android 21. You are April’s husband, right? I didn’t expect you to be able to come to this world.”

The face of Android 21 was quite surprised.

April clutched Muyang with one hand, incomparably joyful, “Brother is here to take me back.”

Android 21 laughed, “But you are beautiful.”

April spat out her tongue, “Hehehe.”

“By the way, that spaceship outside is yours, right? Traveling through the world is a felony, and it is easy to attract the Time Patrol’s pursuit. If it is to track down Majin Android 21, I can deal with the Time Patrol. It just so happens that I have their contact information in my hand.”

Muyang returned in the favor. The other party kind of saved April in the chaos, and for Android 21, he did not hate.

Android 21 shook his head with a smile, “No, I will handle the matter of Majin Android 21 myself, and if the people of the Time Patrol come looking for me, I will also explain to them personally.”

Seeing this, Muyang shrugged his shoulders. Since the other party did not need his help, then he was not in a position to continue.

“Android 21 has a very strong character,” April explained for Android 21.

“I can see that.” Muyang smiled and pinched April’s face while April obediently adjusted her position in his arms.

Android 21 expression was strange, looking at April’s pampered look.

“When do you plan to return?” Android 21 asked.

“Right away. “

“I suggest that you leave a few days later, April’s Majin State still needs to adapt, stay by my side, and I can properly instruct her.” Android21 did not raise her head from works, “Anyway, the flow of time here is different from the seventh universe …… in a few months, my ship energy can also be replenished.”

April looked at Muyang seriously, “I will master the state of the magic man as soon as possible.”

Muyang smiled: “Okay, then let’s stay a little longer.”

After that, seeing how Android 21 was shaking the test tubes and busily making various potions, guessing that the other party was likely to be busy for a long time, Muyang took April out of the lab.


Outside, they met Android 16, an android with brown hair like April, rumored to be a pure cyborg made by Dr. Gero based on his own son.

“Brother, this is Android 16, don’t look big, but the mind is very delicate.” April introduced No. 16.

“Hello.” No. 16 greeted nervously.


“Do you like nature?” Android 16 looked deep into the mountains.


“Me too.”

Muyang smiled and extended his hand to shake Android. 16, “It’s relaxing to lie under the shade of a tree when the sun is shining and feel the fragrance of nature, look, there’s a big tree there, we can go over and have a good chat.”

“Sure.” Android 16 showed a smile and thought it was a very good idea.

Android 16 was wearing heavy green armor. In fact, Muyang had recognized him the first time he saw him. –Universe 7’s Android 16 has not yet been seen, but then again, if Android 16 was really made based on Dr. Gero’s son, then it was hard to say if there would be an Android 16 in the main universe in the future.

After all, April was now married to himself, and although she had crossed paths with Dr. Gero, it was only a purely collegial relationship.

Under the shade of the tree, Muyang looked around the nearby mountains and found many familiar places, “This is the Great Azure Mountain. Such a primitive picture has not been seen for decades.”

“Yes, brother, it’s like going back to childhood all of a sudden.” April loved to ride the little blue dinosaur around the mountains when she was small, when the Great Azure City was not yet developed, and the scenery was exactly the same as here.

“By the way, brother. Do you know, this world’s Son Goku actually died because of heart disease!”

Muyang frowned, “Son Goku died of illness. When did it happen?”

April said, “I heard that there are several months. Android 21 also said that the androids 17 and 18 will soon appear.”

Muyang recalled the plot of the androids’ appearance, which appeared shortly after the death of Son Goku’s illness. Then at Son Goku’s funeral, Bulma would hold the young Trunks together to say goodbye. —Combined with the original when the androids appeared, Trunks was also born shortly after. The two are coincidental.

Muyang could indeed be sure that the time of the androids was about to appear. Or, perhaps they might already appear.

The fragmented world was an interception of the “real world”, its cause and effect from the “real world”, so what should happen would happen. —-This real-world referred to the original world.

“Android 17 and 18! I wonder how the character is not as bad as in the original.” In this world’s affairs, Muyang was not willing to interfere too much, but if Android 17 and 18 were meddlesome, then he had to intervene a little.

At this point, Android 16 said, “In my former world, Android 17 and 18 have a good character, but I have seen other Majin Android 17 and 18.”

April asked, “How was Android 16’s original world?”

Android 16 said, “It was very similar to here, a little larger than here, it was multiple worlds with seven or eight small worlds combined together, but it was finally destroyed by Majin Android 21, no one survived, I was later repaired out by Android 21.”

Muyang smiled. He knew that the world that Android 16 originally lived in was the same as the world he saw outside, a pattern of several small worlds fused together in a flower cluster.

“I’m sorry.” April sincerely apologized.

Android 16 shook his head gently.

The topic temporarily fell into silence, and after a while, April broke the silence as she said, “I’ve seen Launch in this village, and she seems to be living alone. Let’s go and see how she is.”

Muyang shook his head, “Since Launch is living alone, she must not want to be disturbed. Let’s not bother each other.”

April nodded and then chatted about the differences between this world and her own main world. She felt that knowing a little more might be helpful for the future of her world.

Because the time flow was different, so the gods of the main world, such as Whis, would not even look into the small world. –Because the historical events that happened in the small world were difficult to correspond with the main world, a year that passed in the small world the main world may only pass a few days, and they missed it after a sleep.

“April, later we will go together to see Kami School of this world.”

“Okay, but we don’t know any of the people there.”


A few days later, Muyang and the others felt several big earthquakes on the earth, but they didn’t care. Instead, they were busy replenishing the energy of the airship and training April to master the magical human transformation.

On this day, the sun was shining brightly, and the autumn was high.

Fluffy, a beige jet plane, flew from afar and landed on a field near the big green hill. Then a person jumped down from the plane, with lavender hair and a relatively slim figure, holding a half-year-old baby in her arms.

“Bulma, you have to fly ahead for a while if you want to go to the bunting mountain.”

Oolong followed Bulma and jumped out of the plane.

Bulma looked at Kami School worriedly, “Today, I’m not here to find Gohan and Chi-Chi. Vegeta has been missing for several days, until now there is no news, a few days ago, he was here to challenge a certain person.”

Oolong shivered, “Did the other side kill Vegeta? Then we’d better hurry back.”

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