Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 243

Chapter 243

The data center on Vegeta was located near the palace and was managed by the Avidoian dispatched by Frieza.

After each Saiyan infant was born, it was registered in the data center. It then entered into the computer, and the Avidoian issued the incubation pods that nurtured the infant Saiyans.

It could be said that every Saiyan had been registered in the Frieza Forces. This was also the method used by Frieza to prevent the Saiyans from falling out of their grasp.

That same day, Bardock returned from the data center with a thick stack of information.

“Teacher Mu, this is the data on all the female Saiyans born eight to nine years ago. There are approximately 3,124 of them, and 1,540 are still left on Planet Vegeta.”

“Show it to me.”

Muyang was busy receiving a large stack of information to check. There were only 3,000 female Saiyans born over a year, so it was clear that the number of Saiyans on Planet Vegeta was rare.

“Will Mexia be among these people?” With an anxious mood, Muyang flipped through a sheet of information.

“There are quite a few, so let’s start by checking on these people left on Planet Vegeta.”

With these data, Muyang already had an idea in mind.

Back then, to preserve Mexia’s memories, Whis had performed a God Power enforcement in her soul, so Mexia’s reincarnation would have a mysterious atmosphere far from being perceptible and had to be close enough to be sensed.

As his calm heart began to ripple, Muyang looked at Bardock and Gine, then said he would take his leave.

“Teacher Mu, do you need me to help you?”

“No need. I’ll go find her myself.” Muyang shook his head.

“…Rather, you guys are in a bad situation. That guy, Frieza, I’ve met him, and he won’t let the Saiyans off the hook. Sooner or later, he will do something to you.”

Muyang said and threw out a small purple crystal, “This crystal contains some of my martial arts tips. Bardock, you take it for reference. Your current ki is as obvious as the sun, which is too prominent. You have to learn to hide your strength.”

Bardock didn’t know that “ki” is another name for energy, but he took Muyang’s advice to heart.

“Teacher Mu, have you met Frieza?”

Bardock had never met Frieza but had heard about Frieza’s terror from his older seniors. It was said that the Saiyan King had chosen to join him because of his power.

Muyang smiled faintly, “I fight with him.”

“Bardock’s eyes lit up and asked, “So how strong is Frieza?”

“What? Do you still want to challenge Frieza?” Muyang looked at Bardock with a seeming smile, “It’s not that I’m not sure whether you’re a good fighter or not, but you’re different from him. It would be self-destructive to fight him. If you can make proper use of the Senzu Beans and martial arts crystal I gave you, there might be a little hope.”

“Is Frieza really that strong?” Gine’s face was full of doubt.

In her opinion, Bardock, with more than 10,000 power level, is already very terrifying. To know that many Elite Warriors were not as strong as he was. So, how could there be people stronger than Bardock in the universe?

Muyang couldn’t help but laugh and turned to Bardock, warning him, “Frieza is powerful. Don’t clash with him unless you have to.”

Bardock pursued, “Teacher Mu, just tell me about Frieza’s strength!”

Muyang stared at Bardock. When he saw his steely look, he said, “Alright, I’ll remind you that Frieza is far more terrifying than you can imagine. He comes from the pinnacle of a very rare race in the universe and can transform three times.”

“Like the Great Ape Transformation of a Saiyan?” Gine interjected.

Muyang looked at her, “It’s different. The Saiyans’ Great Ape Transformation evolved when they couldn’t keep up with their power level. However, Frieza’s transformation was to suppress the power in his body. Because his power is too strong and powerful for him to grasp, he uses the transformation to suppress the energy in his body.”

Bardock and Gine looked at each other at the news.

Most of the universe’s races transformed to gain more power, but Frieza was the opposite, which was actually to suppress the power in his body.

Such an extravagant practice, how much energy did he have that even he couldn’t grasp!

This showed that Frieza’s power was truly terrifying!

“Frieza can transform three times and usually displays his weakest form. However, don’t underestimate him. I dare say that even in his weakest state, all the Saiyans of your planet Vegeta together would not be able to defeat a single finger of his!”

“No way!” Gine screamed.

Muyang raised his head, but his next words caused them to tremble from the inside out as if they were in an ice cellar.

Muyang smiled lightly and said, “Frieza’s Base Form possesses 530,000 power level!”


Suddenly, a deep chill rose violently from the soles of their feet and then surged up to their brains through their hearts.

Both Bardock and Gine stopped the blood flow all over their bodies, their faces filled with incredulous expressions.

“Teacher Mu, is there any mistake regarding the fact that Frieza has 530,000 power levels in his Base Form?” Bardock stammered.

530,000 power level!

With his 10,000 power level in the universe, he could already flaunt it and dominate most planets. However, Frieza actually had a terrifying 530,000!

At this moment, Bardock and Gine knew why the Saiyan leader had submitted to Frieza in the first place. The two were so far apart that there was no point in resisting.

“Yes, 530,000, and it’s still just Frieza’s weakest state,” Muyang said.

“After Frieza’s first transformation, he will unlock a portion of his power. At that time, his power level is 1.65 million!”

Shudder, it was another chilling value.

Bardock felt like his heart was about to burst at the moment. Gine’s eyes were already spinning, and she couldn’t count on her board hand.

“After the second transformation, a portion of the power will be unlocked again. By then, the power level will be around 4.86 million! And the most terrifying is the third transformation…”

Muyang looked serious as if he recalled the battle with Frieza three years ago when Frieza’s Final Form gave him a profound impression.

“The third transformation is Frieza’s Final Form. His power level will reach a terrifying 120 million. Normally, even in his Final Form, he will only use 60 million power 120 million power level is too consuming for his energy and stamina, so he usually won’t exert it.”

After hearing these words from Muyang, the room fell into silence.

Both Bardock and Gine were already numb anyway.

In that case, the Saiyans were truly powerless to resist Frieza.

“Teacher Mu, you just said you fought Frieza.” Gine’s clear voice rang out, and Bardock reacted with his eyes firmly fixed on Muyang.

Muyang smiled lightly like a spring breeze and said indifferently, “I’m no match for Frieza. Although I forced out Frieza’s Final Form at first, I wasn’t a match for his 60 million power level, so I could only choose to retreat.”

Of course, now that Muyang’s normal power level reached 7.2 million. With the Six Times, Kaio-ken, he would have more than 40 million power levels.

If he used the Seven Times Kaio-ken, 50 million power levels would be enough to fight against Frieza. With the condition that Frieza didn’t use his 100% full strength.

Bardock looked startled, his eyes staring out.

To retreat from the hands of a 60 million power level Frieza, that was very impressive! Teacher Mu was such a powerful master!

Bardock got excited, and his voice trembled, “Teacher Mu, you… are so powerful!”

Muyang waved his hand, “Not even close. You need to practice hard, and with the help of the Senzu Beans, you will be able to reach my intensity.”

Bardock was greatly encouraged by Muyang’s words and nodded vigorously.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Mu, I understand.”

“Alright, you already know the strength of Frieza; now it’s time to lay low. Bardock, it’s already strong enough for you to have 10,000 power levels; it will even cause some people to be unscrupulous. Next, you have to learn to hide it.”

After saying these words, Muyang had decided to leave. He still had to look for Mexia’s reincarnation!

When Bardock raised his head and looked around again, there was no sign of Muyang anywhere in the simple hall other than furniture and gym equipment.

“Teacher Mu is such a god!” Bardock was sincerely impressed.

“Bardock, you can take these Senzu Beans.” Gine handed over the bag of Senzu Beans given by Muyang to Bardock.

This was Bardock’s chance to remain strong!

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