Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 231

Chapter 231

Dr. Brief was considered to be a relatively famous scientist in West City. Since he was young and intelligent, he had already achieved fame at the age of 23 and gained a high reputation in the scientific community.

At his wedding, many big names in the scientific community personally came over to congratulate him.

When the wedding was about to take place, the lavender-haired Dr. Brief and Panchy stood at the door to greet the guests, who included officials from the Central City and collaborators from other institutes.

Among them, Dr. Omori and Dr. Garo congratulated Dr. Brief on behalf of the Central City and the Institute. They then laughed as Dr. Brief entertained them.

Soon, the wedding was about to begin, and Dr. Brief’s wedding venue was packed with high spirits.

“Brief, Senior Sister April hasn’t arrived yet,” Panchy whispered in Dr. Brief’s ear in her wedding dress.

“It can’t be helped. The wedding will begin soon.” Dr. Brief looked at his watch.

They would miss the time if he waited any longer. So he had to start the wedding at the urging of the elders of the family.

Panchy nodded, somewhat disappointed. She wanted April to be at her wedding the most out of all her family and friends.

At that moment, with glowing light, someone that Panchy had been waiting for finally appeared.

Seeing April, who was dressed in a modest and light dress, appearing with her arm around Muyang, Panchy’s face showed joy, “Senior Sister April, you’ve finally come. Hey, this is…”

Panchy’s eyes went to Muyang. His appearance gave her a familiar feeling. She always felt like she had seen him somewhere before.

April smiled and introduced, “Have you forgotten, he’s my senior brother Muyang. He even saved you before.”

Panchy remembered and said an “ah,” then she became excited, “Ah, you are Senior Sister April’s brother, Mr. Muyang…”

This handsome young man in front of her was actually the God of Martial Arts, Muyang, who had saved his life when she was young.

Muyang nodded with a smile and said to Panchy and Dr. Brief, “Congratulations to the two of you on your happy marriage. This is a little gift from me.”

After saying that, Muyang took out the gift that April had prepared and handed it to Dr. Brief and Panchy.

Dr. Brief and Panchy obviously did not expect that such a big man like Muyang would personally attend their wedding and give them a gift.

Standing there and stunned for a moment, it took a while for them to react. They even welcomed Muyang and April warmly into their seats.

Next, the lively wedding took place under the officiant’s auspices, with everyone celebrating the new couples’ happiness with laughter. The wedding went on for a day, and the crowd gradually dispersed.

“I figured out why Dr. Gero has been pursuing Senior Sister April, but it’s not going well.” Panchy changed to her pink dress and joined Dr. Brief in seeing off the guests.

“Why?” Dr. Brief asked, not very understandingly.

Panchy covered her mouth and laughed lightly, “Because the man beside Senior Sister April is too good and blocks out the light of others.”

Seeing that Dr. Brief didn’t understand very well, Panchy didn’t say anything further. However, in her heart, she started to mourn for Dr. Gero.

On the other hand, April and Muyang finished attending Dr. Brief’s wedding and were about to leave when an older woman pulled April’s hand and said with a trembling voice, “Your name is April, right? Is your mother’s name… Fiumia?”

April looked puzzled at the old woman who grabbed her hand, “How do you know my mother’s name?”

The old woman couldn’t help but murmur at the news, “You look so similar, exactly like Fiumia.”

April asked in confusion, “Lady, do you know my mother?”

The old woman said, “Yeah, I know her. Your father’s name is Claren, and you have a sister named Sipriel, right? By the way, you’ve been missing for over twenty years.”

“You do know them?” April incredulously opened her small mouth.

Muyang could now somewhat see that the older woman in front of him was most likely April’s distant relative.

He remembered that when he first met April on top of the train. The young couple was taking them back to visit their relatives, only to have an accident later.

“How come I don’t know her? I grew up watching her, and count Fiumia as an aunt to me.” The old woman said excitedly.

Then Panchy came over, “Grandma, what are you talking about?”

The old woman said, “Panchy, this is your distant cousin, April.”

She then told the story of April’s parents and what happened back then.

