Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Heaven, Grand Kai’s Planet.

In the end, Muyang was too embarrassed to bother the Namekian Grand Elder. After all, the Grand Elder was old, and he was ashamed to keep bothering people. Moreover, The Grand Elder’s guardian, Nail, would look at him with displeasure.

So, he went back to Grand Kai to look for help from Grand Kai.

Grand Kai managed the entire galaxy and surely knew the Ancient God Planet Territory’s whereabouts, which made more sense than searching for King Yemma, who might not tell him the whereabouts of Mexia’s reincarnated body due to the rules of the Other-World.


In the garden with blooming flowers, Grand Kai carried a big stereo and danced to his heart’s content.

When he saw that Muyang had come, he took off his sunglasses and turned off the stereo.

“Muyang, why are you back again?” Grand Kai wondered why Muyang had returned after only a few days away.

Muyang smiled apologetically, “Lord Grand Kai, I came over because I wanted to consult with you about a place.”

“What place? Go ahead.” Grand Kai did not refuse.

Muyang looked at Grand Kai gratefully and spoke the name of the planet that Shenron had told him, “Ancient God Planet Territory, Planet Sala, can you tell me its exact location?”

Grand Kai’s wrinkled cheeks crumpled together after hearing the name of the planet that Muyang said.

He then pondered for a while, “The name Planet Sala sounds familiar from somewhere. As for the Ancient God Planet Territory… there doesn’t seem to be such a planet in the galaxy!”

“Is the Ancient God Planet Territory is not in the Galaxy?” Muyang’s face turned pale.

Grand Kai waved his hand and said, “Don’t be anxious yet. I’ll give you a careful inquiry.”

“Please, Lord Grand Kai.”

Grand Kai nodded his head and led Muyang into the palace where he lived.

When he arrived at the palace, Grand Kai’s body suddenly blossomed with light. His casual clothes turned into a black divine uniform with the word “Kai” written on it. The high hat on his head had the word “grand” written on it.

Grand Kai controlled his authority in the palace. Soon, the information of all the planets in the galaxy was summed up in his brain.

His eyebrows locked slightly as he widened the scope of his search. After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“This is the result.”

The words of Grand Kai energized Muyang, “Like Planet Vegeta, Planet Sala is a planet inhabited by the Saiyans and has a connection to the Planet Sadala back then, but the Ancient God Planet Territory in which it is located is not among the galaxies. “

“Not in the galaxy?” Muyang stared at the orbs and asked in surprise.

Grand Kai said, “Yes, the Ancient God Star Territory is in another universe net not far from the galaxy.

It was said that the universe was made up of many galaxies in a vast “web-like structure,” strung together in a filamentous or tendril-like pattern. This web-like structure was called the “universe net.”

On a large scale, this universe net was like the nerve network of the universe. Each part of which was made up of billions of countless spiral galaxies.

The galaxy was a general term for a large area and not the galaxy that Muyang referred to in his previous life.

The galaxy managed by Grand Kai was essentially a local part, or “neuron,” of this vast universe network.

“May I ask where the exact location of Planet Sala is?” Knowing that the Planet Sala was located in another galaxy, Muyang asked anxiously.

Grand Kai nodded his head, “Wait a moment; I’ll contact Grand Kai of the other galaxy…”

Muyang knew that the universe where the earth was located was collectively called Universe 7. The highest in the Universe 7 belonged to the Gods of Destruction Planet and Sacred World of the Kai.

Under the two Under God Worlds, there were countless “galaxies,” each of which had its own Grand Kai and Kai system.

There were many Grand Kai and Kai in the universe. Supreme Kai was called the God of Kais, and his status was equivalent to that of Kami to an ordinary earthling.

Muyang waited patiently. Soon afterward, the Grand Kai contacted Grand Kai of another galaxy and received the star map of Planet Sala from him.

Muyang couldn’t wait to look up the new star map. However, the galaxy was so far away from the other galaxy that even if he had a star map, it would take countless years to get there.

