Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

The Saiyans of Universes 6 and 7 all lived on Planet Sadala in their early days.

So, Planet Sadala was widely recognized as the origin planet of the Saiyans of Universes 6 and 7. However, the Saiyans of Universe 6 were very gentle and powerful. They managed to keep Planet Sadala, which they still live on, as their home planet.

The Universe 7 Planet Sadala was not so lucky. The Universe 7 Saiyans’ love for fighting and their usual irritable personality eventually led to a great war. The Universe 7 Planet Sadala was destroyed in the battle long ago, so the long-tailed Saiyans had to wander in the universe and finally settled in Planet Vegeta.

Muyang observed the few Saiyans beside him, and they all had no tails, just like the Saiyans of Universe 6.

“These Saiyans are not in the same lineage as the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta. Are they related to the Universe 6?” Muyang’s mind secretly speculated.

Individuals from different universes could settle in other universes. However, they would usually be banished unless the Planet Sala’s Saiyans had once emerged as great figures.

For example, God of Destruction Champa of Universe 6 and the God of Destruction Beerus of Universe 7, it was unknown which universe they were originally from, but judging from the fact that they were brothers, one of them must have been an outsider, or both of them were not from the Universe 6 or Universe 7.


The spaceship flew slowly and soon entered the planetary system.

In the center of the planetary system, the blazing sun was burning, illuminating the entire galaxy.

Around the sun were six different forms of planets. Planet Sala was located in the third orbit’s habitable belt, a blue planet that looked very similar to earth.


The deafening sound rang out, and the spaceship grazed through the atmosphere to land on the ground. The social outlook of Planet Sala was very similar to Planet Vegeta, but the technology was much more advanced.

“Kid, hurry up and go home. You need to change your careless personality, or you won’t be so lucky if something happens in the universe next time.”

After the spaceship docked, the pilot patted Muyang’s shoulder, then prepared to close the hatch.

“Thank you.” Muyang smiled. In his heart, he received their good intentions.

The Saiyans above Planet Sala was gentle, really similar to the Saiyans of Universe 6. Based on the conversations he had listened to along the way, the nature of these Saiyans’ workers were also identical to the Saiyans of Universe 6. They worked as mercenaries to maintain order, so the Saiyans were considered to have a good reputation in this part of the galaxy.

“They are also Saiyans, and they are in Universe 7, but the difference between the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans of Planet Sala is too big.”

Muyang couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. At this time, he thought that it was nice that Mexia was able to reincarnate to such a planet, so at least her personality wouldn’t be violent. However, Muyang had forgotten that even on the Universe 6 Planet Sadala, there would be a wild girl like Caulifla.

Breathing in the fresh air on Planet Sala, Muyang leaped towards the sky, turning into a black dot suspended in the high altitude.

Planet Sala’s gravity was about fifty times that of earth, much higher than even Planet Vegeta. So the Saiyans living here had been exercising well from birth, and their basic power level was even more robust.

Closing his eyes and carefully sensing the ki in the air, scattering ki soon entered his perception range. The Saiyans of Planet Sala were not many, but the number of strong ones was ridiculously high.

The Saiyans here were feared to have nearly 100,000 power level when they reached adulthood.

“Several million-level energies are converging in the eastern direction. That should be their base camp.” After sensing it this way, Muyang used Instant Transmission to go directly towards the east.

Since there was no evil existence like Frieza and the Saiyans of Planet Sala was considered gentle, this time he planned to come straight to the point and directly find the person in charge of them.


About 10,000 kilometers to the east, this was the Saiyan leader’s residence, which gathered the most powerful Battle Organization above Planet Sala, the Sala Squadron.

There weren’t many members of the Sala Squadron, but every one of them possessed millions of power levels. Unfortunately, like the Universe 6 Saiyans, Planet Sala Saiyans had lost the Super Saiyans’ legend, so they had empty power. They were powerful but never thought of turning into Super Saiyans.

Likewise, the Great Ape Transformation would never happen, as the Great Ape Transformation no longer enhances their strength, and their tails have long since disappeared over the long haul.

As Saiyans with different veins from Planet Vegeta, they were born without tails and could not transform into giant apes.


Muyang landed in front of a glorious Imperial Palace with two rows of guards on either side.

“Who are you?” The Saiyans in charge of guarding the Imperial Palace snapped after seeing Muyang.

Muyang generously stepped forward and smiled, “I am an earthman from distant earth. I came here today to visit Planet Sala on business, hoping to meet your leader.”

“An earthman?” One of the guards muttered to himself.

“Are you sure you’re not a Saiyan?”

Muyang was startled and whirled around to laugh, “Earthlings may be similar to the Saiyans over here, but I am indeed earthlings.”

The Saiyan in charge of guarding looked up and down at Muyang and said, “You wait for a moment; I’ll go in and inform.”

With that, he asked the Saiyan Warrior next to him to watch Muyang as he entered the Imperial Palace alone. Muyang stood idly, waiting.

About a few minutes passed, and the Saiyan came out; he said, “Come with me, our king is willing to see you.”

“Thank you!” Muyang thanked him, then followed the guards into the Imperial Palace.

The entire Imperial Palace had long corridors. The walls depicted all kinds of beautiful pictures, including battles, capturing beasts, and ancient rituals.

Soon, they came to a spacious courtyard, and the guardian said, “Our king is just ahead, so go over there.”

Mm.” Muyang nodded his head and walked over as he took stock. Secretly, he felt that many powerful masters were lurking around him. If it weren’t for his powerful senses, no one else would be able to perceive it.

“You are the human from earth?” There was a clear voice, and the speaker wasn’t very old.

Muyang approached, only to discover that the other side was also a young man with black hair and a handsome face. Was he the Saiyan leader of Planet Sala? It was inevitably too young.

Muyang nodded his head, “That’s right. I’m from the earth.”

The young man on the other side brightened his eyes and repeatedly nodded, “I’ve long known that there are races on earth that look exactly like Saiyans. When I see you today, it is indeed so. If you hadn’t admitted it yourself, I would have taken you as a Saiyan.”

Saying that, the young man opposite made a request, “Can you release all of your ki? I feel that you possess powerful ki within you.”

“You also call the energy ‘Ki’?”

Muyang was startled. The term ki should be unique to earth; why would someone on the distant Planet Sala also call energy that way? Moreover, they actually knew the existence of the earth.

“Of course, this is our name that has been passed down since ancient times.” The young Saiyan leader smiled, “My name is Wayne, the leader of the Saiyans of Planet Sala.”

“My name is Muyang; I’m an earthling.”

“Let me see your strength.” The young Saiyan leader, Wayne, said again.

Muyang shrugged his shoulders and also generously stopped hiding, and immediately releasing his collected ki.

In a moment, the small courtyard was in a frenzy as the powerful to 7.2 million power level swirling into a lingering whirlwind that blew everything in the courtyard around.

Wayne’s eyes were glowing. He put his hand to his forehead to ward off the violent whirlwind. He said excitedly, “Awesome, are earthlings such a powerful race?”

Muyang gathered his ki and shook his head, “No, I’m just an exception. Earthlings are very weak and have a single-digit power level.”

Wayne was taken aback, “Then you’re an amazing genius.”

“My opportunities are better.” Muyang lamented.

Honestly, when he first knew that he was in the Dragon Ball World and that his identity was that of an earthling, he never thought that he could possess such great strength.

“You’re humble.” Perhaps it was because he was also a young man, or out of respect for the strong, Wayne was very friendly to Muyang.

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