Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 228

Chapter 228

On Korin Tower, the not-so-big training ground of the second level was divided into several areas.

On the side, a little girl who looked to be only eight or nine years old was sweating and sharpening her fists and feet.

Beside her, a red-haired Ness and her husband, Aso, were practicing with each other.

In fact, they were already qualified to ascend the Lookout but to take care of their daughter; they chose to stay on Korin Tower without going up.


Abruptly, an illusory figure appeared beside them. Muyang smiled as he stepped out of the space.

“Senior brother!” Ness and Aso shouted in surprise when they saw Muyang, who suddenly appeared.

Muyang smiled and nodded, “Long time no see. Your strength has improved a lot.” With that said, his gaze turned to Kanalita, “Kanalita too. She’s getting more outstanding.”

The little girl looked at him in confusion after Muyang appeared.

“Kanalita, this is your teacher, Muyang.” Ness looked at Kanalita and reminded her in a small voice.

Kanalita’s eyes lit up, and her clear voice called out, “Teacher Muyang!”

After recognizing Muyang’s identity, Kanalita shouted happily. Her whole body directly jumped over and plunged into Muyang’s arms, and said with dissatisfaction, “Teacher Muyang, I’ve been trying to practice after you left, but you never came back.”

Muyang rubbed Kanalita’s fiery red hair, “Sorry, I didn’t do my duty as a teacher. Next, I will personally instruct you to practice.”

Mmm.” Kanalita nodded happily. She then blushed and was very excited to get out of Muyang’s arms.

Ness smiled, “Senior Brother Muyang, are you not leaving this time?”

Muyang nodded his head, “For the time being, Mexia will soon be reincarnated. Now, I’m here to take you back.”

Aso looked surprised, “Does Mexia’s soul state has stabilized?”

Muyang smiled, “That’s right. So this time back, we’re going to get together.”

“Teacher, is Mexia teacher’s wife?” Kanalita’s clear voice asked.

“Yes, I’ll take you to see her now.”

“Okay, Kanalita wants to see my teacher’s wife.” She vaguely remembered that her teacher’s wife was a gorgeous figure who used to accompany her when she was a child to practice.

Just then, Korin came up from downstairs and was a little surprised to see Muyang. He then stroked his whiskers, a little accustomed to Muyang’s mysterious whereabouts.

“Kanalita, going back to practice with Muyang is the right thing to do for you to grow better.” Korin looked around, then said, “Ness and Aso can just go to the Lookout next time to practice. I honestly can’t teach them anything here anymore.”

“Immortal Korin is very kind.” Ness thanked him politely.

Korin smiled, “Mexia was in trouble back then to save the earth, and she’s about to reincarnate. Do you mind if I go to take a look?”

Muyang was startled, then smiled and said, “Well, we are all acquaintances. Of course, you are welcome.”

So next, Korin arranged for the martial arts practitioner on top of Korin Tower. He then put up his wooden staff, ready to invite the Flying Nimbus, when Muyang said, “Don’t be so troublesome. I’ll use Instant Transmission to bring everyone over.”

Korin stopped his movements, “You have so many rare and weird abilities.”

Muyang laughed, “This is the secret technique of the Yardratian. It took me more than a year to learn it.”

With that, Muyang let everyone hold their hands together and put them on his body. He then closed his eyes to look for the ki of the Great Azure Mountain.

In the next second, the stars shifted, and the surrounding scenery changed. When they came back to their senses, they were already in the middle of the Great Azure Mountain.

“This is the Great Azure Mountain? It doesn’t even take a second!” Aso’s expression was surprised.

“Senior brother’s secret technique is too amazing.” Ness lamented.

Muyang smiled, “As long as you can sense the ki, you can reach it in an instant with Instant Transmission.”

“Teacher, I also want to learn it.” Kanalita blinked her eyes and loudly begged.

Muyang said, “I can’t teach Instant Transmission. This secret technique can only be learned in person at Planet Yardrat.”

Kanalita’s mood suddenly became low when she heard that she couldn’t learn it. When Muyang saw this, he rubbed her hair and led everyone towards the martial arts dojo building where the banquet was held.


At this time, the Great Azure Mountain Kami School had already started to get busy.

All the female disciples worked together to prepare the banquet ingredients, while the male disciples set up the venue.