Luckily, Muyang had mastered the Yardratian’s Instant Transmission, and with an approximate location, he could move there step by step.

After getting the exact location, Muyang let out a sigh of relief.

It suddenly occurred to him that Planet Sala was also the Saiyans’ residence. So, Universe 7 didn’t only have Saiyans existing on Planet Vegeta.

Oops, when he asked Shenron reincarnated Mexia into a Saiyan, why didn’t he think of Saiyans’ possibility of existing on other planets as well!

After bidding farewell to Grand Kai, Muyang left Heaven and instantly moved according to the star map location.

“First, according to the star map’s location, let’s find a planet with a powerful ki.”

Without a choice, Muyang’s Instant Transmission must have ki as a bridge to communicate.

Using it was not as unrestrained as Attendant Supreme Kai’s attendant Kibito Instant Transmission.

After all, the two’s principles were different; Kibito Instant Transmission was a divine ability of Supreme Kai Apprentice!

Muyang closed his eyes; then, powerful spiritual energy spread out. With a swoosh, Muyang began to move out towards Planet Sala.


As one of the many “neurons” that make up the universe, each galaxy had a complete spiritual system and management system.

Four months passed in a blink of an eye. During this time, Muyang was frequently transient.

Sometimes when he came across an area that he couldn’t sense with his ki, he had to use a spaceship to navigate, which caused a lot of delay on the way.

Finally, Muyang entered another galaxy of the Ancient God Planet Territory, and Planet Sala was also close at hand.

With an exciting mood, Muyang made his last Instant Transmission and appeared in a lustrous metallic spaceship. As soon as he appeared, powerful energy surged around him.

“It’s at least 500,000 power level. There are at least four of them.” Muyang’s expression was startled.

To Muyang, a mere 500,000 power level certainly didn’t matter. However, the sudden appearance of four still made him feel frightened; this power had far surpassed Cooler Armored Squadron.

Could it be that all of the life forms in the Ancient God Planet Territory were that strong, with hundreds of thousands of power levels appearing in droves?

“Kid, which team are you from? Did you take the wrong ship?”

The question was asked by a strong man, who looked exactly like an earthman and wore a blue battle-armor.

“Saiyans?” Muyang asked tentatively.

Ha, you didn’t even forget your race, did you?” The other bearded man laughed.

He then carefully observed Muyang, baring his mouth, “The ki in your body is not weak, but your brain is surprisingly not good. I’ve never encountered anything that took the wrong spaceship.”


Did the people in front of him call energy by ki, just like on earth? Muyang was surprised.

These people were all wearing light blue battle-armor, with body protection on their chests, arms, and knees.

What surprised him most was that the four people in front of him were exactly the same as the earthlings, and there was also no tail behind them.

Are they like the Saiyans in Universe 6?

“Are we going back to Planet Sala now?” Muyang tried to ask.

“Well, you’re lucky you got on the wrong spaceship but caught the flight back too,” A dark-haired Saiyan in the cockpit turned around and teased.

“Which team are you from? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” A big man in the lead patted Muyang’s shoulder, but he didn’t doubt Muyang’s identity.

With that image of Muyang’s black hair and black eyes, no one would believe him if he said he wasn’t a Saiyan.

In this Ancient God Planet Territory, such racial characteristics were only possessed by Saiyans.

Muyang said something casually in prevarication and then stopped saying more. He knew the truth that too many words would be lost.

The four Saiyans in the spaceship didn’t ask any more questions as the spaceship slowly approached Planet Sala.

Wait, at this moment, Muyang suddenly remembered. The name Planet Sala, he remembered as if he had heard of it somewhere…

Muyang thought hard. Suddenly a spiritual light flashed in his head. He remembered, when he was in the Planet Yardrat, the secret guardian of Planet Yardrat, Sida, had asked himself if he was the Saiyans of Planet Sala.

At the time, he thought Sida was talking about Planet Sadala, but now that he figured out, it was indeed Planet Sala!

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