Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 383

Chapter 383

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, about two months had passed since the crisis on Planet Namek.

In a certain area of ​​the Central Area, located against a dark red background, a dark and constantly devouring the surrounding light planet floated alone as if abandoned by the universe orphan.

At this moment, the smooth space suddenly flashed down, and several figures appeared.

“Is this the place?” Zangya and her three companions appeared near this dark planet. The surrounding light was so dark that if you didn’t look closely, you couldn’t even notice the existence of the pocket-sized planet.

“Look, there it is!!!”

Looking far into the distance at the planet locked by various forces, Zangya laughed out loud, “That’s right. That King of the Demon Realm has kept his promise to help us find the planet that sealed the boss, and I have sensed the boss’s summons, and he is sealed on top of that planet.”

To say that this time, Zangya and the others were a bit unhappy. The reason was, of course, the threat of the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura, to find many high-quality planets for him. However, after the hard work, Zangya and others finally learned from Dabura, where their boss Bojack was sealed and rushed over as quickly as they could.

As long as the Bojack is released, who cares about that Dabura.

“Hurry up and release the boss.” Bujin’s face carried an excited expression.

“How to release?” Bido asked doubtfully, “directly blowing up the planet?”

The swordsman Kogu thought for a moment and said, “The boss was sealed by the four Kai jointly in the first place. Those several forces locking the planet’s operation must be the seal of the Kais. Let’s destroy it together.”

Zangya agreed with Kogu and said, “There are exactly four energies. So let’s each deal with one and combine our efforts to break it.”

“That’s fine.”

“Then let’s give it a try!”

Bujin and Bido also agreed to try it first, so Zangya, Kogu, Bujin, and Bido lined up in order. Their bodies were close to the surface of the dark planet.

Just then, a huge attraction came towards them. The dark planet was slim in size, but it was like a black hole with a huge gravitational force attached to its surface. Generally, beings that were not strong enough would be torn apart by this powerful gravitational force as soon as they got close.

“What a strong attraction!”

Their faces changed slightly, and soon the powerful force resisted the gravitational force of the planet.

“Begin!” Kogu shouted with a stern look on his face.

“Attack together!”

The other three responded one after another, and then the four of them pulled apart and released energy in different directions at the same time. In a moment, four terrifying forces that penetrated the world erupted.


Four waves shook.

Affected by this, the central dark planet began to tremble violently. Even the entire sealed starry sky was no longer stable.


It was like the sound of cloth and silk tearing.

The energy imprisoned on the pocket planet was torn apart. When Zangya and the others saw this, they knew that their method was not wrong. With a flash of excitement in their eyes, they immediately increased the output of energy. These few Galaxy Soldiers had at least 2 billion power levels; when output at the same time, the destructive power generated is very frightening.


The deep starry sky suddenly whipped up a cold whirlwind, the dark planet in the center rotated violently, while a dark and bone-chilling aura spread out, the range became larger and larger, gradually affecting the surrounding starry sky.


The sound of the yellow bell loudly passed in the universe, like invisible waves rippled.

—Soon, the universe filled with light blue smoke. This smoke gradually coalesced and finally became a two meters tall upright figure…

The man had the same orange hair as Zangya, with a black turban wrapped around his head. He had white pants on the bottom half of his body and a dark blue long-sleeved cloak on the top. The cloak was hanging down to the footboard, with a black belt around the waist, and was swaying in the wind along with several strings of necklaces on the chest.

It was none other than Bojack, whom Zangya and the others had been looking for for a long time.

“HAHAHAHA, AFTER 300,000 YEARS, I FINALLY GOT OUT OF MY TRAP.” Bojack raised his voice to the sky, and his terrifying energy shook the starry sky.


Zangya, Kogu, Bujin, Bidor gathered around Bojack.

Bojack smiled wickedly, his eyes crossed from Zangya, Kogu, Bujin, Bido in turn, and said, “You have worked hard. Let’s repay those Kais properly next, starting with this planet that sealed me.”

After saying that, Bojack raised his arm and casually threw down an energy ball towards that dark planet. The whole planet instantly exploded into smithereens with a loud boom.

The planet sealed with Bojack was created by the four Kais jointly using divine power. The seal’s power comes from four Galaxy’s Kai’s Planet. —When Bojack destroyed it, the four Kais’s Planets trembled violently at the same time, seemingly announcing Bojack’s return.


North Kai’s Planet.

“What’s happening?”

North Kai couldn’t help but prostrate himself on the ground because of the planet’s violent shaking. When he used the tentacles on his head to investigate what was going on, what came back was an eerie cold silence that stimulated the chill of the soul.

North Kai hit a jolt, and his face brushed white, “This is bad. Bojack’s seal…. was actually broken….”

West Kai’s Planet, the West Kai, who was not concerned about the matter, was also shocked by what happened in the Central Area.

“Those bastards actually released Bojack.”

Originally, when Zangya and the others entered the North Area, the West Kai only thought he could rest easy, but now the appearance of Bojack made him nervous.

At the same time, the East Kai, South Kai, and the others also perceived the situation of Bojack’s appearance and were all in a hurry.

Grand Kai intended to put Zangya and the others, as well as Loomu, to the test of their four galaxies, but the ability of several Kais was limited, and their current state was obviously beyond the scope of the test. If the Heaven didn’t step in, their four galaxies would not have the ability to stop Bojack and the others.

“No, Bojack’s comeback has clearly exceeded the specifications of the lower Kai. Therefore, we must immediately notify the Grand Kai.”

After thinking about it, the four Kais coincidentally thought of asking the Grand Kai for help.


Central Area.

Five light streams crossed the starry sky as Bojack and the others stepped toward the distant stars.

“Kogu, tell me what happened after I was sealed so I can surprise those Kais.”

“Okay, boss.” Kogu listened then explained in detail what happened after Bojack was sealed, “…. At first after the boss was sealed, we were attacked by a group of powerful people from Heaven, they defeated us but were not able to kill us, and later put us in the Prison Planet…..”

Three hundred thousand years ago in the galaxy, neither the World of the Living nor Heaven was as strong as it was now. At that time, even the strong people that could completely kill Zangya and the others did not exist.

Bojack nodded seriously and continued to listen to Kogu’s account of what happened after getting out of the prison planet.

“Boss, we ran into Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm, on Planet Yellowstone, and that guy wants us to serve him.” Zangya, with an unhappy face, told Bojack about the aggression.

“The King of the Demon Realm? What is going on? You guys tell me the situation carefully.” Bojack’s face got serious.

Bojack’s knowledge was richer than Zangya and other people’s. Once, he heard about the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura, which was a ruthless person that even the Universe Supreme Kai. Bojack boasted that he was powerful, but he did not dare say that he could definitely win against Dabura.

“The thing is this…” Kogu nodded and told what happened on Planet Yellowstone. Bojack listened to it with a cloudy face, not knowing what was in his mind.

“The King of the Demon Realm, Dabura, and the Babidi you talked about, could it be the rumored Dark Wizard in Bigman? The technology of the Big Gete Star is quite interesting.”

“Shall we leave this galaxy?” Zangya suggested, biting her lower lip.

Bojack’s eyes glared, and a palm was placed on Zangya’s head, “Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of the King of the Demon Realm.”

—However, just as soon as Bojack finished his words, a blue figure suddenly appeared beside them.

“Bojack, are you really not afraid of this king?”

Dabura appeared like a ghost and an intimidating pressure that made the soul tremble spread out. Feeling the pressure from Dabura’s body, Bojack’s face changed, and he was on guard.

The power of the person in front of him was even above his own.

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