Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 227

Chapter 227

Muyang and Mexia left Azure Mountain City and headed towards the Kami School’s residence.

Soon, they arrived at the dense forest surrounded by mountains. It was much more secluded and free of the city’s bustling bustle, with rows of lush tree trunks staggered as if they had been carefully decorated.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister Marlene is actually trying to find someone for you just now.” On the way back, Mexia pulled at Muyang’s hair.

Muyang said, “Senior Sister Marlene is kind. She doesn’t know that you are still with me and thinks that I have been living a lonely life for the past few years.”

Mexia pouted, “I’ll have to find someone to watch over you when I’m reincarnated.”

“What do you think of April. Isn’t she pretty? Having her by your side will definitely stop a lot of people who have ‘bad’ thoughts about you.” Her eyes twinkled, “But she should also be warned that she can’t be a thief.”

Mexia had entrusted April to watch over her husband, hoping that she would be allowed to block women who had “bad” intentions for her husband.

However, Mexia couldn’t draw wolves into her home and add competition to it. Although she was sure that April’s weak nature would not be a threat to her, a warning was necessary.

As he watched Mexia furiously start plotting how to maintain her position as his wife, Muyang couldn’t stop laughing and crying.

This was the aspect where Mexia was acting preoccupied.

Shaking his head without saying anything, the two arrived at the Kami School’s residence as quickly as the wind and lightning.

Passing by the small house that he hadn’t visited for a long time, Muyang didn’t open the door but ran straight to the small building where Isaac and his wife lived.

Four years were gone, and Kami School had changed a lot. The strength of the disciples continuously grew. When he entered Isaac’s courtyard, he saw that Teacher Isaac was exchanging martial arts with Sith and Karl. The younger generation, such as Yiya, Aso, Lida, and others gradually took charge of everything in the Kami School as the school’s development entered an excellent state.

After these elders retired from the school, life became leisurely for Isaac and the others. They either played chess or sparred martial arts every day, living a comfortable life.

Because they had taken the Elixir of Immortality, they hadn’t changed in appearance. When he saw that Muyang and his daughter had returned, Isaac had a smile on his face.

“Hahaha, you guys have finally come back,” Isaac shouted loudly and cheerfully.

Muyang stepped forward with a smile and responded with a smile, “Teacher, you make it sound like we’re not doing any work outside. It’s all about training.”

“Yes, it’s all about training. Hurry up and tell me what you guys encountered out there?”

Isaac came forward and patted Muyang on the shoulder. For this disciple’s strength, he was utterly unable to see it.

At this time, Mexia floated out from Muyang with a clear and pleasant voice, “Father, we just got back. If you want to chat, let us go into the house to talk too!”

“Let’s come inside and talk.”

Isaac patted his head and laughed; Sith and Karl also laughed. In this pleasant atmosphere, Muyang began to tell about the planets he had seen in his travels outside.

It was a remarkable story that made Isaac and the others’ hearts and blood boil. When they learned that Muyang’s power level had reached 750,000, Isaac and the others were stunned; now that the earth had also popularised the Human Power Level Measurement Index, they were all too familiar with the term power level.

It must be known that ten years ago, that group of demons that invaded the earth only had 1,500 to 1,600 power levels. Even then, they had already caused a disaster that devastated the planet. Now, upon hearing that his disciple’s strength had actually reached such a gross value, Isaac couldn’t help but want to shout.

This made him sincerely feel proud as a teacher. The Kami School had now become the most famous martial arts school on earth precisely because of Muyang. There was no telling how many martial arts practitioners were squeezing their heads to join the Kami School.

Of course, hearing Muyang said that his daughter Mexia’s soul had completed its mutation, Isaac was pleasantly surprised, “So, you came back this time to prepare for Mexia’s reincarnation?”

Muyang nodded thoughtfully, “That’s right.”

Then in front of Isaac and the others, Mexia changed her body to a normal-sized state, and there were two of them as soon as they came out.

“There’re two Mexias.”

“This is Planet Yardrat’s ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering’ secret technique. Their current bodies are figures made by the Dominian.”

“Amazing. It’s equivalent to two people in a battle.”

Seeing two identical Mexias gracefully appearing in front of them, Isaac, Karl, and the others were commenting.

The current Mexia, whose soul state had been transformed into a demon, had coldness all over her and had to be reincarnated to change her soul’s nature.

Alice looked at the two Mexias in front of her and took their hands, but couldn’t tell the difference.

“We intend to reincarnate Mexia as Saiyans on the Planet Vegeta in the North Area. That Saiyans look exactly like earthlings. They have yellow skin, black eyes, and hair. As a Warrior Race, the Saiyans’ physique far exceeds that of earthlings.”

“Mexia and I have examined Planet Vegeta, and the environment there is quite stable and not in great danger.”

Isaac listened attentively and said, “You guys can make those decisions.”

Hmm.” Muyang nodded a bit, then looked around, “By the way, why haven’t I seen Kanalita? How is her training now?”

Speaking of which, he was a very incompetent teacher. Except for a few years ago, when he instructed Kanalita’s training, he basically left it behind. The teaching was all done by Isaac and the others.

Talking about the Kami School’s most talented disciple, Isaac’s face had some joy, “Kanalita went to Korin Tower with her mother, Ness. Immortal Korin is instructing her.”

Muyang was surprised, “She climbed the Korin Tower so soon. Kanalita is only eight years old this year, right?”

At this time, Sith picked up on the words, “It’s good to go early. You can lay a good foundation under the guidance of Immortal Korin.”

In the face of Muyang, Korin would not be stingy in instructing his disciple.

After asking about his youngest disciple, it was time to prepare to work on Mexia’s reincarnation. First of all, to collect the Earth Dragon Balls.

However, when Muyang said that she was going to collect the Dragon Balls, Alice laughed lightly. Upon asking, they realized that the Earth Dragon Balls had already been collected. April had taken them with the Dragon Ball Radar a long time ago, and now the seven Dragon Balls were in her lab.

“April is downright kind.” Muyang was glad to save the time of collecting the Dragon Balls. Even though it didn’t take him long by doing it himself, he could see that April, his sister, still cared about them.

Mexia smiled, “I think she also wants to watch me reincarnate sooner.”

Muyang was stunned and said, “I’ll contact her now and ask her to send the Dragon Balls over. Also, I’ll go to Korin Tower and pick up Kanalita.”

Muyang planned to live on earth after Mexia’s reincarnation, and he still had to teach his disciples.

Isaac laughed, “Then let’s go prepare a banquet and get together. Also, let’s send Mexia to her reincarnation.”

Sith laughed, “We have to call all the disciples.”

“Also, Clarissa and Bayaros, they’re still out traveling.”

Alice took Mexia’s hand and said, “Leave the banquet to me. There is no need for too many people; a small gathering of the disciples of the Kami School will suffice.”

Next, everyone had their arrangements and got busy for the final banquet. The two Mexias entered the kitchen at Alice’s request, while Muyang closed his eyes to catch the ki above Korin Tower. He then moved instantly and disappeared from the Azure Green Mountain.


In the far west of the capital’s research institute, April was making arrangements against the experiments’ list.

Suddenly, received the news from the Great Azure Mountain, April shrieked, immediately left her work in the institute. She handed over the experiments to Dr. Gero and Dr. Brief, then picked up a box and jumped into the jet in front of their amazed eyes.

Dr. Brief said, “What in the world has Dr. April run into that she is in such a hurry to leave her experimental work behind.”

Dr. Gero gave him a blank look, “How do I know when you ask me? It must have been something important.”

Dr. Brief shook his head, “What exactly could it be that it’s more important than the experiments.”

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