Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 242

Chapter 242

North Area, Planet Vegeta.

After the Saiyans’ former leader abdicated, a new successor became the leader of the Saiyans with the title King Vegeta.

A very ambitious and aspirational Saiyan.

When Frieza subjugated planet Vegeta, King Vegeta was just a young man of less than twenty years old.

He had no choice but to watch the Saiyans become combatants under Frieza. Therefore, he and the Saiyan leader at the time kept building up their strength and waited for a chance to break free from Frieza’s control.


The weather on Planet Vegeta was clear, and the sun was shining.

The primitive stone simple dwellings looked very ancient. The Saiyans were not at all demanding in terms of living.

It had been nine years since the last time he came to Planet Vegeta. When he set foot here again, Muyang found that the changes here were minimal.

There was always a spherical spaceship descending in the sky. Occasionally they would fly across with the disc-shaped spaceships.

However, those disc-shaped spaceships had much smaller specifications and could only hold about four or five people.

“The Saiyans’ technology is controlled to death by Frieza. If King Vegeta wants to resist Frieza, he must first master his avionics system,” Muyang took a look at it, then he stopped paying attention and started looking for Mexia’s reincarnation.

“Mexia’s reincarnation was nine years ago. So, she should have been born eight to nine years ago.”

With that in mind, Muyang had an idea of how to look for Mexia.

Sure. At this point, he could actually go back to earth and make a wish to Shenron, which was the fastest way to get Mexia’s whereabouts.

However, since he had already arrived at Planet Vegeta, he decided that he’d look for her first. If he really couldn’t find her, then he would ask Shenron for help.

With this in mind, Muyang’s figure flickered and appeared near a rocky shelf full of stalagmite like vegetation.

Planet Vegeta’s vegetation was vibrant. These stalagmite rocks were connected at the top, hollowed out in the middle, or had begun to weather over the long years, with fine stones peeling off from the stalagmites.

Saiyans generally live a short distance from the station. Many will park their spaceships directly in the open spaces of their living quarters to facilitate their missions.

A teeny-tiny rock stood on the ground, hollowed out in the middle, with a few windows and air holes punched out. It was a simple house.

Knock, knock, knock!

Muyang knocked on the door of one of the rooms.


The door opened, and a small, pretty looking female Saiyan with short shawl hair opened the door. Upon seeing Muyang in the doorway, the female Saiyan asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Muyang smiled, “You must be Gine; I’m here to see Bardock.”

Gine looked at Muyang in confusion. Shouting into the room, “Bardock, someone’s here to see you.”

“Coming!” Soon Bardock came out, and when he saw Muyang, he looked stunned and excited, “You’re… Teacher Mu!”

After all these years, Teacher Mu hasn’t changed a bit!

Muyang smiled and nodded, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Of course, Teacher Mu, please go inside.” Bardock even welcomed Muyang into the room.

“Bardock, is he Teacher Mu you were talking about before?” Gine whispered beside him.

Bardock said, “That’s right. Gine you hurry up and prepare tea and food.”


Gine knew of Bardock’s past. From the most ordinary Low-Class Warrior to achieving what he was today, it was thanks to the help of the legendary Teacher Mu. So, without Bardock’s instruction, Gine was already busy.

In the living room, Bardock was standing beside Muyang in a restrained manner.

Muyang looked at him and nodded his head slightly. The nineteen-year-old Bardock was already very mature. What was remarkable was that his power level had already broken through 10,000.

Considering that there were still a few years from the beginning of the original story, and Bardock already had more than 10,000 power level at that time, he was now far more powerful than he was in the original story.

It was evident that Bardock had not missed out on intense battles over the years.

The Saiyans’ power level really soared once they entered their adolescence.

“Good, your power level has exceeded 10,000. Now you believe that the Low-Class Warrior can also exceed Elite Warrior, right?”

Bardock said excitedly, “I believe it. Thanks to the magical beans you left behind back then, Teacher Mu. I was able to survive from one of my dying states…”

Muyang waved his hand, “This is the result of your efforts. The Senzu Bean just allowed you to strike.”

Even without his intervention, the original Bardock would have become very strong. Now he was just bringing the process forward.

But even so, Bardock was still grateful to Muyang. In his heart, he believed that it was Muyang’s enlightenment back then that had allowed him to achieve what he had today.

“Teacher Mu, where have you been these past few years? I’ve searched all over Planet Vegeta, but I haven’t found any trace of you?” Bardock was puzzled.

Planet Vegeta was huge, but there were only so many Saiyans living on it. He had been looking for nine years, but he had never been able to find Muyang’s whereabouts.

“I wasn’t even in Planet Vegeta these past few years. It would be a wonder if you could find me.” Muyang laughed in his heart and said thoughtfully, “If I wanted to leave Planet Vegeta, no one would be able to know at all.”

Bardock nodded thoughtfully, and at the same time, it dawned on him that Teacher Mu was not from Planet Vegeta.

He believed in what Muyang said because Muyang could even take out something magical as a Senzu Bean. It showed that he was definitely not a mortal.

At this moment, Gine came over with a plate full of fruits, snacks, and mainly meat products on it.

“Teacher Mu, please have a taste,” Gine said curtly.

“Bardock, is this your wife? I’ve seen you live together since you were kids.” Muyang laughed and looked at Bardock.

However, his words made Bardock blush furiously. Bardock was embarrassed, “We live together, but we’re not married yet.”

“Then why don’t you guys get married?” Muyang laughed.

Bardock was nineteen this year, and Gine was a little younger than him; she was seventeen.

A lone man and a woman under the same roof, Muyang didn’t believe that they hadn’t broken through that relationship.

However, the Saiyans initially did not care much about the etiquette; the wedding was something optional.

At this time, Muyang took out a small cloth bag and threw it over, “Count these things as my meeting gift to Gine.”

Gine opened it, and inside were more than a hundred bright green Senzu Beans, which she happily put away.

Although she was unfit to be a combatant due to her low power level and was usually in charge of handling meat in Planet Vegeta, she was very clear about the role of Senzu Beans.

The reason why Bardock was able to become so strong was mostly because of the Senzu Beans.

“Thank you, Teacher Mu!” Gine’s face blossomed with happiness.

“Well, remember not to let anyone know.” Muyang smiled lightly.

Ever since Gaia was working hard to grow Senzu Beans in the Acceleration World, the stock of Senzu Beans in his hand increased every year, making him became more generous in giving them away.

“This time, I’ve come to ask for your help with one thing.” Muyang finally started to get down to business.

Bardock sat squarely in his seat and said thoughtfully, “Please say it, Teacher Mu, I will do what I can do.”

Teacher Mu was like a born-again parent to him. If there were anything that he could do, he would do his best to get it done.

Muyang chanted, “Actually, I am not a Saiyan, this time I came to Planet Vegeta to find someone… “Next, Muyang told them about Mexia. “I want you to investigate female Saiyans born eight to nine years ago. Gather their information to me.”

Bardock smiled, “This is an easy thing to do. Our Saiyans is already small; there are only a few thousand toddlers born a year. Half of which are female babies, so it’s easy to investigate.”

“That’s good.” Muyang smiled and took a sip of tea.

“Teacher Mu, let’s leave this matter to Bardock. He’ll be able to bring the information over from the data center soon.” Gine believed in Bardock’s abilities. For her, there was nothing that Bardock couldn’t do. Not to mention that the information was already public.

Bardock patted his chest and assured, “Leave it to me!”

After saying that, Bardock asked Gine to entertain Teacher Mu and quickly headed to the data center himself.

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