Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 384

Chapter 384

“You are the legendary King of the Demon Realm?” Bojack narrowed his eyes and resisted the pressure from Dabura. His face was very ugly, while Zangya, Kogu, and others on the side were even worse, each with a pale face, unable to even stand up.

Compared with a few months ago, Dabura’s chest had a few more pieces of emerald green metal. Although the appearance hadn’t changed much, the power had gone up a lot.

The power level was at least 5.5 billion!

‘How Dabura became so powerful all of a sudden!?’ Zangya thought inwardly timidly with an incredulous face.

“My king, your strength is very good. I would like to invite you, together with your subordinates, to join my camp and serve the great Lord Babidi together.” Dabura proudly stood in front of Bojack with a pair of eyes that defied the pale.

Bojack closed his eyes for a moment in thought, opened them, and smiled, “It would be an honor for us Galaxy Soldiers to work together with King Dabura.”

“Hahahaha, it hurts!” Not expecting Bojack to agree so crisply, Dabura laughed loudly, “Then wait for the good news from the king. After Lord Babidi has dealt with the matter at hand, he will come to see you soon. Before that, you should liaise well with Loomu.”

“No problem,” Bojack promised very quickly.

Dabura took a deep look at the smiling Bojack, and his figure gradually became illusory.

After Dabura disappeared, Bojack’s face was as frosty and gloomy as if it was going to drip ink.

“Are we really going to cooperate with Dabura? It’s too dangerous.” Kogu was worried in his heart.

“I know, but the power of that King of the Demon Realm exceeds me by a lot.” Bojack’s somewhat darkened cheeks became even darker, “According to what you guys said before, even if Dabura is strong, he shouldn’t be so much more powerful than me!”

“Yeah, compared to before, Dabura’s chest has some more special metal. It wasn’t like this before…” said Zangya.

“Those metals are artificially modified. It seems that Dabura has modified his body, only it looks like the transformation is not yet complete.” Bojack pondered for a moment and then understood. Then, he sneered, “Maybe we should get that Loomu to talk it over and take advantage of the technology of Big Gete Star.”

Bojack’s people were originally reformed people from other galaxies. So, they naturally would want to know and get whatever they could here.

Once the idea was told to everyone, Zangya, Bujin, and others thought it was feasible, but only Kogu was a little worried. Bojack’s power level was about 4.5 billion, which was a lot less than the power Dabura had just shown. Such an act was just like seeking skin with a tiger —one mistake would lead to a big heel.

Speaking his concerns out, Bojack laughed out loud, thinking that Kogu was a little too conservative. In response, Kogu shrugged. He was not angry but a little unsettled in his heart.


On the other hand, Dabura arrived inside Big Gete Star.

“My lord, have those Galaxy Soldiers been subdued?” Loomu respectfully stood in front of Dabura.

Dabura said, “On the surface, they agreed, inside who knows what they are thinking. However, it does not matter. This king will not trust them either. So you contact them next and wait together for Lord Babidi’s command. I will continue the next transformation, no matter what, do not disturb me.”

After saying this, Dabura laid down on the transformation table and let the Central Lifeform of Big Gete Star transform his body.

Dabura’s main concern now was to finish the transformation of his body sooner. The resources of the Demon Realm had allowed him to complete most of the transformation. As long as he spent some more time when the transformation of his whole body was completed, Dabura’s strength could be increased by 50% at once to reach the power he had dreamed of.

Loomu’s personality was completely and deeply controlled by Babidi’s power, and he obeyed Dabura’s commands. After Dabura laid down on the transformation table, Loomu bent respectfully and then exited Big Gete Star.


“Hello, Mr. Bojack, I am Loomu. Lord Dabura has entrusted me to make contact with you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s like this. A few months ago, I saw two extremely powerful warriors in Planet Namek through the monitor, very much in line with the Super Warrior manufacturing plan. Based on their appearance, I roughly deduced that those two should be Saiyans or Earthlings…”

At the same time, Loomu played the image of what happened on top of Planet Namek to Bojack. —The very moment when Muyang and Melissa destroyed Big Gete Star.