After hearing the old woman’s description, April had decided that she was her distant relative. So it meant that she and Panchy were also relatives.

“Senior Sister April is my sister?”

Panchy was a bit dumbfounded, though. She didn’t think there would be such a coincidence in the world. Was Senior Sister April really her sister?

Did she hear it correctly?

“Oh great, Fiumia’s daughter is alive.” The old woman was in tears of joy.

Panchy and April were busy supporting her, finding a place for her to sit. Then, they asked detailed questions about their relatives back home.

April was only five years old when she was shipwrecked, and her childhood memories were very fuzzy. She only remembered her parents’ names and that she once had a sister named Sipriel.

Muyang quietly backed away, leaping onto the roof and sitting on the green glazed tiles.

“A wedding actually allows April to find her family.” Muyang shook his head.

“The fate of the world is surprisingly so wonderful. In the future, when Tights and Bulma are born, they will have to call April auntie.”

In the future, Bulma will call the Android 21 Auntie. How did that image look so comical?

But then again, Android 21 seems to look a lot like Android 18 as well, could there be a connection?

April’s matter made Muyang start to think nonsensically.

He then waned and smiled, feeling that he thought too much. It wasn’t that there were no similar-looking people in the world, so there was no way that Android 18 would still be a relative of April. Wouldn’t that mean to be a relative to Bulma as well? That relationship would be messy.


After the wedding, April, who had found her relatives, bounced around and happily hugged Muyang’s hand in her arms.

It seemed that being able to find her relatives made her feel very happy.

Muyang smiled, “Panchy is actually your cousin.”

“I didn’t expect it either. No wonder I was especially close to her when I met her at school when I was little.”

“That’s fate.”

“Then, I’m also destined to be very close to my senior brother. Oh, the first time was on the train, and the second time you saved me.” April’s pair of blue crystal-like transparent eyes looked at Muyang seriously.

Muang was slightly startled and whirled around to smile, “That’s indeed quite a fate.”

“That’s right.”

April blossomed into a sweet smile. Her cheeks slightly flushed with excitement, “Senior brother, while I’m in a good mood right now, let me go back to the Acceleration World to continue my research. I think there’s a good chance it will bear fruit.”

“Of course.” Muyang agreed with a smile.

Sometimes scientists’ intuition was so metaphysical that they felt they could produce results. Immediately with a wave of his hand, a touch of magical power suddenly descended, covering himself and April. They then teleported into the Acceleration World.


In the Acceleration World, April took a glance at Muyang, pulled Gaia over, and breezed into her lab.

Muyang saw how hard April was working and sat down to continue studying the martial crystal himself.

Time passed quickly; there was no distinction between spring, summer, autumn, and winter in the Acceleration World, nor was there a sun and moon change.

The only reminder was that Gaia had been harvesting Senzu Beans for several rounds, crop by crop.

Finally, when two years of outside time had passed, thirty-two years had passed in the Acceleration World.

During this long period, Muyang and April had not always stayed in the Acceleration World but occasionally coming out and had more time with the others, which was a pleasing thing for April.

In order to research the Saibamen Manufacturing Technology, April had sunk her teeth into it. In fact, the initial Saibamen had been developed in the third year.

It was just that April was a person of excellence, and for the next so many years, she had been trying to innovate.

Nowadays, in the category of Saibamen alone, she had seven or eight varieties of Saibamen. Those variations range from the lowest number one Saibamen with only 200 power levels and 3 hours of survival after planting.

The highest number eight Saibamen with a base power level of 1600 and 24 hours of survival time.

All kinds of models had been successfully tested.

At this point, April’s Saibamen was considered ready for mass production.

In addition to April possessing the research results, Muyang’s harvest was also great in these years.

Although he did not deliberately train, his power level had risen to 2.4 million. He could display a 7.2 million power level in a full outburst, which was no worse than the Ambera’s Namekian Birgil.

It was only at this moment that Muyang’s power level had stepped into the ranks of the rare master in the universe.

At least in the Galaxy, masters like him could be counted on one hand.

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