Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 385

Chapter 385

The report of several Kais could be said to have made the whole Grand Kai’s Planet and Heaven in a panic mode.

While Grand Kai was urgently summoning Pikkon and others to discuss countermeasures, Muyang, who was leading Melissa and April around the universe, unaware that a group of people was slowly advancing towards Earth with malicious intent.


At this time, on a certain trade planet under the control of the Trade Commerce Planets.

Muyang, holding his little daughter Amelia, was sitting in a hot drink store in a shopping mall. His eyes were out of focus as he gazed at the store across the street. At this time, Melissa and April were out shopping, and all the work of taking care of the two children were left to Muyang, so Muyang had no choice but to become a baby daddy for the time being.

Fortunately, although the two children were young, they were very well-behaved, unlike other bear children who cried and fussed.

“Amelia and Muqiu, this is the best milk drink in this store. You guys try it.” Muyang handed two cups of steaming milk type to the children. One cup was about two liters.

Amelia and Muqiu blinked and held the big cup in their little hands, gurgled and drank, yelling loudly for more when they were done.

With a cheerful smile, Muyang shouted, “Waiter, a few more of these drinks, plus some desserts.”

“Okay, coming right up.”

Soon, the waiter served several more milk drinks and desserts. Amelia and Muqiu gleefully tasted them, laughing and playing from time to time.

In the end, Amelia and Muqiu inherited half of the Saiyan bloodline; their appetites were also very big. In a short time, the two-liter cup of drinks and several desserts were all eaten.

After eating and drinking, the two children leaned on the top of the chair to take a nap. Muyang saw the situation and smiled, his eyes quietly looking at the passing universe outside.

After coming back from Planet Namek, Melissa’s power seemed to be stimulated, rising constantly. Now, she had a 60 million power level. This rapid increase in state was the envy of even Muyang. On the other hand, Muyang deeply experienced pressure from Melissa. If he didn’t hurry to break through, he might be overtaken by her soon.

However, practice wasn’t something that could be rushed. It would be half-hearted to be too impatient and even stagnant, so the mind should be a bit more stable.

With his fingers tapping on the table, Muyang fell into thinking.

“My fifth limit should be just around the corner. After the breakthrough, there will be a period of rapid growth in strength. At this stage, I should still focus on continuing to accumulate and prepare for future breakthroughs.”

In fact, with a power level of 2.5 billion, Muyang’s actual power level was about 4 billion, and he was actually quite content with his power level. So it just feels strange to be surpassed by Melissa, probably because he had been ahead of Melissa and formed a habit psychologically!

Muyang tasted a mouthful of tea and sighed with emotion in his heart.

Just at this moment, two familiar figures suddenly appeared at the entrance of the opposite mall. When Muyang saw them, he couldn’t help but give a light eek.


He saw a young girl with golden hair strutting at the mall entrance across the street, kicking open the glass door of the mall, carrying an energy launcher in her hand, and constantly sweeping towards the sky.

“ALL OF YOU GET DOWN. NOW I DECLARE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ROBBED. HURRY UP AND HAND OVER THE VALUABLE THINGS ON YOUR BODY.” The blonde girl shouted loudly. Her pretty face was fierce and vicious at the moment.

On this girl’s side, there was a short black-haired teenager, as if a bodyguard an inch away.

After seeing clearly the appearance of these two, Muyang had a feeling that there were countless black lines on his forehead. Launch and Broly. He hadn’t seen them on Earth recently, and they had gone to an alien planet to become bandits!

Impressive, he had been feeling that this little girl would not settle down and was also thinking about which line of work Launch would be in the future after learning martial arts. However, he never thought that he would meet them on other planets in the universe.

The blonde Launch had gone from being a bandit on Earth to be a bandit in the universe.

“When we get back, let’s see how Kanalita will clean you up.”

The blonde Launch was Kanalita’s disciple. At the age of ten, she now had several hundred power levels, which was really quite outstanding. —Of course, this power on Earth was not bad, but it was not so up in the universe. Therefore, Broly followed her, acting as a bodyguard.

Broly’s strength could ensure the safety of Launch.

However, if Kanalita knew about these things—her disciple actually became a bandit in the universe—he wondered how dark her face would be.

‘Alas, Marlene, Landy, your descendants ss really something.’

Speaking of which, wasn’t this Trade Commerce Planet seemed to be in the hands of the forces under him? The robbery actually came to his forces… Just as Muyang was considering whether to go over and stop Launch and the others, a dramatic scene appeared…

He heard a boom, and the blonde Launch’s slender body was thrown out.

