Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 230

Chapter 230

“Senior brother, I had a great time today.”

On the way back to the Great Azure Mountain, April bounced down the stone steps and suddenly turned around to bloom into a bright smile.

“You can always go out later.”

April shook her head and said, “No, I still want to work on the Saibamen Manufacturing Technology. I’ll let senior brother go out with me after I succeed in my research.”

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself,” Muyang instructed with concern.

Uh-huh.” April nodded lightly and suddenly asked, “Senior Sister Mexia should have been successfully reincarnated. When does brother plan to go and bring her back?”

Three years ago, Mexia was sent to the Other-World by Shenron. Typically, even the reincarnated body should be over two years old now.

Muyang smiled, “There’s no rush. Mexia’s reincarnation is still too young now. Are you going to take care of her if I bring her back?”

The thought of Muyang asking her to take care of a toddler made her head spin. How could April take care of others if she couldn’t even take care of herself?

April’s cheeks blushed slightly, “I can’t take care of her, but Auntie Alice can.”

Muyang thought about it, still thinking that after a while. Alice was just an ordinary person who couldn’t do martial arts; it was too much for her to take care of Saiyans.

Muyang then said, “Taking care of Saiyans isn’t easy. I’ll wait until Mexia grows up a bit, and I’ll go get her back.”

“Oh.” April thought about it and felt that was right.

The children were too noisy, and she didn’t know how to get along with Mexia, who didn’t have her memory back.

The two of them spent the rest of the day chatting alone. Soon, they were back at the house at the foothills.

The pines swaying on either side and the bamboo leaves rustling in the wind on the border.

Under Muyang’s suggestion, April had finally decided to move the research room to Muyang’s Acceleration World temporarily.


The entrance to April’s research room went down the winding corridor. Underneath was an open and spacious experimental area, all separated by particularly strong tempered glass.

Each room was more than three hundred square meters in size, and there were hundreds of rooms in total.

If it weren’t for those automated robots from Planet Domini, April wouldn’t be able to take care of it by herself.

Looking at the lab’s magnificent and grand appearance, Muyang curiously asked, “April, did you empty the entire bottom of the Great Azure Mountain.”

April looked embarrassed, “Well, I just asked Shenron to build the research lab bigger. I didn’t expect it to look like this.”

“What’s this?” Muyang pointed to a room with an incubation chamber.

Each incubation chamber was about two meters high. Inside was a green solution that soaked the humanoid creatures, shivering with electrical impulses.

“These are all Sabaimen that failed in research. I soaked their bodies in it so that I can make research observations.”

Muyang’s eyebrows raised and said, “These aren’t even dead yet?”

April shook her head, “They should all be dead already.”

At this moment, Muyang felt that April’s research was risky. If she wasn’t careful, there was a danger of losing control.

Muyang’s expression was solemn as he said, “You’re too careless. The Saibamen’s energy is far more than yours. If something happens during the research, your life will be in danger.”

The average Saibamen had a 1500 power level. When they encountered a good soil environment, they could be produced with even more powerful energy.

It was too dangerous for the less powerful April, whether it was 1500 power level or higher.

“It seems that I still need to go to the Central Area and purchase you a few long-lived biochemical bodyguards.” Muyang thought about it.

Saibamens were expendable items that couldn’t exist for long. A Saibamen might survive for just a few hours and were frontline cannon fodder in many massive fights between major powers.

In contrast, the biochemical bodyguards that could survive for long periods were much more expensive. It could cost many times as much as a Saibamen.

If April was going to study the Saibamen, she had to be given bodyguards to prevent the risk of the Saibamen getting out of control during the development process.

In response to Muyang’s concern, April gave a sweet smile and then carefully organized her research materials, one piece at a time.

Muyang saw the situation and moved the things inside the research room to the Acceleration World under April’s explanation.

For a long time to come, they would be spending time in the Acceleration World.

As the scene turned, Muyang appeared in the Acceleration World with April. The small emerald green planet was spinning leisurely in the center of the Acceleration World.

In a field, the slime-like Gaia was diligently tending to the growth of the Senzu Beans. In these three years, Gaia had already harvested countless Senzu Beans for Muyang. It was so much that Muyang could squander them without restraint.

Tap, tap, Gaia’s soft and slippery body jumped over. Instead of jumping toward Muyang, it jumped into April’s arms and kept rubbing her chest, causing April to let out a giggle.

Muyang sometimes wondered why Gaia always liked to drill into the girl’s chest. It used to be Mexia; now it’s April. Obviously, listening to Gaia’s voice, it was a soft female voice as well…

“Senior brother, Gaia seems to have grown a whole lot more.” April giggled.

Muyang waved his hand, “Don’t bother with the jelly. April, you will study here from now on. The energy in the Acceleration World can ease your fatigue. If you are hungry, you can ask Gaia for Senzu Beans. In this place, Senzu Beans are adequate and filling!”

Heehee, little Gaia, can you help me prepare the research equipment together!” April held Gaia up and stretched its soft body ever longer, like rubber.

Watching April and Gaia frolicking, with a slight smile on his face, Muyang found a place to start studying the crimson crystal that Whis had given him.

In these three years, Muyang had been studying the crystal. However, the more he studied it, the more he realized the profoundness of Whis’ martial arts.

Just some of the perceptions recorded in the crystal alone were enough for him to learn for a long time.

Moreover, between these images’ mannerisms left by Whis, there was an even more profound meaning hidden between them.

Worthy of being an angel of the Universe 7. Even if it was just a little bit, it was enough to make Muyang look up to him!

In fact, crossing over from the previous Kai Martial Arts to Angel Martial Arts all of a sudden, the span was huge.

Kai Martial Arts at the Kai level simply couldn’t be compared to the Angels. This was also the reason why Muyang was slow to comprehend the meaning of it. The gap between the two was too significant.

It was like an ordinary martial arts practitioner on earth who suddenly taught the secret techniques of training on the Lookout.

This person would most likely be unable to learn it because there was not enough accumulation and precipitation.

The vision and the level were not enough, and it would be impossible to reach the sky in one step.


The next time, Muyang delved into the martial arts left to him by Whis.

It was true that there was no such thing as a step to the top. However, if he relied on time to grind, he could understand something.

Time hurriedly passed; when more than two months had passed outside, it was already three years inside the Acceleration World.

Due to breaking through the third limit, the Acceleration World had evolved on its own.

In terms of time acceleration, it was simply a streamlined version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Now to keep the Acceleration World open, there was no need to consume Muyang’s mental energy, allowing him to remain in the Acceleration World for a long time to practice martial arts.

During this period, it was needless to say that Muyang’s power was continually refining.

In addition to studying Whis’ martial arts, Muyang was also imitating the creation of his martial arts crystals.

Martial arts crystals were different from the traditional DVD teaching, which was a more direct way of teaching that sunk deep into the consciousness.

Although earth had now begun its martial arts era, and the Kami School Martial Arts had become popular among high-level martial arts practitioners, ordinary earthlings were still weak.

To put it bluntly, there were many fancy martial arts practitioners on earth. Even when some medium grade martial arts practitioners also existed, there were very few true masters, and their overall strength wasn’t powerful.

Having obtained Whis’ crystal, Muyang thought of creating martial arts crystals that inherited his martial arts and then popularizing today’s Kami School Martial Arts to raise the earth’s overall strength.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but Muyang had already made some headway. He hoped to accomplish such a thing in the last few years.

Just in the third month that Muyang and April had entered the Acceleration World, the wedding of Dr. Brief and Panchy in the outside world’s West City was about to take place.

This was a time that both, Muyang and April, needed to go.

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