Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 240

Chapter 240

Frieza in his Final Form was much more petite, and his lines were smoother, but at this point, Frieza was the most terrifying.

Often in the Dragon Ball World, the more petite the body and the more it returned to the Natural State, the more terrifying the strength.

It confirmed the saying that what was concentrated was the essence.

“Finally, I’ve unleashed my full power!” Frieza craned his neck.

His Final Form was even more extraordinarily cold and ruthless. The monstrous killing intent in his chest became calmer at this point.

Not that the killing intent was gone, but it was calmer and solidified into a more numbing piece of energy.

Perhaps it was because of the powerful strength surrounding him, but Frieza’s demeanor became graceful again.

“You hurt me so much just now. The total number of times you broke my arms and legs, I’ll get all of that back. Without killing you, I cannot quell my anger.”

Muyang looked at Frieza with a solemn face. The terrifying ki on Frieza’s body made him feel uncomfortable.

“The Final Form of Frieza has sixty million power levels, which should be the power he has at his disposal. As long as he doesn’t push Frieza too hard, Frieza usually won’t use the full strength state, which consumes a lot of his physical strength and energy.”

Muyang hesitated. When he looked into Frieza’s scarlet cold eyes, he knew that the real battle was about to begin.

Muyang stared at Frieza and shouted, “TRIPLE KAIO-KEN!”

Even stronger dark red flames burned.

Nine million values of energy burned wildly, and even the entire void began to tremble.

This powerful force combined with Muyang’s top skills, even against fifteen million power levels, he was able to fight even.

“It’s not enough!”

Facing the sixty million power level of Frieza, the Triple Kaio-ken had minimal effect.


Muyang burst out again.


When Muyang raised his power level to 15 million, the white flames around him had been completely overwhelmed.

As if he had turned into a red ball of fire, his body began to gnaw with mighty muscles, and his breathing became fierce.

Even the Yardartians “Vacuum Inner Breath” tended to be unable to keep up.

“Hey, you can actually increase your power level. However, looking at your state at this point, you’re already at your limit!”

Frieza looked on in amazement, also frightened by the terrifying power of Muyang’s body. His eyes were round, while his mouth said so, but he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Frieza boasted himself as the emperor of the universe. Although there was some bragging, Frieza’s strength was there.

In the North Area, except for King Cold and Cooler, he was indeed a worthy emperor. Frieza looked down upon all beings and had always been proud of his power level.

However, a mysterious person suddenly appeared today, and he was even bringing him a surprise.

“Frieza, let’s fight!” Muyang gazed at Frieza.

The five times Kaio-ken state could not be maintained for a long time. Excessive energy use outside the body caused his body, which was condensed from Grand Kai’s Planet, to have a vague tendency to crumble.

He needed to keep the fight going with Frieza while his body was still holding up.


Frieza clapped his hands.

“Courageous. In that case, I’ll send you to hell.” Frieza laughed maniacally at the words.

In an instant, a vast and icy ki enveloped a radius of thousands of kilometers.

Affected by the collision of the two ki, the star fragments and asteroids in the endless void became even more chaotic, colliding in a state of chaos and turning into even smaller debris.


They were calm for a moment as the terrifying ki seemed to converge. However, in the next second, they all moved, and two even more dazzling ki burned like a great sun.


Muyang’s fist landed on Frieza’s body, immediately erupted into sparks of iron impact. Frieza wrenched his face with a cruel smile, backhandedly grabbed Muyang’s arm.

He then threw him up hard, rebounded hard, and smashed down hard with both hands.

In the face of Frieza’s attack, Muyang’s waist gave out, spinning his body over and bringing his hands together in claws.


Bright white ki was suddenly generated between Muyang’s palms. A giant pillar of ki sprayed out, and Frieza’s face froze slightly. The terrifying ki engulfed his body in an instant.

However, such energy was obviously unable to injure Frieza. Frieza hugged his arms to protect his forehead and bear the bombardment of the Heavenly Sky Beam raw.

“The Final Form of Frieza’s physical strength has reached a shocking level.”

Muyang had been mentally prepared for this. With a secret sigh, he began to prepare for an even more powerful attack.


The two wrestled together, Muyang’s skill was far above Frieza’s, but his strength and speed were far less than Frieza’s. So, he was often in a passive position.

Frankly speaking, although Muyang, under the Five Times Kaio-ken, only had 15 million power levels, he could tangle for a long time even if he met an opponent with 30 million power levels.

It was a pity that Frieza was now displaying a power level of 60 million, exactly four times that of Muyang, which was beyond the limit that skill could compensate.

It was good that Frieza also used this power sparingly. At first use, it was actually a bit rusty. The 60 million power level didn’t bring out the thick and unbeatable domineering quality that should be given.


The violent attack landed on Muyang’s body. Muyang grimaced as his blood rapidly surged, and his heart thumped violently.


As he threw out unreserved ki, Frieza’s eyes locked up at the corners upon seeing the Tri-Beam. He wasn’t in a panic at all.

“Let’s see how long your body can hold out!” Frieza yelled grimly.


Frieza clasped his palms together, and blood-red ki was released.


The two ki collided, sending out a planetary explosion’s power, radiating space fluctuations even in the void.

From time to time, devastating big explosions occurred in the void. The terrifying ki presented a ring-like impact.

The over-specification ki made Ginyu and the others, who were watching from afar, frightened and unsettled.

“It’s so terrifying. King Frieza’s power is actually this terrifying.” Jeice’s handsome face was filled with horror.

He knew that Frieza could transform three times, and the 530,000 power level of Frieza’s Base Form had already horrified him before.

However, he had never expected to have such devastating strength after three transformations.

It was also a great honor to be able to serve under such a powerful overlord!

“That person is strong too, but certainly not as strong as Frieza.”

Captain Ginyu was confident.

In addition, Jeice and the Demoness Natania were staring at the two electric light clusters in the void repeatedly colliding and then quickly separating.

With their eyesight, they had long been unable to see the details of the battle between Muyang and Frieza.

They could only make out a general idea from the long lagging afterimages.

“Hoho, is your attack just tickling this king?” Frieza’s arrogant and cocky voice rang out. Suddenly, the snow-white figure had arrived at Muyang’s side.

“What a fast speed.”


A heart-rending pain came from the abdomen. The tremendous force knocked Muyang, making him flew like a cannonball. His hands steadied his body by stepping apart.

Then suddenly, a touch of coldness rose from the bottom of his feet.

Muyang’s nerves fiercely tightened. A thick tail had been curled around the waist, and Frieza’s face was close at hand. A pair of evil eyes stared at him.

Frieza laughed and said proudly, “It seems that this is your limit. You should be proud to be able to force this king to use his Final Form.”

“Hmph!” Muyang snorted coldly. His eyes were flashing with a cold light.


His body was trembling.

Stronger energy erupted out, but his body could no longer withstand such powerful energy.

The newly generated energy could no longer be controlled and spread out. Muyang narrowed his eyes, simply no longer thinking about the consequences, and proceeded to make a full outburst.

“Do you want to blow yourself up for resistance?” Frieza tsked twice.

The person in front of him wasn’t his match, after all.

Tch, even he had to use such an inferior method as self-destructing. Indeed this king was the truly invincible master!

Frieza thought without enchantment.

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