When Broly saw this, he held Launch in his arms and was angry to rush in to avenge Launch. But when two women came out of the mall, Broly, who was angry, instantly settled down.

The two women who came out of the mall were Melissa and April.

“Little Launch, you’ve grown up!” Melissa looked at Launch in Broly’s arms with a smirk.

“Yah, Aunt Melissa, what a fate to be able to run into each other from such a faraway place.” The blonde Launch looked stiff and squeezed out a smile, not to mention how embarrassed she was. At the same time, sweat flowed down from her forehead.

“Mom….” Broly was dumbfounded. He scratched his head.

“Broly, keep Launch company fooling around, but don’t follow Launch’s bad example,” Melissa said in a serious tone, a light tone, but the intention of reproach was quite obvious.

Broly bowed his head in shame. In front of his mother, his character had been very simple.

“You’re going to be surrounded if you don’t leave.” At that moment, April pointed to a series of guards running at the end of the street.

These guards quickly came to Launch and Broly’s side and pointed a tube of black hole energy cannon at Launch and Broly. Broly was at a loss for words and looked towards Melissa and April, but when he saw Melissa was looking at him with an expressionless face, he understood. He hastily embraced the still unresponsive blonde Launch. Then, he flew up to the sky and disappeared.

“These two little guys. We have to educate them properly when we go back!” Melissa came in front of Muyang, shook her head, and said.

“If we talk to Kanalita about this, do you think she will be so angry that she will run out of the earth?”

“Emm, it seems quite interesting.” Melissa thought about it, “Why don’t you contact her now and see?”

The corners of Muyang’s mouth curved slightly, and he took out his communicator to get in touch with Kanalita on Earth. Sure enough, when Kanalita heard that her disciple had become a bandit in the universe and was so angry that she said she would expel the blonde Launch.


East of the North Area, on a certain planet.

Vegeta and Shasley were practicing on top of the planet. Since Muyang, Melia, and Melis appeared a year ago and forcefully took Raditz away, the two seemed to be stimulated to practice like crazy. After the loss of the scouter, the two vaguely fumbled to a whole new comprehension.

It seemed that the scouter did not necessarily require a detector.

If Raditz were here, he would be surprised. Vegeta and Shasley vaguely groped. It was the way he practiced day and night to master the control of the gas.


The raging energy began to calm down.

Vegeta and Shasley sat together, his face finally regained confidence once again, “This prince’s power level has been raised to 18,000. As long as I am given some more time, I will definitely make the whole universe shake.”

“Definitely will.” Shasley looked at Vegeta with a smile.

The adult Shasley had grown more mature, and she now only thought that Vegeta could grow up quickly.

“Hey, hey, yes, this time will not be far away.” Vegeta sneered. Only when facing Shasley, his heart would have a trace of warmth that even he did not notice.

Not far away, Nappa smelled that sour smell in the air and felt uncomfortable all over.

“Is this the way between men and women? It is too bright blind, but it is a pity that Vegeta has not grown up now, Shasley will have to wait for a few years.”

At this time, the outer space suddenly came several particularly powerful energy reactions. The planet began to shake, the sea rolled up huge waves, Vegeta and Shasley scampered up.

Vegeta looked at the sky with a gloomy face and said in horror, “What the hell is going on, those shuddering energy….”

If converted into energy values, there were probably several million power levels.

“So terrifying, even if we become a Giant Ape form is far from an opponent.” Shasley held Vegeta’s hand, and Vegeta was cold as frost, “Maybe even more powerful than the woman a year ago.”

He, who had seen the greatness of Melia, had long ago not scorned everything as before. Nevertheless, he knew that he still had a long way to go from the strongest in the universe, just those strands of energy… were not too powerful.

“1, 2, 3, 4! There are four strands of energy in total, each with several million power levels.” The corners of Shasley’s mouth dried up, and she looked at Vegeta with a worried face.

“Vegeta, Shasley, what’s wrong with you guys?” After seeing Vegeta and Shasley look like a big enemy, Nappa touched his head and asked in confusion.

Vegeta did not answer Nappa’s question but pulled up Shasley and flew in a direction.

“Hurry up and get off this planet.”

“Hey, wait for me.”

Nappa had never seen Vegeta had such an expression, realized that things were not right, hit a jolt, and rushed to follow Vegeta and their pace.

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