Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 382

Chapter 382

At this moment, Melissa felt that she had become different. Her every move carried great power with every muscle and every cell of her body was vibrant.

“So powerful, the energy in my body has been raised nearly twice.” Melissa grinned contentedly, and her expression became somewhat untamed.

It was not an exaggeration to say that she was transformed. By moving her body, she felt an unprecedented powerful force filling her body.

The level of power was significantly higher, which was completely different from the transformed state.

The power was completely and utterly in the normal state.

The potential development was not simply to enhance power level, but even the ability to control and react with the power to follow up to a synchronized state. Therefore, there was no situation where the power was too strong and not effectively controlled. In short, the ability of the Grand Elder was to directly save countless years of hard work by the developers, and the effect achieved was the same as hard work.

Melissa, whose ability had been enhanced, clearly felt that even if she split into Melia and Melis, her power was only slightly weaker than Melissa’s before she developed her potential.

“Melissa,show your full strength.”

Looking at Melissa started to show the arrogance of the Saiyan again, Muyang raised his eyebrows and said lightly.


Melissa’s clean face showed a charming smile, her face straightened, and a grass-green energy began to cover her body.


A cluster of burning flames suddenly swelled, and as the ki flames soared and burned, a stirring and surging aura rose to the sky!

A violent and strong wind blew up with Melissa as the center. Melissa’s eyes began to turn golden, and the first level of the Golden Eye State opened. A terrifying power similar to the Super Saiyan Transformation was released, and the energy instantly increased by 50 times.

“2.9 billion power level!” Muyang muttered, estimating the energy on Melissa at this time.

At this moment, Birgil, Nail, and others on the side were struggling to resist Melisia’s ki.

Seeing this, Muyang’s body exploded with power, while using the power of the Acceleration World to stabilize the surrounding ki wave.

“It really is a very powerful ki….”

The Grand Elder’s face showed a shocked expression. His eyes looked at Melissa who was intoxicated with power in surprise, and a trace of relief actually passed through his old face.

It wasn’t in vain that Melisia was able to have such strong power. The stronger the other side was, the stronger the future of Planet Namek could be.

“There is more and more. This is not my full power…. I have a stronger state.” Melissa wowed, and her golden eyes suddenly became even more golden.


An even more powerful force rose up.

The second level of the Golden Eye State was comparable to the “Ascended Super Saiyan” state, with a 65 times increase in power.

The whole Planet Narmek shook violently, and even outer space was affected by the fluctuations.

At this time, Melissa’s power level had increased to 3.77 billion, and even Muyang’s resistance was starting to become difficult. After all, Muyang’s power level was only 2.5 billion. —The main reason why he was strong was because of the Acceleration World and Unfettered Instinct behind him as support, and his energy alone was no match for Melissa.

“What kind of state is this. Her power actually presses me to the point where I can’t breathe!”

Putting his hand against his forehead, Birgil ​blocked the whirling whirlwind and his voice trembled a little, “Could she be the rumored Super Saiyan, but didn’t the Super Saiyan disappear long ago?”

Nail looked horrified and pale, “There is still such a powerful force in the world.”

The pressure that Melissa brought to him almost made him faint.

​”Enough. You can put your power away, if you go on, this place will be destroyed.”

​Experiencing the violent and rampant energy that permeated the air, Muyang already had a good idea of Melissa’s power.

Melissa’s energy was already no worse than the Other-World’s Pikkon. Counted the upload Super Saiyan nearly unlimited explosive power level and physical strength, Melissa already had the strength to rival Pikkon.

If in the future, Melissa could develop the third transformation of Golden Eyes State, she could directly comparable to the full power of the Super Saiyan, a power will even be infinitely close to the late Cell Game Son Gohan.

That was the power of the entire universe.

Melissa still intoxicated in her powerful power. When she heard Muyang shout, she laugh, proudly put away her power.

“How do I compare to you now?”

“I am not your opponent without exercising the ‘Unfettered Instinct’.”

Melissa bristled and said, “That means after developing my potential, I still can’t beat you?”

The fact was that Melissa only needed to make an effort, or simply some mental stimulation, and she might be able to directly force out the third level of the Golden Eyes state. At that time, he would really be no match for her.

Melissa stared at Muyang, wanting to see something from his face. However, Muyang just smiled and did not say anything.

Melissa pouted, “Forget it, I certainly still can not beat you. I will not compare with you.”

Her husband comprehended the realm she simply could not understand, turning around, Melissa very politely bent towards the Grand Elder.

“Grand Elder, thank you so much!” Melissa said gratefully.

The Grand Elder leaned back in his seat, looking a bit tired. After hearing Melissa’s words, a few moments of relief appeared on his face, “Oh, nothing. Compared to you saving Planet Namek, these are nothing. Your body contains unfathomable power, unfortunately that power is too domineering. I can only draw out so little for you, next it is up to you to dig.”

“Well, next I will work hard to develop the third level of the Golden Eyes State.”

Melissa set her goal incomparably serious.

At this time, when Muyang saw that the Grand Elder had consumed too much physical strength, she took out a Senzu Bean for the Grand Elder to take, and under the effect of the Senzu Bean, the Grand Elder’s physical strength was quickly restored.

Turning his head to Nail, Muyang took out another small bag of Senzu Beans and a container with a bottle of emerald green liquid.

“Nail, these are Senzu Beans and Life Essence for you to keep. They can be used to restore the Great Elder’s physical strength and energy.”

“Thank you!”

Nail excitedly accepted the Senzu Beans and Life Essence, then carefully put them away. Especially the Life Essence, he had witnessed its effects and naturally knew its preciousness. With these bottles of Life Essence, the Grand Elder’s life span could be greatly extended.

“Birgil, the matter of Planet Narmek has ended, but it is still uncertain whether Big Gete Star has been wiped out or not. If there are any accidents, you can continue to inform us, in addition, you are welcome to come to Earth as a guest.”

After saying this, Muyang put his arm around Melissa’s slim waist and prepared to cast instant movement to leave.

“I will go to Earth later.” Birgil wore a smile.

“Well, goodbye!”

Waving at the Grand Elder, Birgil, and the others, Muyang held Melissa’s hand and left Planet Namek.

After making sure that Muyang and the others had left, the Grand Elder laughed, “I have a feeling that the two of them, husband and wife, will become the brightest new stars in the entire universe.”

“That’s right.”

“I also have such a premonition.”

Birgil and Nail nodded deeply. Especially Birgil, who had watched Muyang and the others change from weak to strong in just a few decades.

Going back in time, he remembered that when he first met Muyang more than thirty years ago. He was only a young youth with a mere tens of thousands of power level, and now in just a few decades, he had already grown to the point where even he needed to look up to him, and who knew how powerful he would become in the future.

“Nail, go and let the children of Planet Namek come out from the protective area. When the Dragon Balls recover, collect them all and put them at Birgil’s place, sometimes we have to prepare in advance.” The Grand Elder said with a deep gaze.

The crisis was lifted this time, but the Grand Elder still had an uneasy feeling in his heart, as if there would be a crisis coming to Planet Namek in the next ten years or so.

Planet Namek could not rely on all others, and must also make plans.

“Yes!” Nail nodded seriously.

Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls only required three months to return to the Dragon Balls from the rocky state of the adjustment period. Previously, only one wish was made to Porunga, so it could be restored in a month.

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