It had grown to the point where there were about forty disciples of different generations combined.

The scale wasn’t too large, but every single one of them had remarkable strength.

Soon, the preparations were complete, and as night began to fall, a rumbling sound tore through the air. A jet ship was seen flying fast from a distance.

After landing on the open ground, April, dressed in a white research suit, jumped out of the plane.

The wind was blowing against her hair.

The white jacket was filled with red and blue tights that outlined the girl’s delicate curves. April’s attire was still so non-mainstream.

“Senior brother, senior sister!” April came running towards them with a safe and happy face.

“April, how are you?” Muyang greeted her with a smile.

April was only 23 years old. Her appearance was set at 19 years old after taking the Elixir of Immortality.

She looked as beautiful as ever; the skin on her neck was as smooth as butter and emitted a slightly delicate color.

“Senior brother, here are the Dragon Balls I gathered up for you.” April opened the safe to reveal the seven orange-red, shimmering Dragon Balls inside.

“Thank you for your help.” Muyang patted April’s head habitually.

Hmph, April, come over here; senior sister has something to tell you.”

Mexia coughed a little beside her and then led April to the side and whispered. Muyang knew that she must be explaining her “defense” plan to April again.

The two Mexias surrounded April and bombarded her, passing on some necessary information to her.

The party soon began, and everyone mingled and drank happily together. It was a long time before Mexia arrived late with April. Mexia had already explained to April what she wanted to do in the future.

“Teacher, this is for you.”

The youngest disciple, Kanalita, came over with the cut cake. She handed one of the pieces to Muyang and two to Mexias, “Two beautiful teacher’s wife, this is for you.”

Mexia laughed happily and brought her face to Kanalita’s cheek.

Giggle…” Kanalita laughed happily.

Muyang was watching and walked over to April with a glass of wine, “Em, what did Mexia tell you?”

April was thinking out of her mind about certain things. When she saw Muyang coming over, she even regained her intellectual temperament, “It’s nothing. Senior sister told me to take care of senior brother.”

“Oh!” Muyang nodded. He picked up the wine glass and clinked it with April’s glass.

April smiled lightly. She took a sip and drank a little. Her alcohol tolerance was very poor, and her pretty face became flushed after drinking just a little.


The next day, the sky was clear, and the sun peeked out of the mountains.

Muyang placed the seven Dragon Balls on the ground and then called out loudly to summon the Shenron in front of everyone’s eyes.

A thunderstorm rumbled in the clear sky for no apparent reason. Soon, the sky was obscured by large dark clouds.

Only a few of the people present had seen Shenron’s appearance before, such as Muyang and Mexia.

Everyone else was seeing this magnificent scene for the first time. All of them were astonished by the magnificent sight of Shenron’s appearance.

In the dark environment, Shenron coiled its body. Its huge head lowered and said in a flooded voice, “He who has collected the seven Dragon Balls, speak your wish.”

Muyang looked at Shenron with a calm face and turned to look at Mexia.

At this time, the two Mexias heartily detached themselves from the Dominian bionic robotic bodies.

With a golden halo on their heads, their souls exuded a cold and gloomy air because they were demon souls.

“Shenron, please have my wife, Mexia, reincarnate and be reborn as a Saiyan.” After saying that, Muyang added, “Remember to reincarnate her into a female Saiyan.”

After saying that, he quietly waited for Shenron’s reply.

Then Mexia suddenly turned her head to smile at April, “April, don’t forget our promise.”

“Got it.” April curled her fine lips and responded.

In the sky, the green Shenron gazed at the Mexia souls below and said slowly after a long time, “They will be allowed to reincarnate as female Saiyans; this wish can be granted…”

After saying that, the two large dragon eyes lit up with a red light. The power of Shenron applied to Mexia’s soul.

Suddenly, as if moving in an instant, Mexia’s soul disappeared in front of everyone.

“Well, your wish has been granted. They have entered the Other-World to await their reincarnation. They will be born into this world as Saiyans a year later, so goodbye!”

After saying these words, Shenron followed the set procedure, and turned into seven bright light points, scattering out in all directions.

The two Dominian bionic bodies that had lost Mexia’s soul were standing dumbly on the ground. Muyang saw the situation and put them away with a wave of his arm.

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