Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 229

Chapter 229

Time flew, spring and autumn come and go.

Time seemed to have unseen magic power, changing the face of the mountains and rivers. In the blink of an eye, three years had passed since Mexia’s reincarnation.


One early morning, the sunrise rose, staining the clouds in the sky.

Muyang woke up early and moved his hands and feet in the courtyard. As several movements were performed, the yard continued to blow an intense whirlwind. The surrounding bamboo forest gently bent over.

Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound, breaking Muyang’s peaceful morning.

As his eyes glanced around, he saw the beautiful little house he and Mexia owned shake violently, and wisps of black smoke were emitted from the surrounding pipes.

Muyang covered his forehead and sighed. He went inside and knocked on a door around the corner. Suddenly, thick black smoke was released from the room.

With a raised eyebrow, Muyang saw a pretty-looking girl running out from inside.

“April, did your experiment fail again?” Muyang grabbed the girl’s hand.

April’s face was dirty, and her white jacket was dyed black. She nodded her head regretfully. “Senior brother, the technique of growing Saibamen is too profound. It seems that I need to study it for a few more years before I can understand it.”

Ever since Mexia’s reincarnation, April seemed to have accepted Mexia’s wish and moved directly to Muyang’s small house.

To study the Saibamen Manufacturing Technology that Muyang had given her, she used her Dragon Balls to make a wish in her second year.

She even transformed the mountain below the house directly into a research lab.

This resulted in black smoke coming out of Muyang’s house every three days.

“The research on growing Saibamen takes time. Don’t you still have a job in the West City? So it’s okay if you want to leave.”

April smiled, “Dr. Gero and Dr. Brief are both excellent scientists; they can already be on their own. Also, there’s still Dr. Omori with them; I basically just have to give them tasks. Now that computer technology is becoming more advanced, any meetings can be conducted directly on the computer.”

Muyang took a towel and handed it over, “I see, well, next time you can go to my Acceleration World to do research. The time flow rate there can be regulated with me. Next time, I go on seclusion; you can come in with me.”

Perhaps good scientists were too fanatical about research. After getting the Saibamen Manufacturing Technology, April had been inside the research lab almost all day long. She was rarely seen going out.

In Muyang’s opinion, this was not a healthy way to live.

April narrowed her eyes and nodded happily, “Well, in senior brother’s world, my mind will be especially clear, and I can figure out a lot of things.”

“Don’t spend all day thinking about research.”

Muyang’s eyebrows furrowed, and slapped April on the head, “By the way, do you have someone you like? I see that Dr. Gero seems to have some interest in you…”

In the original story, Android 21 seems to be Dr. Gero’s wife. The mother of the original Android 16… If April were Android 21, she would have been Gero’s companion.

April shook her head. Her two clear eyes as bright as jewels, “I’m not interested in him. I think I’m fine right now.” With that, April tilted her head, “Don’t forget senior brother, I’ve taken the Elixir of Immortality.”

Muyang was startled, with a smile on his face. Mexia’s nonsense in the first place seemed to have made April, and Dr. Gero lost the possibility of moving on.

There was so much that there were more variables in the future. However, it was quickly reflected that April’s lack of interest in Dr. Gero was good.

It was always a little uncomfortable for his little sister, who had grown up taking care of himself, to be with a certain man one day.

At this time, April took off her jacket self-consciously and then picked a new one from the wardrobe.

As she chose, she said, “In a little while, it will be the wedding day of Dr. Brief and Panchy. I don’t have any suitable clothes. Senior Brother, will you accompany me to Azure Mountain City to buy some clothes?”

“Sure. Speaking of Dr. Brief, is Panchy the little girl who followed you back in the day?”

Muyang’s body was leaning against the wall, and his hands wrapped around it. He vaguely remembered that when the demons had invaded earth, he and Mexia had saved April along with a little girl with blonde hair.

April put on her jacket and fixed her hair, “Yes, Panchy is that school sister of mine.”

Muyang nodded at the words. It was now 29 years before the plot started, and Bulma had an older sister, Tights, who was 11 years older than her, so the count was about the same.

In a little while, Bulma’s sister, Tights, should be born. So, Panchy was most likely Bulma and Tights’ mother.

Bulma and Tights’ mother is an “old monster” with an immortal constitution. They both share the same genes.

Sometimes fate was a wonderful thing. April, Dr. Gero, Dr. Brief, Dr. Omori were the best scientists that would get together.

“Okay, senior brother, let’s go.” April held her glasses down and walked gracefully towards the door.

“Okay.” Muyang smiled and followed her.

Muyang’s house was located halfway up the Great Azure Mountain, not far or close to Azure Mountain City. It would take some time to go over there.

As they followed the path down the mountain, they met the two elders, Yula and Clarissa.

Looking at how they were carrying the parcels in their hands, they seemed to have just returned from a stroll down the mountain.

Seeing Muyang and April face to face, Yula smiled, “April, I rarely see you go out. Muyang, you are supposed to accompany her out.”

Muyang laughed, “You guys also know what kind of personality April has. It’s not easy to get her to go out.”

Clarissa nodded her head, “That’s true. April is too engrossed in her research; she needs to take care of herself and get some rest.”

April blinked and laughed softly, “Auntie Yula, Auntie Clarissa, I’m asking senior brother to go shopping for clothes with me.”

The two elders listened to this and only then nodded their heads in satisfaction, “Muyang, since she’s staying at your house, you should take good care of her and accompany her to the city to have a good time.”

Muyang rolled his eyes at the words.

At first, Mexia was entrusting April to take care of him, but now it’s actually the other way around.

However, he still had to listen to his elders’ words. Looking at April’s face slightly over to the side, he couldn’t help but nod his head.

Bidding farewell to the two elders, Muyang and April, entered Azure Mountain City.


At this time, Azure Mountain City was filled with traffic as a shopping mall had already started to open.

Muyang and April walked down the street together like beautiful scenery, attracting people’s attention from time to time.

When April strictly abided by Mexia’s agreement, she took Muyang’s hand and didn’t let any woman have the chance to come near him.

Muyang cried and laughed, “April, you don’t have to be like this.”

April laughed, “No, the last time I came with you. I wonder how many people were hitting on you. I can’t disappoint Senior Sister Mexia.”

The next time when she was shopping for clothes, April was most particular about efficiency.

She was completely free of other women’s calculating appearance and bought things rigidly crisp, not going to haggle at all.

This was because April was a local noble. Her usual research and inventions made her have so much money in her hands that it was almost impossible to spend.

Soon, Muyang’s hands were carrying big bags and small bags. He found a random place where no one else could see and threw all the packages into the Acceleration World.

“Senior brother, I’ve bought it all. It’s still early; there’s a cafe in front; let’s go over and sit down.”

April changed into a brand new outfit, which finally stopped being non-mainstream to wear and instead gave her an aura of serene elegance like a water lotus flower.

“Today is at your disposal. If you want to go, then let’s go!”

April had a rare time to relax, and Muyang certainly took good care of her. April smiled happily and pulled Muyang into an elegantly decorated cafe, then sat inside and slowly drank her coffee.

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