Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 244

Chapter 244

On the other hand, Muyang, who left Bardock’s house, took the pile of information Bardock had collected and started searching for Mexia’s reincarnation on top of Planet Vegeta.

Bardock and Gine were both young; he couldn’t be bothered them too much. His support for Bardock was an investment of sorts. After all, there were very few Saiyans like Bardock, and there was a good chance that he was similar to Son Goku in terms of potential. That alone made Bardock worthy of strong support.

Frankly speaking, although the Saiyans’ physique was impressive, with these Saiyans’ current situation on Planet Vegeta, it was tough to emerge a master who was powerful enough to shake the universe.

Rather than saying that Son Goku and Vegeta were powerful because they were Saiyans, it was because of Son Goku and Vegeta’s power that the Saiyans achieved their fame.

However, in Bardock, Muyang saw the possibilities.

Being able to train from a Low-Class Warrior to an Elite Warrior, Bardock’s tenacity and perseverance deserved praise. So, Muyang was not stingy on giving a little more support and gifted him with the martial arts crystal and Senzu Beans.

Of course, this was also the payment because Bardock had gathered this information for him.

As the white clouds floated in the sky, a sudden white light flashed. Muyang conducted a one-by-one inspection of the information in his hands.

These were all little girls over eight years old. Muyang had spent three days in Planet Vegeta and had finally checked all the 1540 female Saiyans on Planet Vegeta. Still, none of them was Mexia’s reincarnation.

In the meantime, Muyang’s eyebrows knitted together, “Has Mexia’s reincarnation already left Planet Vegeta to go on a mission?”

This was going to be difficult. The North Area was so vast. These remaining 1584 Saiyans scattered out, and who knew which planet they were on?

“It seems like I still have to use the power of the Dragon Balls.” Muyang shook his head helplessly.

Now that the idea of using the Dragon Balls to solve the problem had been born in his mind, Muyang no longer lingered on Planet Vegeta. His finger tapped on his eyebrow, and he launched Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission in the next second.


A misty shadow flashed by.

Space shifted, the fighting stars turned, and Muyang had returned from Planet Vegeta to Earth.

After four years of separation, the changes on Earth weren’t obvious, but the number of strong people had become much larger than when he left. It seemed that the martial arts crystal he left on top of Great Azure Mountain, Korin Tower, and the Lookout had played its role.

In the small building of the Great Azure Mountain, Muyang pushed open the door of the room.

What came into view was the image of a brown-haired girl lying on the sofa, taking a nap, wearing a fitted white research uniform. Her eyelids were flickering, her wet lips constantly baring and closing, as if she was tasting delicious food in her dreams.

Muyang laughed mutely, “April, this girl, can’t even find a good place to sleep.”

He walked over and gently pushed her, ready to wake her up!

Uh… senior brother!”

Opening her eyes, April saw Muyang stood in front of her and said in surprise, “You’re back, senior brother!”

Muyang looked at her, “Well, I am. Go, find a good place to sleep next time.” Suddenly, Muyang stared at April’s eyes and asked, “You haven’t had a good rest for a few days, have you? Your eyes are getting a bit dark.”

“Ah, no way!” April was so shocked that she ran to the mirror and looked in front of it.

“Senior brother, you lied. It obviously didn’t turn black.”

Muyang laughed, “That means you really haven’t had a good rest for days!”

April forked her waist and looked unhappy. Her senior brother hadn’t been back in years, and when he came back, he made fun of her. It was too much.

Erm, you have the Dragon Ball Radar, right?”

“Yes.” April replied and took the Dragon Ball Radar out of the drawer, along with a Dragon Ball she had in her collection, “What does my senior brother want with that Dragon Ball?”

Muyang looked at April and said, “I want to find out where Mexia is.”

April whispered, “Senior brother, are you going to fetch Senior Sister Mexia?”

Hmm.” Muyang nodded and hmmed.

April blossomed into a smile at this time, “Then, go quickly, senior brother. Senior Sister Mexia is already eight years old; if she gets any older and has someone she likes, she will be in trouble.”

Muyang’s eyebrows raised, “She’s still a child; how can she fall in love with someone else so quickly?”

April said, “Senior brother, you don’t understand. The kind of hazy feeling a girl has for the people around her will arise without notice.”

“You said it as if you understand it.” Muyang glanced at April. However, she had a point; any such haziness had to be snuffed out as soon as possible.

Giggle… I just know. Anyway, hurry up, senior brother.” April urged. Her experiences as a child made her very fond of Muyang and Mexia, and she didn’t want any unsettling variables.

“Got it. I’m going to collect the Dragon Balls now.” After saying that, Muyang pressed on April’s hair lightly.

Hmph!” April knocked away Muyang’s hand on her head.


The process of collecting the Dragon Balls was fast. It only took Muyang ten minutes to gather all seven Dragon Balls.

The sky became dark once again. In the deep, dark sky, the green Shenron let out a loud dragon roar, hovering, and floating in the air.

Shenron’s huge eyes looked down, “He, who has collected the seven Dragon Balls, speak your wish.”

Muyang looked up at Shenron and said, “Shenron, do you still remember Mexia, who was sent to reincarnate nine years ago?”

“I do!” Shenron had a good memory and still remembered the people it had reincarnated into Saiyans.

“Please help me find the whereabouts of Mexia’s reincarnated body.”

Shenron was silent for a moment, its flooding voice echoing in its ears, “If that is the wish, this wish can be granted.”

After saying that, the two huge eyes shone with a blood-red light. Shenron’s power spread out, quickly locating the whereabouts of Mexia.

“The one you were looking for has been found.”

“Where is she?” Muyang’s eyes lit up and asked urgently.

Shenron said, “The person you are looking for is in the Ancient God Planet Territory – Planet Sala!”

Planet Sala?

“Where is it exactly?” Muyang asked.

Shenron didn’t answer Muyang’s question anymore and chanted, “Your wish has been granted, I can only grant one wish, so goodbye.”


Without waiting for Muyang to ask any more questions, Shenron directly hovered and rose into the air. It turned into seven golden flashes of light and disappearing.


Wasn’t Shenron too perfunctory this time? Although it told him the whereabouts of Mexia’s reincarnation, the question was, where was the Ancient God Planet Territory? Where was Planet Sala?

So now, where the hell was my wife? Speak clearly, so that I could understand!

Was there something wrong with the way I made my wish?

“Should I ask Planet Namek’s Porunga?”

There was a black line on Muyang’s forehead. The Earth Shenron was too unreliable in its work. So, he couldn’t help but trouble Planet Namek Grand Elder!

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