After watching the image, Bojack rubbed his chin and looked at Zangya ​and the others, “There are also Saiyans in this galaxy?”

Zangya said: “Yes, they live on Vegeta, and they also call themselves Saiyans, but the Saiyans here have long tails.”

Bojack nodded, thinking a little, looking at the battle images that appeared in the void, “these two people are not Saiyans, the Saiyans I know when the power to carry out a substantial increase, the whole body will shine up a light golden light.”

“And you see ……” Pointing to the picture of Muyang and Melissa, “One of these two people has a silvery-white glow, and the other has a grass-green glow, neither of which is consistent with the state of the Saiyans. “

Loomu was taken aback, “In that case, could they be earthlings? But according to the intelligence, Earthlings are just a very inferior and inferior race, and the computer calculates that the possibility of them being Earthlings is far less than 1%.”

“Anyway, it’s definitely not Saiyans.” Bojack was very sure. Prior to coming to this galaxy, Bojack had been in contact with the Saiyans and knew their forms.

“In that case, it could only be Earthlings. This race is worth studying.” Loomu’s voice rang out.

“Maybe it’s a mutated race.” Bojack was a little interested. The corners of his mouth curved slightly, “Your name is Loomu, right? I wonder if you can provide me with the technology of Big Gete Star. Then, my group and I can capture those two people back for you.”

Loomu said with great joy, “Of course, no problem.”

He was worried about the lack of good experimental specimens, and Bojack’s words were like a pillow just as he was going to sleep.

Although Bojack decided that the two people who appeared in Planet Namek weren’t Saiyans, there was a possibility of error. He should have been prepared for both. Those stray Saiyans also couldn’t be spared because they could become next-level warriors.

In this way, Loomu and Bojack ended the conversation.

Next, Bojack led Zangya and others to Earth, while Loomu sent his few remaining Level 2 Yakon on a massive search for surviving Saiyans.


Grand Kai’s Planet.

Fierce music resounded in the garden as the four Kais joined hands, each with a sad, weepy face.

“What’s going on, you guys?” Grand Kai turned off the stereo and looked at them in confusion.

The North Kai howled, “Lord Grand Kai, you have to save us. The galaxy in my territory is about to suffer.”

Grand Kai picked up a teacup and sipped the hot tea while asking, “After so many days, haven’t the few of you managed to get rid of the regional Galaxy Soldiers and Phantom Men?”

The North Kai blushed and said, “It’s not just about a few Galaxy Soldiers anymore. They just released Bojack.”


The tea in Grand Kai’s mouth spurted out, splashing all over the North Kai’s face.

“Cough cough!” Grand Kai coughed violently, “You guys said that Bojack was released? What have you all been doing for the past year or so?!”

“Not only Bojack, but we also saw Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm, who also appeared in the galaxy….” East Kai whispered.

Grand Kai’s expression completely stiffened and then stormed out, “King of the Demon Realm, Dabura… Bastard, how are you four guys doing your work? The Universe-Level Great Demon King Dabura entered our galaxy, and you only reported to me now?”

If he had the power, he would really like to revoke all these Kais.

“It’s not that we didn’t find out before. We didn’t know about it until Dabura made contact with Bojack.” The North Kai looked at the Grand Kai cautiously.

“They made contact?” Grand Kai mechanically turned his head.

“Well, they just made contact.”

“Bastard, I really shouldn’t have left the matter of the Galaxy Soldiers to you guys. Look what has been done!!!” Grand Kai was furious; his heart attack was coming out of his chest.

‘Look what happened, one Bojack is still somewhat secure in dealing with for Heaven, but with the words of the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura, this is going to ruin his entire galaxy!’

“Go find someone and bring Pikkon, Uyamons, and Carliss.”

“Something big is going to happen!!!”

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