Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 241

Chapter 241


Muyang opened his eyes fiercely and yelled through clenched teeth.

With that, 21 million power level erupted out. As soon as this energy was formed, Muyang’s incarnation began to collapse, “Frieza, as a final gift, accept my attack!”



Muyang waved out each of his hands, and two powerful attacks were steeply generated.

At this moment, his body could no longer withstand such specifications of energy and suddenly collapsed.

The third ki wave was like self-destructing swept out, merging with the previous two attacks, and vastly rushing towards Frieza.

Frieza watched dumbfoundedly; this guy had actually self-destructed!

At this moment, it struck him and created a feeling that his life was threatened. It had to be blocked; this energy was already threatening his life.

Frieza exerted all his strength to support the enormous energy shield. With a rumble, as if the heavens had opened up, the massive ball of ki rose.

The magnificent power was like the end of days. The high-intensity energy covered the area of tens of thousands of kilometers, and all matter turned into pieces.

Zarbon and Ginyu were about to be engulfed by the terrifying ki. Zarbon’s face twisted as he shouted, “Natania, move us out.”

“I got it. I am working on it!”

The Demoness Natania didn’t even need to be told by Zarbon. With her superpower, she already began to prepare for it. When the ki swept over, the Demoness Natania was ready, moving them to a safer place in the nick of time.

“It’s scary!”

“We almost died.”

Zarbon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his green hair became messy.

“That monster. He should be dead, right?” Jeice scalp numbed.

Captain Ginyu blanched, “For sure. King Frieza has exerted his full power, that man will die.”

“There are still such strong monsters in the universe.” Jeice’s heart palpitated.

In the past, with his power level of around 40,000, he could already shine in the universe.

However, now that he had seen the battle between Frieza and Muyang, it actually gave him a humble, ant-like feeling of humility.

“Even if I’m strong, so what? I’m still going to die at the hands of King Frieza. I didn’t expect King Frieza to have such terrifying strength.” Ginyu’s heart was on fire.

As his head subordinate, the stronger Frieza was, the more solid his position in the universe would be!

When all the ki began to calm down in the distant starry sky, the original location where Planet Frieza was located was empty.

With an inflated, a white figure emerged amid residual ki. Frieza floated in the void, his eyes ruthlessly scanning the surroundings.

After confirming that the opponent was indeed dead, Frieza slowly put away the energy from his body. Finally turned back into his Base Form appearance.

Ho ho ho ho, this king is indeed invincibly strong. So what if that mysterious person just now was even stronger? He was still forced to self-destruct by this king.”

Although Planet Frieza’s destruction annoyed him, the accomplishment of forcing to death a great master whose strength might be twenty or thirty million was enough to put him in a happy mood for a long time.

In the North Area, it was feared that it would be hard to find such a master again. The pleasure of extinguishing the enemy had filled his previous anger.

“King Frieza!”

With the Demoness Natania’s superpower movement, Zarbon, Ginyu, Jeice came to Frieza’s side. Each of them gazed at him with blazing eyes.

“My king, that man just now?”

Frieza waved his hand, “Of course, this king killed him.”


“Worthy of King Frieza!”

The fanatical and adoring eyes of the subordinates made Frieza delighted, and his mood became pleasant.

Sometimes a little show of strength was necessary! Frieza thought in a good mood, but then his face changed, and he said as cold as frost, “Mr. Zarbon, Captain Ginyu, head to the Second Planet Territory. I’m going to make a brand new headquarters there!”

“As ordered!”

“This subordinate will create an even stronger headquarters for the king.”


Heaven, Grand Kai’s Planet.

Muyang abruptly awoke from his state of meditation, then gasped for air. A searing stabbing pain was hitting his brain, clearly a side effect from his incarnation collapse.

Muyang gritted his teeth and yelled in pain.

After a while, the pain began to subside. Muyang grinned and was busy transferring the ki of the Acceleration World to repair his spirit while taking out the Spring of Life produced by Gaia to replenish his vitality.

At this time, the Senzu Beans were no longer useful for the spiritual aspect.

As he breathed out a long sigh of relief, Muyang’s state began to stabilize. However, it would take some time for him to recover fully.

“Grand Kai said that the loss of the incarnation is no big deal to the original body, but is this kind of pain something ordinary people can bear?” Muyang’s mouth complained.

‘I believe you, you bad old man, but turned out you lied!’

With his mouth full of words complaining to Grand Kai, but as he looked at the platform in front of him, Muyang’s heart was still on fire.

With this, he would be able to challenge all opponents whose strength far exceeded his without fear.

Obviously, this platform also had its flaws. A move like Keio-ken that increased power level could not be performed without a limit.

However, this was nothing. At most, it wouldn’t be necessary to use the Keio-ken. Just like what Whis said, it was still required to develop his strength.

He had some gains from the fight with Frieza this time as well.

First, he had at least ravaged Frieza and cut off his hands and feet twice, which was good enough to achieve with such a vast difference in strength – although it was mainly because Frieza himself was too much of a workhorse and kept his power in his body.

Second, it also allowed him to recognize his strength. If he was in his original state, he could withstand at most six times the Kaio-ken now.

Seven times Kaio-ken would be very barely. So, this could be kept as a bottom card for now.


In the days to come, apart from training in other parts of Grand Kai’s Planet, Muyang basically soaked in the incarnation platform.

Muyang repeatedly went to the Lower Realm to challenge some masters but never went to Frieza again.

First, it was because Muyang had already found out about Frieza’s strength, and there was no need to test it anymore.

Second, he was also worried that his multiple challenges would prompt Frieza to train.

If he accidentally forced out the Golden Frieza, then it would be too much. It was better to let Frieza lie safely inside the honey pot and not to stimulate his potential.

It only fitted that his previous self-destruct was the one that both satisfied Frieza’s pretentious arrogance and completely dispelled his scruples.


Time passed like an arrow!

In a blink of an eye, another three years had passed. In the next days of Grand Kai’s Planet’s training, Muyang was no longer as reckless as initially but kept a relatively leisurely day every day.

After some time of urgency, Muyang began to relax, along with solidifying his foundation from scratch.

By the side of a lake, Muyang was sitting like an old man with a fishing rod.

His heart was like water!

Peaceful and quiet!

It was as if he’s almost out of breath in his current state, creating a tranquil and peaceful mood that rippled out.

The surface of the water was very calm. There were a few fish swimming around in the clear lake bottom, hissing. Muyang threw out his rod; the fishing hook flew up from the water. The lake splashed and even brought up a lively fish.

“Muyang, your heart is much calmer. This kind of state is scarce.” Grand Kai sat beside him, holding his flowery white beard.

Muyang smiled faintly. His level had indeed risen a lot, “Lord Grand Kai, after four years in Heaven, I should say goodbye.”

“Well, keep this state of mind entirely; it can help you a lot.”

Muyang laughed, “I know the importance of the state of mind!”

“Good to know.” Grand Kai did not get up, but his old voice came out clearly.

Muyang nodded and solemnly looked at Grand Kai. He then turned around and moved away from Grand Kai’s Planet in an instant.

In these four years, Muyang’s harvest was tremendous. His normal power level had been able to remain at 7.2 million.

Even without using the Kaio-ken, he was already on par with the Namekian Birgil of Planet Ambera.

It wasn’t easy raising his power level from 750,000 during Mexia’s reincarnation to 7.2 million. He had put a lot of effort into it.

Counting the time, it had now been nine years since Mexia’s reincarnation. Her reincarnation was more than eight years old, so it was almost time to find her.

With this thought in his heart, Muyang used Instant Transmission to go directly to Planet Vegeta.

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